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"Scream" Saso-ri

"Scream" Saso-ri

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Published by Tsuki
Smut for Saso-ri@tumblr.com
Smut for Saso-ri@tumblr.com

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Published by: Tsuki on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Scream” saso
Keke finally pulled Senritsu’s hai
r up as her masquerade was finally coming together. The beautifullycolored kimono of vibrant red hues complimented her pale features practically giving her pastel tones awarmer hue. It suited the young
nightingale compared to the darker colors of her uniform. “Almostdone there, Senritu.” Keke told her as she twirled and wrapped the singer’s
hair into lovely curls andlocks held up by decorative gold pins. The young nightingale was never this dolled up since her
childhood, but at least she wasn’t being criticized while being dressed up.
As Keke pulled the rest of her hair up, the dark-haired woman had to pause. Seeing s
omething she didn’t
expect to see. The dark brand of a scorpion within a diamond shaped box, imprinted on her fair skin atthe back of her neck
. “… Senritsu, what the hell is this?” The crude questioning only brought the delicatewoman to glance back with veiled eyes. “I’m afraid… that’s none of j’your business now is it, senpai?”
The ins
ane woman’s eyes narrow to her
she knew the mark and the meaning of it. Who didn’t?
Senritsu seemed to leave it at that though, her attention shifted back in front of her. The sounds of stepsnot too far away kept her mind preoccupied.
 Ah… it’s
She thought in recognition. Though the young
singer wished he didn’t see her like this. “What the hell do you want?” Her partner sharply questioned
as he looked over to the scorpion who now
stood at the doorway. Sasori’s eyes n
arrowed to Keke indetest before he took notice of his doll dressed in the alluring robes.Her long pale tresses were pulled up into loops and curls that seemed like cream colored petals thatwreathed and put the golden clips and pins to shame. It was very different than her usually long tressesfree flowing with her movements and the wind. And yet, it was becoming of her.Senritsu seemed to blush in silence
knowing he was examining her appearance. “Oi, I was fucking talkingto you!” The dark
-haired woman interrupted their peace, earning his spiteful
glare again. “What is this?”
questioned directly. Yet Senritsu didn’t allow Keke to speak further. “We’ve received intel thatthere’s a vital bit of information in Otokagure… One of Orochimaru’s subordinates goes to a local g
eishatea house every Thursday in the evening.
I’ll be going in posing as one of the geisha to obtain thisinformation.”The puppet master’s eyes narrowed in protest of the idea. Clearly he wasn’t fond of his doll going to
play such a role. Yet, before he could object, her partner added her own two-
cents worth. “If you got a
fucking problem with
plan then take it up with the leader.” Obviously his patience was being tested
today and the young vocalist could easily sense that. Yet, Sasori knew the insan
e woman couldn’
t be the
one to do it in Senritsu’s place
either.Keke was rash, irrational, and crude. The woman lacked the refined mannerisms that were usually
required of a geisha. Senritsu’s delicate nature, even with her fair appearance seemed to fit
the roleflawlessly. But, there was one problem. She was
doll, his and no one else’s.
So it begged the question.Was the little nightingale truly aware of the situation she was getting herself into?
“I’ll be ok, Sasori
senpai.” She reassured with a naïve smile on her face. Her words didn’t bring any sense
of ease, but the young si
nger truly wished he didn’t see her before she had to set out
. Senritsu alwaysknew how possessive he was. Not that she minded. It was a wonderful feeling, that she meantsomething to someone. Even if it was only as a
. When puppet master turned on his heels and leftthe two women be, the vocalist
’s gaze shifted downward in disappointment.
Is he vindictive towards me for accepting such a mission? 
Before her thoughts began to condemn herself, her partner leaned over her shoulder
. “Child, don’t
fucking fret over the little things with that fucking puppet. He only sees you as property and the selfish
bastard doesn’t share.”
That’s not true… is it? 
The young nightingale d
idn’t respond, rather she stayed
still and quiet as Keke put the finishing touches on her hair. The idea that she was nothing more was a
painful thought, yet it didn’t quite add up from what she perceived in the puppet master. All her mental
observations of his behavior, she took notice.To understand him better.Finally the dark-
haired woman stepped away from Senritsu, eyes skimming over her partner’sappearance to double check. “Heh, do I know how to dress you up or what?” She remarked with pride.
itsu’s eyes dulled at the statement. “That was
senpai…” Keke couldn’t help a chuckle fromher partner’s
comment, yet she sta
red at the brand that was at Senritsu’s
neck. “Tch… if people see thisfucking mark you’re screwed.”
It was then that Senrits
u’s veiled eyes followed her partner’s movementsas she went over to the desk, picking up Senritsu’s bow and knelt down in front of her.
With such ease and quick thinking, the dark-haired woman took the long black sash and tied it around
her partner’s neck in a bow. “There, now you’re gift wrapped.” Senritsu only stared at her partnerunenthusiastically. “Can we go over the briefing now?” “Sure… here’s what you’ll be doing…”
~*~*~*~*FF*~*~*~*~Senritsu assumed her role the following evening. Even during the travel she continued her charade andarrived to Otokagure without any issues. Not a soul knew she was blind and it was to be kept that way.Keke was to return the following night for her and make their escape. Yet, as Senritsu continued thefarce, she contributed to the fantasy other geisha portrayed. In her mind, it was as though her behaviorand speech brought a genjutsu that none could truly perceive.Yet, her emotions kept their distance and she observed with caution. The men were all very important
people. There was no telling if one of them was one of her father’s colleagues. However, her target was
acquired and as she served the aid of Orochimaru she heard the information she was seeking. The plans,the routes, every bit the man spoke very freely with his team within the refuge of the geisha house andthat was all she needed.Just as the day seemed to draw to a close however, the pale-haired woman sought to leave the building
when she was cut off. “Where do you think you’re going?” The
words of the head mistress seemed to
catch the young nightingale by surprise. “E
eh? I … I was just heading out to
“ “You think your day isdone? You still haven’t serviced the highest bidder!” It was then a sense of trepidation settled in and the
young woman tensed with her sleeved hands drawn up over her lips
. “B
bidder… f 
for what?”
Oh I see they brought in an innocent one. And the one who paid for you put up a generous amount of 
money…” The dark
haired mistress sighed and the singer’s blush darkened over her face. She wasn’t
truly that ignorant, but Senritsu was terrified of the truth of the situation she had gotten herself into.
“Your day isn’t done till you service the highest bidder. What did you think your job was when you sat in
with all of the clients today? Simply for companionship? Your job is to sexually please the highest bidder.
And lucky for you, you brought in the highest amount than any other.”Senritsu didn’t wish to hear of it, not even think of it.
She was completely frozen, rapidly recountingeach and every man she spoke with to consider who it may have been to have put up such a highamount.
Senpai is going to kill me…
It was the last thing she wanted. The little nightingale was after allnot even fond of even speaking of sexual matters. Why would she even wish to pleasure a completestranger?
Her heart sped rapidly before she felt the mistress guide her back inside to a spare chamber. “Stayhere… your client will be here shortly. And don’t even t
hink of leaving here
.” The scolding statement still
brought panic to the young vocalist. Quickly she hurried over to the walls, her fingers grazing the sturdystructure to find any windows, any passage, any sort of escape route for her to disappear through.
But she couldn’t use any
of her jutsus or make any attempt to escape. Someone would know, someonewould report her in, and her cover would be blown. And Senritsu could not afford for anyone to connectthis identity of hers to her alias. As she thoroughly checked her surroundings, the feeling of dismay sankin further. The singer could not stand to feel trapped. It was a horrible emotion that tortured her morethan anything else.
The sound of the door opening forced the young nightingale to twirl around, widened veiled eyeslooking towards the only entrance. Was he already here? Her rapidly beating heart only quickened inpace out of fear.
Please, please, no!
I really don’t wish to do this! I can’t! I just can’t!
There was thedreaded sound of the door locking behind the foreigner. Simply hearing him approach her forced her totake a few steps back herself.
ah … I … A
are j’you sure j’you have the right room?” Senritsu cupped her fingers over her nose and
mouth to hide her frozen smile with her usual tactic of deflection. It was almost impossible to hide the
knotted sensation in her stomach, how could she even get out of this one? “
I’m sure I’m in the right room… Little Senri…
” Her eyes immediately glanced up
to the familiar voice. Was it truly him? It had to
be, her hearing never deceived her before. “Sa… Sasori
senpai?”“It seems you finally realize
the position you got yourself into…” The puppet master smirked in
arrogance, knowing full well that the singer was clearly way in over her hea
d. “B
but… wait, j’you were… j’you were the highest bidder? How did j’you even get the money?” She
questioned with a softer hushedtone. It was at those inquiries that the red-haired puppet reached over and pulled her close to hiswooden form. Lips placed a
gainst her ear, whispering, “It’s not hard to find out… you do
keep yourpayments from those
of yours
hidden in the wall behind the desk…”
The knowledge that he was well aware of her secret hiding spot was troubling. All the money was nowgone
? It seemed to take her a moment to process that thought. “Hn… I
I suppose that’s fair…
now Ineed to find a new hiding place for that I suppose
…” Senritsu
was never a greedy sort of woman. But shekept the money in case of emergencies and the occasional expense on her travels. This may as well havebeen the biggest expense to get her of a bind.

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