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Bio Module 4 Ques

Bio Module 4 Ques

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Published by: Best Navaluck Pipithsuksunt on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Best 13ANModule 4 Questions3. a) x= RubP Y= GPb) Substance Y (GP) is reduced to GALP by ATP and NADP7. a) From 1987-1994 when antibiotic used increases, percentage of infections resistancealso increases. This is because some bacteria can mutate themselves to resist to antibiotic.These bacteria reproduce and pass on the resistance gene to their offspring. In 1994, theantibiotic used is 13 kg and the percentage of infections resistance is 13%b) i) B has larger area with no bacteria(clear zone) than C. Therefore, B is moreeffective at killing these bacteria than antibiotic C.ii) Size of molecule can affect the amount of antibiotic absorption by thebacteria. Antibiotic C will absorb in to the bacteria less than antibiotic B. Therefore, clear zone of antibiotic C will decrease.iii) Viruses have no cell wall and no ribosomes. Therefore, antibiotic C and Dhave no effect on the viruses.9. a) i) At 0 day GPP and NPP start at the same point at 4 arbitrary units of primaryproductivity. From 0-20 days, both graph GPP and NPP increase. However, after 2.5 days GPPincreases steeper than NPP.ii) NPP is GPP
respiration. When the time since planting increases, therespiration also increases. Therefore, NPP still increases but less steep than GPP.b) NPP = GPP
respiration : when GPP increases and respiration decreases, NPPincreases. However, when GPP decreases and respiration in decreases, NPP decreases.10. a) All mammals produce heat from metabolic reaction like respiration. From the time of death the metabolic reactions slow down and eventually stop, causing body temperature to fall

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