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Computing Lecture 0

Computing Lecture 0

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Published by Humza

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Published by: Humza on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Each processor = A language of its own = called Assembly language.
Assembly lanuage
is not used much anymore –Example are: special chips and basic parts of OS are programmed by Assembly language.Used only 2-5 percent now.Assembly language can be translated into machine language.
Machine language
is very effective but when processor is changed it becomes useless.
OS relation with Programming language :
Every language makes use of operating system- Especially for input/output/ for reading and wrting data from files –-For writing data into files-Make use of USB stick – It is address by OS how it should be used.
Programming Language serves in two ways:
- Dictates the Processor-Specified Operating system**If you change any of these two – PROBLEM **
Problem Oriented Languages
means don’t have to care about the processor/OS/ Which means:--Enter code in machine language (called compiler i.e it can write any source code) andconvert into machine language !--Compiler should be compatible with processor and OS (then it makes life easy)
is “it does complete opposite” – Machine language into Source Code!But it is problematic!! Mathematical problem!!
was turned into
in 1960-1970 – Used in artificial intelligence – Lot of Logic is used – Prolog is interesting – Different from other languages. If you’re stupid,you’ll take it and learn programming once again for it –
Normally in programming it is
– First algorithm—then programming ==then machinelanguageBut PROLOG: You describe a problem .. and it finds the answer .. “Pure Logic”C++ is still better !
High Level Language & Multi-Purpose Language
:Multi-Purpose: Can solve mathematical/Engineering problems !Note: MatLab cannot be called a multipurpose language. They are used for specificpurposes !Disadvantages of Single purpose Language:-
They are just single purpose, doh !
Note: MAT Lab is a mixture of java, c+, c++ etc –Algol
was the king of languages till 1960 but then things changed !Business people used
Object Cobol
!But no course is now on COBOL. (Sad)Behind
is much of COBOL programming.
: Died in 1960Professor ____: saw old languages like
are deeply un-able for straightprogramming and cannot create good data structures!Went crazy and invented :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal_(programming_language))Because he wanted a language to create very good data structures.PASCAL was made and it served business people really well !
Wallands ??
was the first company to create first ever PASCAL compiler using DOS !PASCAL version 2 was created –It was then changed into Object Pascal –
DELPHI (1990)
– ON the brink of death ! RIP
Ada53 (1980)
– Used in military – Sexy stuff – One is Forced to use Ada – A-Must forthis field – It has sophisticated data structure ! Very clever – Still used !

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