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Barbarella 1968

Barbarella 1968

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Published by lucyyelding

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Published by: lucyyelding on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Barbarella 1968
Fig 1 film poster Director: Roger Vandim
Barbarella has caused much rage from the feminist community, and has left people fuming over theplot and general exploiting the image of women and lack of plot, but it still remains ever so popularfor the pure eye-candy experience throughout the whole 98 minutes, not just for men to oogle overthe women, but the hypnotising colours and interesting scenery.fig 3. Strange Room
Based upon a series of comic strips named Barbarella by J. Forest, the film is deeply lacking in plot,though, it was a simple collecting mission, where the main character Barbarella experiencedproblems with her ships, and encounters many interesting characters along the way, before reachingher mission on a planet ruled by a witch, finding Durand Durand, a human she needed to stopcreating a weapon of some sort. But, even with the lac
k of plot, the movie was a joy. ‘Everythingcherishable about Roger Vadim’s movie emanates from its position as a locus for outrageous late‘60s grooviness –
its wild, inventive design, its hipster dream of a soundtrack, its date-stamped
sexual morals. It’s a self 
-contained, studio-
bound bubble universe. ……It’s a film you don’t so muchwatch as hallucinate.’
(N.Setchfield:2012) The whole film really emulated the culture of the time. Itwas the 60s, drugs where more available, women could have sex without consequence due to thepill, NASA was sending probes and researching the moon frequently in 1967, preparing for their firstman-on-the-moon mission to happen a year after the movie.
It is a satire of the love and peacemovement of the Sixties, plus a parody of the Bond-type adventures of the era. To these ends, thecolors are gaudy and the special effects hopeles
sly corny. ‘ (J.Puccio:2012)
Fig 2. Dream Chamber
The affects in the movie perhaps were ‘corny’,
but affective, as the bright colours, swirling oils,strange buildings, architecture, outfits, all are just so over whelming and over powering over
everything else, the viewer can do nothing but submit to it, almost as if it’s some sort of visual drug,
ch is why the plot is always overlooked. ‘… your eyes will pop at the op art set design, awhirl with
psychedelic swirls courtesy of a contraption called an oil wheel projector, then all the rage at hipmusical "happenings" on several continents.
’ (B.Wilkin
Though some areas in the film, the props and scenery looked poorly made, it’s made up by the pure
strangeness and funky-ness of the atmosphere made in the film. The real psychedelic vibe overpowers everything, thanks to the crazy design and colours.Illustrations:

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