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Rubric Wordpress Blog

Rubric Wordpress Blog

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Published by Dan Richards

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Published by: Dan Richards on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Content: 60 Points
CriteriaScoreClear purposecommunicated in About section10Content of postsare substantialand related to thefield25The writing isprofessional, intone and inpresentation (thisincludesgrammar), andreveals a stronggrasp of thecontent15Posts are brokenup into clear,conciseparagraphs5The title of eachblog post isunique andengaging5
0 Absent2PoorVaueSuffiientClar1Very
0clear<12Postsmissingorirrelevant1Contentlacking reand substacou3severelylatednessnce (wordnt)1Content lrelatednsubstanco
6lacking iness ande (wordnt)1Contentrelatesubst9mostlyd andantial2Content rsubst
2lated andantial2Content vand su5ry relatedstantial<5Majorissue withwriting7No profeswriting wionality inatsoeverWriting isprofesslacking inionality1Writing isprofes
1omewhatsional1Writiprofes3ng issional1Writingprofes
5is verysional0Noparagraphs1Very littlefor welparagevidencell-usedraphsParagrapbut topiclacs evidententencesingMost posuse paragts do notraphs wellMost pparagrasts usephs well5 All posparagrats usephs well0No titles1No seuniquenengagse of
ess andementSufficiunorint butiginalSomewhand ent uniquegagingUniquengae andging5Very unienga
que andging
Professional Blogging Project
 Visual/Aesthetic: 15 Points
CriteriaScoreThe visualcomponent ofthe blog isappropriategiven thesubject-matter athand3The color-scheme andimages arepresented in aprofessional andnot juvenile way 3The font, banner/ header, andorganization areinviting3Blog postsincludeembeddedimages andvideo in eachpost.3Images arelinked back totheir source.3
0 AbsentNo1t appropriteS2omewhat ppropriatAppropriate0 Absent1JuvenileS2omewhat
rofessionlProfessional0 Absent1ot inviting2Somewht invitingInviting0 AbsentLittle/in0ppropriatmediause ofImage2and vides mostly resentImags and vidos in each post 0 AbsentImages1and links slackingeverelyMost ima2ges linked (with woring links)All images linked ( ith workig links)
Usability: 15 Points
CriteriaScoreThe blog useswidgets inappropriate wayssuitable to thesubject-matterand nature of theblog5The blog isequipped with“pages,”“categories,”and/or “tags” toassist in thenavigability ofthe site2The chosen blogURL isappropriate andeasy toremember tousers2Each postcontainshyperlinks inevery post thatallow the readerto continue onfurther in theirreading or topursue your pathof research ifthey so choose5The blog must bethroughWordPress -- noexceptions.1
No wiidgets1WidgetspurlackingoseWidgetpos usedrlyWidgetsomeappros usedwhatriatelyWidgetappros used
riately5Widgetsapprosed veryriatelyNo0
assistance for navigation1Poor naigability2Strong navigability
Not app0
ropriate or easy to reemberSome1hat approremeriate andberasy toEasy t2remember and appr
opriateNo links1Links rarely usedLinks misworking,ussing, notnd/or notfulLinks souseful anmewhatworkingLinks wouseful ipo
rking andin moststs5Links wouseful inking andach post 0Not Wo
rdpress1Uses WrdPress

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