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Drawing the Eye

Drawing the Eye

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Published by tenebris_obortis

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Published by: tenebris_obortis on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of them Involve Buying Gear.
 Author of 
Within The Frame
Tis short eBook had the potential to be an egghead exercise in academia. Teconcepts o visual mass aren’t sexy ones with cool names like the authoritative-sounding Rule o Tirds. But sexy or not, understanding what draws the eyeallows us as photographers to more intentionally direct the eye, and that’s key tocreating compelling images to which we want others to eel drawn, images thattell the stories we want to with the best chance o communicating the things we want told. What I’ve tried to do here is in the spirit o my rst two eBooks, EN and ENMORE. I have tried to create a book that is or the amateur who already eelscomortable with the technology o his or her camera, but wants to get down tothe art o creating images that captivate the eye, the mind, and the heart o oth-ers.From the beginning it’s important to remember that the idea o visual mass isa metaphor drawn rom physics and as a metaphor it is limited. ry not to gethung up on how accurate the metaphor is; in act eel ree to nd your ownname or it i “visual mass” doesn’t work or you. What’s important is how thisall aects your photography.Lastly, beore we launch into this stu, I need to say that the concept o visualmass is not my own. I’ve encountered it elsewhere in bits and pieces. It mighteven be explained more thoroughly and authoritatively elsewhere, but this is my shot at explaining my understanding o it. Te book is divided into our sec-tions. Te rst explains what Visual Mass is and why it even matters. Te secondlooks at how we can use an understanding o Visual Mass when we shoot. Tethird looks at using Visual Mass when we rene our image in the digital dark-room, and the ourth is a set o exercises to work on this stu, to put the rubberto the road, so to speak.PS. I I have to type the words Visual Mass one more time my hands will gettired. I suspect i you have to read it once more you’ll just get sick to death o it.So I’ll use the acronym VM when my hands cramp up.
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“Understanding what draws the eyeallows us to more intentionallydirect the eye, and that’s key tocreating compelling images that wewant others to eel drawn to.” 

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