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Newsletter January 2012

Newsletter January 2012

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Published by Dan Richards

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Published by: Dan Richards on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As your Community Manager, my responsibility is to ensure the maintenance andimprovement of FYC’s web presence. This includes the overseeing of the main FYCsite (fyc.usf.edu) and all the various sub-sites; the production of videos that representour program; assisting FYC instructors with all their technological needs (includingBlackboard and SharePoint); and being an integral part of all the committees thatwork tirelessly to maintain and improve our status as a top-notch, progressive FYCprogram. For more about me, check out my site:http://danielrichards.net.
FYC Newsletter Editor:Dan Richards, Community Manager 
   F   Y   C   @    U   S   F
Welcome Back Newsletter 
Celebrate Student Success:Past, Present, and Future
The members of the CelebrateStudent Success committee wouldlike to welcome everyone back after a well-deserved holiday. We wouldalso like to invite all FYC instructorsto participate in our work thissemester as we move forward withour goals of promoting andcelebrating student success and of providing students opportunities for agency.Last semester, we established fivegoals that we wanted to achieve for our students as they establish their agency in 1101 and 1102. We arepleased with the progress we made,and at our first committee meeting of this semester we decided to expandour goals. Here is a brief look atwhat we accomplished last semester and what we would like toaccomplish this semester:
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table of contents:
Social Action Day Montage
Student Success Goals
Save the Date
Important Meetings
Library Research Sessions
Curricular Initiatives
New 1102 Reader 
FYC Tech Help for Students
Photo by Lacie Keller 
Photo by Lacie Keller 
Goals for 2012
Have at least 100 1102 students present atRhetoric in Action Day: This fall, we had 104; thisspring, we’d like to have 150 1102 students anda separate event focusing on 1101 remediationprojects.
Provide excellent examples of rhetoric in actionprojects for new 1102 students: This fall, we hada former FYC student speak to several 1102classes about her rhetoric in action project onsexual assault and how that work has led toother opportunities for her, including leadershipopportunities on campus. Her presentations wereframed as a way to motivate students to takemeaningful action in their projects. We alsoadded videos and examples of projects, as wellas the piece by WUSF University Beat thatfeatured our first Rhetoric in Action Day lastspring. For this spring, we now have a life-sizestatue that was presented by a FYC student at our fall Rhetoric in Action Day; her artwork is built of trash (see main page photo above) that could berecycled and represents the amount of trash anaverage USF student produces each week. Our goal is to have it represent the level of work weas a program are looking for in rhetoric in actionprojects by allowing students to see it in personand on video and by asking the student artist tospeak to classes this semester. We also plan tosolicit project examples from former FYC studentswith the help of our fellow instructors and tomake classroom visits to introduce the work of thecommittee to students as a way of encouragingtheir success and soliciting feedback on how theyfeel they would best be encouraged by theprogram.
Create more videos for the committee webpageas both a marketing tool for the committee and aresource for instructors: This fall, we askedstudents to film vlogs (video blogs) on studentsuccess as way to provide them opportunities for agency. We also filmed interviews with 1102students as we asked them to discuss specificsuccesses they had both in the classroom andwith their projects. We also added more studentprojects to the webpage as a way to showstudents the type of work we are looking for in1102 as well as photos of students in flash mobs,in class work, and during our first annual StudentSuccess Week. This spring, we will continuefilming vlogs, interviews, and flash mobs so thatour students can gain agency and see rhetoric inaction. We also plan to film collaborative peer reviews between multiple classes as well as a fewhumorous videos, including the comeback of theGrammar Referee.
Establish a Student Success Week as a way toencourage student success and progress mid-semester within the classroom space: This fall, wemade candy bags for every face-to-face FYCclass as well as designed and printed three blankaward certificates (including our own committeelogo designed by Danielle Farrar) for every FYCclass and asked instructors to take these surprisesinto their classrooms during the week of October 10-13. We asked instructors to give awards suchas Best Blog, Class Leadership, and Best Peer Review Workshop and to take photos of their students with their certificates. We also visitedrandom classes to interview students about their successes. This spring, we will hold StudentSuccess Week from March 5-9; we plan tocontinue with the candy and the awards, and wewould like to visit more classes this semester aswell as encourage students to contribute vlogsand blogs to
The Symposium
about studentsuccess. We plan to incorporate a collaborativeservice project for FYC students into this week aswell as a way for students to succeed within acommunity outside of the classroom.
Continue and improve the committee newsletter as a way to provide space for student voices asthey reflected on their successes: This fall, wesolicited responses from students on their workand created a 10-page newsletter with selectedstudents’ text and photos of award winners andstudents in action. This spring, we will continuewith the newsletter; we hope to include anelectronic copy with links to student projects andphotos, and we also hope to identify 1101student success as well.

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