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Old Craig's List Ad from 2007

Old Craig's List Ad from 2007

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Published by Willem de Phoops
A couple people got upset.
A couple people got upset.

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Published by: Willem de Phoops on Oct 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ANNOUNCINGHolistic non-invasive breast examinations or women 18-25 as part o a newly non-unded statewidehealth initiative.
Finally, young women can obtain non-reputable exams that are sae and afordable.
 Te NORHRIDGE CLINIC on Cove Road NW is pleased to announce that our new uncertiedand unlicensed therapist, Mr. Morris Shirley, is now accepting patients at the Cove Road acility. Mr.Shirley is a lietime practitioner o the holistic non-invasive breast examination method, which he pio-neered ater years o study at campuses across the country. Shirley is uncredentialed, and thereore ableto gauge the health and beauty o breasts without the intervening layers o expertise and knowledgethat oten separate health practitioners rom patients. Mr. Shirley has never published in over twenty magazines, and has admired work in over twenty more, primarily photographic journals and other pub-lications related to the emale breast.HOLISIC BREAS EXAMS are the new basis or non-traditional breast health. Te NorthridgeClinic provides state-o-the-art capability in all ve recognized non-technological categories: shape,texture, color, rmness, and avor. Mr. Shirley also specializes in two advanced early detection criteria:symmetry and buoyancy. Te Northridge Clinic is equipped with a new cutting-edge visual imaging capability, allowing practi-tioners such as Mr. Shirley to visually record images o the breasts or study and comparison. Te pres-ence o the patient is only rarely needed ater the initial visit. Women can leave the clinic and await theirresults while Mr. Shirley and his staf subject the recorded visual images (called ‘photographs’) to closerscrutiny. Follow-up visits are sometimes, although rarely required on the basis o this urther study. WHA DOES A HOLISIC BREAS EXAM FEEL LIKE?Mr. Morris Shirley writes in his now-amous
Tanks or the Mammaries: A Grateul Guide to the Female Body 
: “At rst, I don’t even touch the patient. She is oten nervous, understandably nervous. And so amI. I mean, I’ve been doing this all over the country. Six months in one state, then I have to leave. Sixmonths in another. So we’re both nervous. I let that linger.“Soon I begin with
kumā swā 
, a technique I pioneered in the late eighties. It amounts to mental acu-puncture. I search over the patient’s body with my mind, probing with my mental ngers, trying tond out at what points the patient’s body has a built-in resistance, and thereore a potential health risk.Usually these correspond to the breasts, between the thighs, and sometimes the anus.“Te breasts are a natural chakra place. Each breast is a natural vortex o eminine energy. Te breastsare subjected to constant bouncing as a patient walks around all day. Tis means that the breasts arealways getting closer to and climbing away rom the earth, plunging and then erupting again.“Te unsteady oscillation in a woman’s body between her Mother Earth energies and her calling to aPosted on Craig’s List - June 23, 2007

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