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KislevTevet Nov Dec 2012

KislevTevet Nov Dec 2012

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Published by shasdaf

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Published by: shasdaf on Oct 24, 2012
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Rabbi Dr. Aaron Rakeffet-RothkoffScholar-in-ResidenceShabbat November 16-17Friday Night, November 16 at the shul at 7:00 pm
Shabbat Dinner before Shiur - Reservations required, $15 per personMotzei Shabbat, November 17,
Dairy Melave Malka at 7:30 pm
$25/person4341 W. Golf, SkokieSponsorships available:Silver $54, Gold $100, Platinum $180, Diamond $360 (all per person) Advance Reservations to Kesser Maariv, (847) 679-9800 or bhhkmal@yahoo.com
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff 
is Professor of Rabbinic Literature at YeshivaUniversity's Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute in Jerusalem. He is a noted scholar, author andteacher who has taught thousands of students in his over 50 years of teaching. His lectures onHalacha, History and Contemporary Orthodoxy are heard by thousands of people over the internetat www.yutorah.org.He is the author of 
 Bernard Revel: Builder of American Jewish Orthodoxy; Silver Era in American Jewish Orthodoxy: Rabbi Eliezer and His Generation; The Rav: The World of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik; Rakafot Aharon: A Collection of Published Scholorship in the Realms of  Halakah, Hashkafah, and Jewish History
, and most recently his memoirs,
 From Washington Avenue to Washington Stree
, in which he describes his travels to the Soviet Union on behalf of Israel's Mossad.
UPCOMING EVENTS & DATES TO REMEMBER Send-A-Kid-To-Israel Partnership (S.K.I.P.)
Kesser Maariv is proud to be a participating Congregationin S.K.I.P. The program allows parents to contributemoney annually in partnership with the synagogue and theJewish Federation for an Israel trip for their children.Students in grades 3-6, enrolled in a day or afternoonschool, who have finished paying their annualmembership to the shul are eligible to participate. For additional details, a registration kit or to enroll your child(ren) for the first time, please contact Ben ZionLazovsky at (847) 679-9800.
Visit Hospital Patients on Chanukah
Bring Chanukah cheer to patients at Skokie Hospital!Exact dates will be announced shortly. Please call Sarettaat 847-204-0556 or email lazovsky@juno.com tovolunteer.
Misheberach List
If you have names for a misheberach, please send them tothe shul office or e-mail to bhhkmal@yahoo.com.
Happy Day Cards & Standings
Thank you to the “Standings” for the past year. It is nowtime to re-register!
If you haven’t registered yet, it’s timeto join the Kesser Maariv Cards standing list! For only$50 a year, your name will automatically be includedwhenever a card is sent from our shul to fellow membersfor a refua shlayma, condolence or mazal tov. To join thestandings, please contact the office at (847) 679-9800 or  bhhkmal@yahoo.comor Wendy Hartz at (708) 205-5109.Also, cards are available for purchase from the office for $1.50 each or 13 cards for $18. If you would like us tosend a card for you for $2, please contact Wendy Hartz.
Rabbi Meyer Juzint’s
The Chain of Miracles
This amazing Holocaust memoir written by a teacher of Rabbi Louis Lazovsky and a friend of Kesser Maariv, isavailable for purchase from the office, and fromwww.kessermaariv.org for $20. Final preparations for  Nechamas Meyer, Mussar on Parsha, Breishis andShemos, are almost complete, and will be ready, withG-d’s help, within the next few months.
"The Chain of Miracles" will be on sale at the AMIT  Boutique on Sunday November 18 at Or Torah and at the
 Antonia Spitzer Library Boutique on Sunday December 2 at K.I.N.S.
Daily Minyan
We have daily 6:00 am Shacharit. Please note that theminyan will begin after 6:00 am through November 2,
with sunrise being so late.Sunday, Mincha-Maariv 10 minutes before sunset.Monday–Thursday, Maariv only at 7:00 pm.
Pick up a Kesser Maariv Pushke (Tzedaka Box).
Members may borrow books from our LendingLibrary, located on the south side of the SocialHall. Check out our new titles!
Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky spoke before
on “TheChazzan of Selichot.”Thanks to Sheryl & Bob Greenstein for organizing the
High Holiday Greeting Card
...Yasher Koach to Dr. Ed Kaplan, Rabbi Dr. PinchasEisenbach, and Rabbis Louis, Ben Zion and Eli Lazovskyfor leading the beautiful tefillot and making the HighHolidays very meaningful. Thank you to all our membersfor your generous response at the Aliya auctions, yizkor appeal and Kol Nidrei Appeal, and to those whocontributed toward Rabbi Louis Lazovsky’s honor of Maftir Yonah...Thanks to the sponsor of the
Simchat Torah Luncheon
...Thanks to the anonymous donors of the ArtScroll SukkotMachzorim.
 – Stay tuned for upcoming knitting meetings.Call Wendy Hartz at (708) 205-5109 for emergency fiber entanglements or slipped stitches.
Simcha Dancing
– Monday night October 29 at 8:00 pm(
 Please note change of date and time)
at the Shul withinstructor Malkie Goldberg. $5 donation. Have fun anda good workout!
Chicago Women Charity Players
will be presenting anall women's presentation of "The Wizard of Oz" at thePerforming Arts Center on Monday evening November 26 at 7 pm. The Women's Council will go as a group.
Stay tuned for more details.
A Chanukah program
is in the works! Stay tuned for details.
Serve dinner at Cafe Ark 
. Wed. night January 16th.Call Cookie Goldrich at 847-673-8149 to reserve your space for this wonderful Chesed opportunity.
Past Event
Thanks to Dotty Chakiris for sponsoring delightfulevening of music featuring Kol Shira - A Women's Trio,featuring Gail Mangurten, Devorah Yael Silvert and ShiraMalka Walder, who performed a broad spectrum of Jewish music. It was a wonderful membership event.
College Scholarship opportunities
 See www.jvschicago.org/scholarship or call the JVSScholarship Secretary at (312) 673-3444 or e-mail: jvsscholarship@jvschicago.org. The application deadlineis February 15, 2013.
Mazel Tov to: Jeff & Sandy Cagan on the birth of agrandson...Yoni & Dr. Aliza Blumofe on the engagementof their son Calev to Elisheva Klein...Herb & RitaLowenstein on the engagement of their son David Max toShoshana Esther McConnell...Debbie & Brian Alexander on the birth of twin grandsons...Gene and Dorie Chez onthe birth of a great-granddaughter...Cookie and ArtGoldrich on the birth of a great-grandson...Cara Frazin onher Aliya to Israel.Refua Shleima to: Anne Elovic and Herb LowensteinCondolences to: Yitzchok & Dottie Chakiris on the passing of Yitzchok’s father...Lysee & Dr. Henry Dankoon the passing of Lysee’s mother, Sarita Kolom...Dr.David & Guila Zuckerman on the passing of David’smother, Shirlee Zuckerman.Thank you to our recent Kiddush Sponsors: NasrinKheradyar, Rabbi Louis & Saretta Lazovsky andanonymous sponsors.
Thanks to the Simchat Torah Luncheon sponsor!
Thank you to our recent Seudat Shlisheet Sponsors: RabbiLouis & Saretta Lazovsky, Harvey & MiriamSchiller...Alan & Heather Busch, Gilda Allswang andLarry & Judy Weinger.
- Saturday night December 8 – December 16.This year we light the first Chanukah candle onSaturday, December 8. We add one candle each night
through Saturday evening, December 15. Remember, on
Friday December 14 the Chanukah candles are lit before
lighting Shabbat Candles. We make certain that night’scandle will burn until at least 75 minutes after sundown,which is about 5:35 pm.What does Chanukah commemorate? TheSyrian-Greeks, in about 150 BCE, tried to make the Jewsadopt some of their pagan practices. They also tried tointroduce the sacrifice of unclean animals in the Temple.The Maccabees, a family of Jewish priests-turned-warriors, managed to vanquish the marauding Syrian-Greek armies. However, the Syrian-Greeks tried to defileall the pure oil for the Menorah by breaking the seals onthe bottles. The Maccabees found one vial of pure oil,enough to kindle the Menorah for one day. The Sanhedrin,the Jewish Religious high court, decided to light all of theoil and fulfill the mitzvah (commandment) as required,and a miracle occurred. The Menorah burned for eightdays, allowing the Maccabees the requisite time tosanctify themselves and prepare more oil. It was decidedto light candles in areas visible to passers-by to publicizethis great miracle. We light one candle the first night, andadd one every night until the end of the holiday.There are many special Mitzvot, Commandments,and customs that are observed on Chanukah. In additionto lighting the candles, we eat latkes (potato pancakes),and sufganiyot (jelly rolls), to recall the miracle that took  place with the oil. We also add the prayer of Hallel, a prayer of praise and thanks to G-d as well as the AlHanisim, a prayer thanking G-d for His miracles, which isadded to the Amidah and Grace after meals.Children play with dreidels to remind us how wedeceived the Syrian-Greeks, whose plan called for theassimilation of those that they conquered to Syrian-Greek culture. Their laws prohibited Jews from learning Torah.They had regular patrols to all Jewish schools to assurethat no Torah was being taught. The Jews were dedicatedto the Torah and devised a plan to trick them. Theylearned Torah, but each school had a sentry. When thesentry announced the imminent arrival of the Syrian-Greek patrol, all the children hid their books and took outdreidels, which were simple gambling implements. TheSyrian-Greeks were always quite happy to see the“progress” being made by the Jewish students who hadseemingly abandoned the road of Torah and had embracedCongregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L.4341 W. Golf Skokie, IL 60076(847) 679-9800fax (847) 679-5041e-mail: bhhkmal@yahoo.comwww.KesserMaariv.orgRabbi Louis A. LazovskySteven D. Goldrich,
Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky,
 Associate Rabbi & Executive Director 
 Nasrin Kheradyar & Saretta Lazovsky,
Co-Presidents, Adele Goldblum Women’s Council 
Committee Contact Information:BricksSarettaLazovsky(847) 676-0556Chesed FundAnne Elovic(847) 673-2904Donate Books& SiddurimOffice(847) 679-9800Endowment Michael Hartz(708) 366-7662Happy DayCardsWendy Hartz(708) 205-5109KiddushJudy Whisler(847) 677-2281MembershipBob GreensteinJudy Whisler (847) 967-7408(847) 677-2281Social HallRentalOffice(847) 679-9800Tree of Life Office(847) 679-9800YahrzeitPlaquesOffice(847) 679-9800

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