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Newsletter, November 2011

Newsletter, November 2011

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Published by Dan Richards

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Published by: Dan Richards on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As your Community Manager, my responsibility is to ensure the maintenance andimprovement of FYC’s web presence. This includes the overseeing of the main FYCsite (fyc.usf.edu) and all the various sub-sites; the production of videos that representour program; assisting FYC instructors with all their technological needs (includingBlackboard and SharePoint); and being an integral part of all the committees thatwork tirelessly to maintain and improve our status as a top-notch, progressive FYCroram. For more about me check out m site:htt:danielrichards.net.
FYC Newsletter Editor:Dan Richards, Community Manager 
   F   Y   C   @   U   S   F
Celebrating Student Success
Important information aboutStudent Success Day 
Dear Colleagues,I hope that this email finds each of you well as we round the corner tothe end of our semester. The FYCprogram and the Celebrate StudentSuccess Committee invite you andyour students to participate in SocialAction Day, which functions incoordination with project 3 in 1102.Social Action Day gives all of us, as teachers and champions of our student work a chance tohighlight the excellent and insightfulwork that our students do incoordination with project 3 in 1102.Students invest a lot of time andagency in these projects, and wewant to celebrate their efforts in avery concrete way on this day.
This event will take place onNovember 30th and will be held inthe Marshall Center atrium.
Participation in this event allows our students to present their work to their peers outside the classroom walls. Inthis way, their social action projects
have even more meaning andrelevance. Our students willdisplay their presentations andincrease awareness in the socialinjustice issue that is important tothem.
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with NETID. Thus, students can now
table of contents:
Celebrating Student Success
Save the Date
New(ish) to the Site
Student Survey Results
Spring 2011 Pilots
Sample Paper Calls
Whom to Contact
Position Announcements
Photo by Nancy Lewis
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this way, their social action projectshave even more meaning andrelevance. Our students will displaytheir presentations and increaseawareness in the social injustice issuethat is important to them.This semester, we'd like to see atleast 100 students participate in thisevent, and we ask that our 1102instructors give their students theopportunity to present their work inthis forum. Please let us know a timeframe for when you would beinterested in having your studentspresent as well as the number of students who will accompany you tothis event
by completing theDoodleby11/10/11 by going on the StudentSuccess site.
 While this event celebrates theagency of our 1102 students, we hopethat our 1101 students and teacherswill support their peers by attendingthe event. This is a great opportunityfor 1101 students to preview what's tocome in 1102, and it is a great chancefor all of our 1102 students to see thework that their peers are doing acrossthe FYC 1102 program.Finally, we are looking for severalinstructors to help us coordinate andoversee the event by
volunteering fora 30 minute block of time for thefollowing time frames:
10:45-11:15;11:20-11:50;11:55-12:25; and 12:30-1:00. As you can assist in this way,please contact Susan Taylor atsusangtaylor@mail.usf.eduwith your preferred time.We'd like to shout out a thank youto Zac Dixon, Lacie Meier, JenniNance, and Allison Gibbes, who aresigned up to volunteered their time tohelp our students shine. Come and joinus!Cassandra Branham
Photo by Nancy Lewis
Photo by Nancy Lewis
Photo by Nancy Lewis
november december january1
PhD Rhet/Comp studentstake their exam, fromhome. Don’t email them.
Last day of Fall semester classes
New Year’s Holiday
Veteran’s day: no classes;celebrate your freedom;thank a vet.
Fall grades due by11:59pm.
Spring, first day of classes
Note these importantevents, deadlines,dates and mark themon your calendar accordingly!
24 - 25
Thanksgiving Holiday
Social Action Presentation
27 - 30
Christmas Holiday
Martin Luther King, Jr.
the Symposium
What is
The Symposium
The Symposium
is afree-blogging space for allstudents currently enrolled in anyFYC course: 1101, 1102, or 1102 online. Consider using thisspace to have students completetheir informal writing componentof the grade. This makes thingseasier for you and alsoencourages students to takeadvantage of the single-sign on(SSO) we worked so hard toachieve. Please encourage your students to post in this space
the Public Square
This space isperfect for any publiccollaboration between studentsand instructors in differentcourses. Essentially, the PublicSquare serves as the place onthe FYC site where students andinstructors can create their ownSharePoint pages to collaborateon work, share their projects, or just practice informal writing inpublic writing spaces. This spaceis available by clicking on thelink “The Public Square” on theInstructor page.
the Sandbox
What is
The Sandbox
?Great question, really. At itsheart, the Sandbox wascreated to store unfinished or work-in-progress documents,resources, PowerPoints,handouts, or whatever elseteachers use to do their job.Many of the resources wecreate are good only for our specific class, or fit the needs of our particular students. Thismight not be appropriate topost on the main FYC or Instructor pages as resources.But, they
be appropriateto store in the Sandbox.

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