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Published by Charlie Owesome

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Published by: Charlie Owesome on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEDICKEY POINTSOver-heal - Over-heal provides an additional 150% health to a play who is already at full health.Crit-Heal - If the player hasn't taken any additional damage in the last 15 seconds, the heal rate triples for that player. It starts at 10 seconds and speed gradually increases until it reaches 15 seconds/max heal speed.ÜberCharge - medic and target become invulnerable to damage for 8 seconds.Fastest Charge: 40sSlowest Charge: 80sÜber Duration: 8sKritzkrieg - target gets 100% full critical hits for 8 seconds.Fastest Charge: 32sSlowest Charge: 64sKritzkrieg Duration: 8sAn injured Medic will begin regenerating health at a rate of 3 health per second, scaling up over the following ten seconds to a maximum of 6 health per second.This base rate can be negatively affected by theBlutsaugerand boosted with theMedieval Medic item set (crossbow and Amputator)WeaponsMeleea common misconception is that each melee weapon has a different crit rate. ALLmelee weapons have a set crit rate of 15%. this can scale up to 65% dependant ondamage done in the last 20 seconds, which scales from 0% at 0 damage to 50% at800 damage.For example: dealing 200 damage in the past 20 seconds, the additionalbonus percentage is 12.5%. All medic melee weapons have the same base, mini-crit and full crit damage.Bonesaw vs. AmputatorThe Bonesaw is the stock melee weapon for the medic and is direct downgrade tothe Amputator. the difference between the two is the Amputator can provide an AOE heal when taunting which heals surrounding team members with a max 25+ heal per second(normal Medigun heals at 24). The amount of players it heals at a time is unlimited meaning the healing output can be faster than normal healing in CERTAIN SITUATIONS. This is because you can't move, cannot over-heal but it does provide crit heals.another upside for the Amputator is due to the +1HP per second combo if you havethe crusaders crossbow equipped. this heal rate increase means you do not needto stress as much over pyro flames and can with stand more damage. this means you can be more...aggressive with your healing and can be in more dangerous situations while providing heals (I myself use this combo as stock).The downside with this combo would be the crossbow due to a lot of players seeing it as a useless weapon and that you can't defend yourself with. As you use ityou will be able to use it and kill people more easy, but using this also meansyour team has to keep you alive. this is why medic is interdependent on his teammembers. but once you know how to use the crossbow effectively, you will see that it is actually very useful and I will touch on this more soon.UbersawThe Ubersaw would have to be my second choice of melee weapons because of it gives you +25% uber for every successful melee hit, meaning you can re-gain uber quite fast if you can predict your enemies well enough. this does not work against disguised spies though.VitasawWhile equipped, preserves ÜberCharge on death (caps at 20%). I personally never use this because as a medic, you really shouldn't be dying, and as I don't die often, doesn't have much purpose. In a competitive setting this is a very good weapon but I personally feel that with the Amputator combo the extra health reducesyour chances of dying anyway.Solemn VowI simply find that this plus side isn't anywhere near as good as any of the othe
rs.Syringe GunsSyringe vs. BlutsaugerIt's basically a choice of; heal yourself through staying out of combat vs. healing through your Blutsauger ( gives shooter +3 HP per hit but lowers self regeneration). Using Blutsauger means you do not have your Medigun out, meaning you are not healing your team mates. If you want to play as a team player, the Syringegun is the way. I for one do not see the point in using Blutsauger because it is so against team work. you shouldn't be in a situation where you need to protect yourself with your slot 1 weapon. If that is happening it is due to one of tworeasons or both: you are not healing enough, or your team is not killing enough, and kills are dependent on heals. if there are no heals, you can't last long enough to kill.OverdoseThe overdose vs. Syringe gun? well I tend to find that the overdose beats Syringe due to the simple fact that you shouldn't have slot 1 weapon out much. the bonus of having the overdose is that when at full ÜberCharge you move 10% faster, which means you can dodge shots more easily and move around the map to provide faster heals.Crusader's CrossbowThis weapon is totally different to any other medic slot 1 weapon because its shot is a projectile meaning it can be reflected by pyros. when you hit an ally with this, it heals, increasing as you get further away from your target. when hitan enemy it damages them just like healing allies, more damage when there is more distance.MedigunsStock Medigun vs. KritzkriegThe stock Medigun has to be, in my opinion, the best Medigun because it is amazing as an all-round weapon, though really Medigun and Kritzkrieg are usually equally as strong. The reason I prefer stock Medigun is because you can use your ÜberCharge as a "get out of jail free" card. It's the best to start off with if youare new to the game. Both have the same heal rate, though the Kritzkrieg has a 25% faster charge rate for ÜberCharge. This means with Kritzkrieg your aim is to get it up faster than the ÜberCharge so you can crit and kill the opposing medic, reducing the threat of an ÜberCharge vs. Kritzkrieg, because you will most likely loose having Kritzkrieg in that battle.QuickfixThe Quickfix is rather underpowered and pointless in its given state. It's fun,but impractical. It's a nice change in the way you play, but isn't really effective in any scenario. maybe when you are on a 32 player server and you are the only medic maybe?How to playok so now you know what weapons you want and what they do, now how do I play? let's start with movement. First things first, as medic, you NEVER want to stand still. that makes you more susceptible to headshots and back stabs. With that said, you never want to be facing the same way for too long, keep looking around, behind you. This not only makes you more aware of your surroundings (knowing where your players are and your enemies are) but also lowers chances of being flanked and backstabbed.Medic is the second fastest class followed by pyro, with first being scout obviously. This should help you be able to dodge not only pipe spam from demos but also rocket spam. When it comes to facing a demo spamming pipes or stickies, whatI try and do is not dodge his stickies but focus on just making my movements random. This makes you less predictable because, well, you can't even predict whatyou are doing. Another helpful skill is the "corner stab" technique. You might be thinking, how does this apply to medic? well it's all about what the techniquedoes to your opponent. It confuses them. This enables you not only to have an a
dvantage when getting way, but this can also help for simply killing using yoursaw. It might not instantly kill him, but it still lets you get a free hit or low HP cost hit, especially vs. pyros.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXAMkBgtvBQNow where do I stand? Where should I be? well, you should be directly behind thefront lines. DON'T just follow the person pushing forward the most, push with your team unless you really trust his ability to protect you and kill anything you come into contact with. As you get better at dodging and killing as medic youwill be able to push forward like this without dying.This means DON'T commit to players. I see too many medics "going all out" with say a heavy, and dying. Don't be scared or feel bad leaving someone to die. I know it can be a hard thing when you start off, but it's better for the team if youjust run and live. Defending teams usually have half, if not less, respawn timethan Attacking. If you are on dustbowl and die, with 20 sec respawn time for RED and 40 seconds to charge up uber, that means you have just wasted 1 minute ofgame time where you could have gotten an uber in 30 seconds or less, depending on how much uber your already had. not to mention while waiting to respawn, yourteam is not getting any heals from you which you could be giving if you had lived.key to medic, survival.Think of your players as disposable. I know that could be considered immoral inthe gaming community, but that's how you have to think. That doesn't mean don'theal them though. it just means don't waste your life to save theirs, it reallyshould be the other way round. For higher skilled level players they know this and won't mind dying for you, or you leaving them. It's just a given.Also another thing I see medics doing is while at a choke point, they have thisurge to peek around corners and see what is happening. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS! this is basically saying "hey look, I can eat spam" you can judge what is happening around the corner by keeping an eye on your healing targets health. If it's just you and one other player on a choke, you know he won't last, so just be prepared to run. Watch his health. When it gets in the "red zone" start leaving.With this said, make sure you have two points of exit, ready to flee to. Why two? because so many things can happen in this game you need multiple exit points.Two Is just a rough number. I just look at all exits, but two should do for now.Damage Riding/Surfing: If you do take damage, you can "ride" the damage. This means you ride the explosive damage from the enemies to safety. It's like rocket jumping or sticky jumping using enemy rockets and stickies.Sound whoring is another way to increase your skill. Learn all the sounds of TF2. Dead Ringer, weapon shot sounds, feet movement sound, water splash sounds etc.Listen and win.Microphone; a must need in this game, especially when playing medic. You are theeyes and ears for your team. Your combat classes are focused on the front lineplayers. They are focused on killing those players so as medic it is your job tospot out the flankers to your allies."spy on left" "spy on right"just something simple like that just gives them a direction to turn to stop themfrom being stabbed.Also, know your enemies. Know who is good by knowing what hat they wear or whatweapon they have. Be less aggressive against them, and if you ever come face toface with a demo, get close. It stops him from being able to hit you properly.UberingPop it, don't drop it: This means don't die with uber. If you have uber, and youmight die, use it. Don't wait for "the perfect moment" because the perfect moment IS the moment before you die. It's better to use it than loose it. If you useit, you can live, build up another one, ready for another "perfect moment".First off before ubering, you need to take some things into account. First off,do you need to use it. If you are defending, and you are the only med, and you know blue has one or more you should really save the uber for when they uber in,unless you know ubering in on the blue will kill their med or they will come in

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