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Published by Viktoria Sundqvist

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Published by: Viktoria Sundqvist on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is hereby agreed by and between the Board of Education of the Town of Plymouth, CT(hereinafter called the “Board”), and
(hereinafter called the“Superintendent”) that the said Board, in accordance with its action by election pursuant to Section§10-157 of the Connecticut General Statutes, has and does hereby employ the said ELEANOR S.CRUZ as Superintendent of Schools of Plymouth, and that he hereby accepts employment asSuperintendent of Schools of Plymouth upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.
The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the Board. In harmony withthe policies of the Board of Education, state laws, and State Board of Education regulations, theSuperintendent has executive authority over the school system and the responsibility for itssupervision. She has the general authority to act at her discretion, subject to later approval by theBoard of Education, upon all emergency matters and those as to which her powers and duties arenot expressly limited or are not particularly set forth. She advises the Board on policies and plansthat the Board takes under consideration, and she takes the initiative in presenting to the Board policy and planning issues for the Board’s attention. The Superintendent, at all times during theterm of this Agreement, shall possess and maintain appropriate certification from the ConnecticutState Department of Education to serve as Superintendent of Schools.The Superintendent or her designee shall attend all meetings of the Board of Education andshall participate in all Board deliberations.
The Superintendent may undertake consultative work, speaking engagements, writing,lecturing, or other professional duties and obligations, provided such activities do not interferewith the meeting of her responsibilities as Superintendent.-1-
A.The term of said employment is from
December 17, 2012 to June 30, 2015
. TheSuperintendent and the Board of Education may use the following procedure to extend theSuperintendent’s employment under this contract for an additional three (3) years. Prior to the endof the first year of this three-year agreement, the Board of Education, at the request of theSuperintendent, may vote to enter into a new three-year agreement upon terms to be negotiated bythe parties, but the Board shall not be obligated to take a vote. Prior to June 30 of the second year of this agreement the Board of Education shall vote on a new agreement upon terms to benegotiated by the parties.B.Anything in this section to the contrary notwithstanding, the provisions of the sectionentitled “Termination of Agreement” shall take precedence and the Superintendent’s employmentmay be terminated under the provisions of said section at any time during the term of thisAgreement.
4.Annual Base Salary
The annual base salary for the year beginning December 17, 2012 (prorated) shall includethe following: (a) $144,000
 base salary and (b) payments to an elective tax sheltered annuitydesignated by the Superintendent in writing in the amount of $16,000
 Annual base salary for future years commencing July 1, 2013, shall be as negotiated between the Board and theSuperintendent. Any adjustment in compensation made during the life of this contract shall be inthe form of an amendment and shall become part of this contract. It is provided, however, that byso doing it shall not be considered that the Board of Education has entered into a new contract withthe Superintendent or that the termination date of the existing contract has been extended. Under no circumstances shall the compensation for a subsequent year be less than the compensation for the prior year.The Superintendent’s annual base salary, as set forth above, shall be payable in equalinstallments throughout the contract year, in accordance with the procedures governing payment of certified staff members employed by the Board.-2-
Compensation for Superintendent services for any period that employment is renewedunder the provisions of Section 3 shall be negotiated and agreed to by the Board and theSuperintendent prior to the commencement of the new contract term.
(a) The Board shall provide the Superintendent with eighteen (18) sick days annually,cumulative to two hundred twenty (220) days. .(b)The Board shall provide the Superintendent with twenty-five (25) vacation days,exclusive of legal holidays each year of this contract. If the Superintendent wishes to take one (1)week or more of vacation at a time, she shall notify the Board Chair of the dates of such vacation.The Superintendent may not take more than three (3) consecutive weeks of vacation without the prior approval of the Board. The Superintendent may accumulate and carry over up to ten (10)vacation days per year, to a maximum of sixty (60) days total, and will be paid on a per diem rate,which will be determined by dividing the annual salary at the time of retirement or resignationfrom the system, by 260 days.(c) Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) term life insurance.(d)The Superintendent may be granted three (3) leave days with pay per contractedyear for necessary pressing personal business which cannot be conducted outside of the normalwork day. Personal days will not accumulate.(e)Two thousand dollars annually ($2,000) to be used for tuition reimbursement at anaccredited institution of high education toward a doctoral degree.(f)
The Board will provide group health insurance coverage through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Centur yPreferred PPO plan (plan 007765-054, Anthem Group Plan).The superintendent shall  pay sixteen percent (16%) of the premium costs for such coverage for the 2012-2013 school year;sixteen and one half percent (16.5%) for the 2013-2014 school year; and seventeen percent (17%) for the 2014-2015 school year.

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