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Prayer Diary November/December 2012

Prayer Diary November/December 2012

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Published by BarnabasFund

A bi-monthly diary of daily prayer points for the persecuted Church around the world. It is part of the Barnabas Aid magazine, but can also be ordered separately or in large print

A bi-monthly diary of daily prayer points for the persecuted Church around the world. It is part of the Barnabas Aid magazine, but can also be ordered separately or in large print

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Published by: BarnabasFund on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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to help youpray for thepersecuted church
Thank you for your prayers for our persecuted brothers and sisters inChrist, which make such a differenceto them. We sometimes have tochange or omit their names for security reasons, and we have onlylimited space to share their stories.But the Lord knows the people andplaces we are praying about. Thankyou for your understanding. Please
do not feel limited by the specic
prayer requests, but pray as you feelled.
Thursday 1
Today is the Barnabas Fund Dayof Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We areencouraging Christians worldwide to dedicatetime today to praying for our brothers and sisterswho suffer because of their faith in Christ. Aprayer guide is available from our website,www.barnabasfund.org/scs, or you can joinour Facebook event or Twitter feed for prayer updates throughout the day. As you join in thischorus of prayer, remember before the Lord theInternational Prayer Summit being held in London,and the many smaller prayer events that havebeen organised around the world. Ask God thatin answer to the prayers of many Christians todayHe will grant His gracious favour to His sufferingpeople (2 Corinthians 1:11).
Friday 2
Many Christian families have seen
their lives torn apart by the violent conict in Syria
between government and opposition forces.Thousands of Christians have lost their homes,incomes and possessions and are now unable toafford food and other basic necessities. As well
as being caught in the crossre of a conict that
is not their own, Christians are particularly at riskof attack by opposition forces and the militantgroups that back them. Lift up to the Lord our brothers and sisters in Syria who are sufferingso grievously in this crisis; ask that He will betheir refuge and their fortress (Psalm 91:2) at thistroubled time, and that God will bring about a swift
end to the conict.
Saturday 3
Pray for the tens of thousands of Christians in North Korea who suffer unspeakablecruelties in the country’s notorious prison camps.Many prisoners are worked to death whileenduring severe physical and psychologicaltorture. They receive very little food and will eatanything edible for nourishment, including snakesand rats. Some are executed. The camps aremainly located in mountainous regions and areenclosed with barbed wire and electric fences,
making escape very difcult. North Korea heads
many lists of the world’s worst persecutorsof Christians, and the succession of a newleader, Kim Jong-Un, in 2011 has brought noimprovement. Pray that our brothers and sisters
will stand rm in their faith in these appalling
conditions, and that their sufferings will berelieved.
Sunday 4Pray for the many churcheswho are observing Suffering ChurchSunday today or later this month.This year the SCS resources wehave produced focus on BarnabasFund’s
Proclaim Freedom
campaign,which seeks to bring the plight of thepersecuted Church to the attentionof those in authority. They includea special feature on the churchesin the Middle East and North Africa,whose safety and very existence iscurrently threatened by a rising tideof aggressive Islamism. Pray for Christians in these countries at this
difcult and challenging time, and
pray that the campaign will effectivelypromote freedom and respectfor human rights for persecutedChristians throughout the world.Monday 5
Pray for Nima, a 17-year-oldIranian Christian boy who has been left to carefor his 12-year-old sister single-handedly. Nima’sparents, Fariba Nazemian and HomayounShokouhi, have been languishing in prison withoutcharge since February 2012, on suspicion of taking part in Christian activities, evangelising anddisturbing national security. Nima was arrestedalong with them, but was released on bail after 36days. With no support from other family, he hasbeen working in a shoe shop to support himself and his sister Helma. He has to send half of hiswages to cover his parents’ prison expenses.Pray that the Lord will protect and comfort Nimaand Helma during this harrowing separation fromtheir parents, and that He will provide for all their needs.
Tuesday 6
Pray for Behnam Irani (41), animprisoned Iranian pastor whose life is in gravedanger because of the regular beatings hereceives. The charges against Behnam, of “actionagainst the state” and “action against the [Islamic]order”, are pretexts for locking him up becauseof his Christian faith and ministry. He now has
difculty walking owing to the severe injuries he
has sustained from guards and other inmates; heis also losing his eyesight. He has been deniedmedical treatment and kept in his cell despite hisfrail state. Pray that the Lord will heal his physicaland mental injuries and protect him from further 
harm, and that he will remain rm in his faith.
Wednesday 7
Give thanks that Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was acquitted of apostasyfrom Islam and released on 8 September. Thecourt in Tehran found him guilty of evangelisingMuslims and sentenced him to three years in jail. But he was set free because he had alreadyserved this period behind bars. Pray for the safetyof Pastor Nadarkhani and his family. Pray also
that the international attention this high-prole
case has attracted will result in the abolition of theIslamic apostasy law, which prescribes the deathpenalty for any adult male Muslim who leavesIslam. Give thanks that, despite the danger, largenumbers of Iranian Muslims are turning to Christ.Pray that the Lord will protect them.
Thursday 8
Praise the Lord that RimshaMasih, a Christian girl with Down’s syndromewho was arrested under Pakistan’s notorious“blasphemy law”, was freed on bail on 7September. Rimsha was accused of desecratingthe Quran, which carries a mandatory sentenceof life imprisonment. It has since been suggestedthat she was framed by the imam of the localmosque, who is said to have planted burnt pagesof the Quran in the bag of rubbish from the familyhome. Pray that the Lord will protect and comfortRimsha in her ongoing ordeal, as she still facesthe possibility of having to stand trial. Pray alsofor an end to violent attacks on Christians inPakistan, which are continuing unabated.

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