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Vote-Switching Spreadsheet 2

Vote-Switching Spreadsheet 2

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Published by: scprweb on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DATEOFVOTE MEMBER PARTY BILLCHANGETYPE1/26/12 Achadjian R AB1270 add1/26/12 Achadjian R AB171 add1/26/12 Achadjian R AB625 add1/30/12 Achadjian R AB1208 add1/30/12 Achadjian R AB1278 add1/30/12 Achadjian R AB593 add1/30/12 Achadjian R SB880 add2/23/12 Achadjian R SB730 add3/29/12 Achadjian R SB83 add4/26/12 Achadjian R AB1852 add4/26/12 Achadjian R AB1908 add4/30/12 Achadjian R AB1826 add5/3/12 Achadjian R AB1856 add5/3/12 Achadjian R AB1970 add5/3/12 Achadjian R AB2492 add5/7/12 Achadjian R AB1623 add5/7/12 Achadjian R AB1700 add5/7/12 Achadjian R AB2630 add5/10/12 Achadjian R AB1593 add5/10/12 Achadjian R AB2544 change5/17/12 Achadjian R AB1659 add5/17/12 Achadjian R AB1803 add5/17/12 Achadjian R AB2307 add5/21/12 Achadjian R AB1665 add5/21/12 Achadjian R AB2144 add5/21/12 Achadjian R AB2149 add5/21/12 Achadjian R AB2180 add5/21/12 Achadjian R AB2389 add5/25/12 Achadjian R AB1647 add5/25/12 Achadjian R AB1897 add5/25/12 Achadjian R AB2149 add5/29/12 Achadjian R AB1963 add5/31/12 Achadjian R AB1551 add5/31/12 Achadjian R AB2284 add8/13/12 Achadjian R AB1518 add8/13/12 Achadjian R AB1851 add8/16/12 Achadjian R AB1166 add8/21/12 Achadjian R AB2171 add8/24/12 Achadjian R SB1571 change8/24/12 Achadjian R SB535 add8/28/12 Achadjian R AB1729 add8/29/12 Achadjian R AB2132 add
8/29/12 Achadjian R AB401 add8/29/12 Achadjian R AB823 add8/30/12 Achadjian R AB2271 add8/31/12 Achadjian R AB1186 add8/31/12 Achadjian R AB1313 add8/31/12 Achadjian R AB1532 add8/31/12 Achadjian R AB340add8/31/12 Achadjian R SB1234 add8/31/12 Achadjian R SB923 add8/31/12 Achadjian R SJR30 add1/30/12 Alejo D AB327 change4/23/12 Alejo D AB1790 add5/3/12 Alejo D ACR129 add5/10/12 Alejo D AB2021 add5/14/12 Alejo D AB1654 add5/14/12 Alejo D AB2247 add5/17/12 Alejo D AB1755 add5/21/12 Alejo D AB2245 add5/25/12 Alejo D AB2369 add5/31/12 Alejo D AB1600 add5/31/12 Alejo D AB2284 add8/28/12 Alejo D AB1674 add8/28/12 Alejo D AB2349 add8/29/12 Alejo D AB1806 add8/29/12 Alejo D AB1830 add8/29/12 Alejo D SB1154 add8/31/12 Alejo D AB1181 add8/31/12 Alejo D AB1900 add8/31/12 Alejo D SB1547 add6/27/12 Allen D AB1484 change8/24/12 Allen D AB838 add8/28/12 Allen D AB1674 add8/28/12 Allen D AB1706 add8/28/12 Allen D AB1729 add8/28/12 Allen D AB2349 add8/28/12 Allen D AB2493 add8/31/12 Allen D SB1528 change8/31/12 Allen D SB1528change8/31/12 Allen D SB1547 add8/31/12 Allen D SB965change8/31/12 Allen D SB965change1/26/12 Ammiano D AB317 change1/26/12 Ammiano D AB625 add
1/30/12 Ammiano D AB578 add3/22/12 Ammiano D AB1624 add3/22/12 Ammiano D AB1643 add4/12/12 Ammiano D SB518 add4/19/12 Ammiano D AB2122 add4/26/12 Ammiano D AB1736 add4/26/12 Ammiano D AB2183 add4/26/12 Ammiano D AB2226 change4/30/12 Ammiano D AB1670 add4/30/12 Ammiano D AB1807 add5/3/12 Ammiano D AB2003 add5/7/12 Ammiano D AB2483 change5/7/12 Ammiano D AB2654(urgencyclause) change5/7/12 Ammiano D AB2667 change5/7/12 Ammiano D AJR37 add5/10/12 Ammiano D AB2099 add5/10/12 Ammiano D AB517 add5/17/12 Ammiano D AB2410 add5/17/12 Ammiano D AB2473 add5/21/12 Ammiano D AB2369change5/25/12 Ammiano D AB1595 add5/25/12 Ammiano D AB1919 add5/25/12 Ammiano D AB2131 add5/29/12 Ammiano D AB2612 add5/30/12 Ammiano D AB1442 add5/30/12 Ammiano D AB1588 add5/30/12 Ammiano D AB1998 add5/31/12 Ammiano D AB1757 add5/31/12 Ammiano D AB2265 change5/31/12 Ammiano D AB2284 add8/13/12 Ammiano D AB1223 change8/16/12 Ammiano D SB1367 change8/16/12 Ammiano D SB1513 change8/22/12 Ammiano D SB1290 add8/24/12 Ammiano D AB317 add8/27/12 Ammiano D AB976 add8/27/12 Ammiano D SB1076 change8/30/12 Ammiano D AB1761 add8/30/12 Ammiano D AB2253 change8/30/12 Ammiano D AB41 add8/30/12 Ammiano D AB890 add8/31/12 Ammiano D AB1551 add8/31/12 Ammiano D AB197 add

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