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Steampunk RPV3

Steampunk RPV3

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Published by Kadaeux

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Published by: Kadaeux on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(May contain traces of Dieselpunk, Steampunk, Teslapunk and peanuts.)
There are only five races upon this world that hold a population majority. Humanity, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins andOrcs. There are other races, but their numbers are few. Players are allowed to request a race for their nation (ONE!)that come under this. Bear in mind that such a race will be a minority.Humanity is the "wild card do anything race"Elves typically attempt to preserve the environment and are tall intelligent beings.The Dwarves are short and stocky miners and industrialists.Goblins are the smarter technologically savvy cousins to the Orc.The Orcs are less intelligent but strong and intimidating.There is no gameplay consequence for choosing your race. However a nation is limited to a maximum of three raceswithin its borders.Why? We don't know.
Every nation gets to select 25 Traits for their nation except for the History traits, of which a player is required tochoose one from each "era". After this a player can take up to four flaws which earn him one extra trait point to spendunless the flaw says otherwise.WARNING: Read your traits carefully, some of the traits cannot be taken with other traits at ALL! Also bear in mind your traits, if you choose a flaw that contradicts a trait, or a trait that contradicts a flaw it will bedenied, please watch out for this and use common sense.
Every nation gets a single special trait that can be designed by the player themselves. This trait is to be considered,and treated as 100% unique. You cannot copy another nations special trait. The Special trait is completely up for approval by the GM and the GM may deny or put special conditions upon it. A special trait, if you do not wish to use itas intended or cannot come up with an idea that is acceptable to the GM (or you are unwilling to take the specialconditions the GM puts towards it) then you MAY use it to buy two normal traits. However you must take 1 additionalmandatory flaw in this case.
Your nation has a serious skyscraper, monument and battleship fetish andlikes to build big. BIG. BIG.
The British Intelligence Service!:
What do you say about spilling those secrets old chap. I do
say this iron looks very hot, I‟d hate to slip and burn you.
British Secret Service:
Well we can‟t have you taking those secrets to
those uncultured
barbarians, we‟re going to have to... cut you off.
Implausibly Efficient Government:
Your bureaucrats cut through red tape with machetes.
Fair Dinkum:
Your state has a rep as a straight shooter (metaphorically) and an honest dealer(literally).
The only Party in Town:
The government controls everything. Including you. Especially you.
Silk Road:
Your nation is a heart of trade with several high value trade routes passing through
your borders. You‟re just rolling in money.
Industrial Revolution:
Your nation has hit a new age of advancement and development on ascale never before heard within its history. Factories being built on a never before heard of scale.
Who Cares About Uzbekistan:
Your nation is small and not considered by many to be of notice and threat, perhaps it only is in possession of few resources or is simply not advancedenough to be a matter of interest.
Party Please:
Your diplomats are just so good-natured or know so many skeleton-filled closetsthat they can get into strategically useful alliances much easier than others. Of course, then youneed to live up to what you signed . . .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A populace that through some reason or another is loyal to its government, throughfear or "cookie day" it doesn't matter, these people are loyal.
Heroic Age:
Your people see themselves as Spartan Heroes, not Persian Generals. Shame theSpartans made poor civilians . . .
It doesn't matter what you do, you'll always win the elections. You must choosesomething particularly dear to your population that they wave flags about.
The desire to take things apart and figure out how they work runs deep in yourpeople's blood. (Requires: Academy of Science, University of Applied Sciences and TheLaboratory Traits)
Hard Workers:
Your people really roll up their sleeves and work.
Stupidly Brave:
Nobody would think of calling your people cowards.
Not One Step Back!:
You hold your ground no matter what, militarily OR politically.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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