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The Georgia Voice - 10/26/12 Vol.3, Issue 17

The Georgia Voice - 10/26/12 Vol.3, Issue 17

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Published by The GA Voice
In our latest issue, we preview the upcoming November elections. Also included, an interview with out musician Melissa Etheridge and the latest Domestically Disturbed and That's What She Said from Topher Payne and Melissa Carter respectively.

For more information, please visit http://www.thegavoice.com
In our latest issue, we preview the upcoming November elections. Also included, an interview with out musician Melissa Etheridge and the latest Domestically Disturbed and That's What She Said from Topher Payne and Melissa Carter respectively.

For more information, please visit http://www.thegavoice.com

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Published by: The GA Voice on Oct 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    O        f   c    i   a    l    W    h    i    t   e    H   o   u   s   e    P    h   o    t   o    b   y    P   e    t   e    S   o   u   z   a
“People always talk about thedouble entendres. There was notone double entendre in the music.”
David “Scar” Hodo
, the construction worker inthe ‘70s band The Village People, in an interview withother band members claiming songs like “YMCA” and“In the Navy” had no gay meaning. (The Sun, Oct. 22)
“I knew that I was a gay boy fairlyearly; what was interesting to mewas that my mother didn’t know. …I said, ‘Mom, I don’t like direct sun-light, I don’t like bugs, I don’t likegrass, and I’d rather be in the houseplaying with your fabric samples.’”
Interior design television host
Nate Berkus
, promoting“The Things that Matter,” his semiautobiographical book, inan interview with Joy Behar. (HuffingtonPost.com, Oct. 21)
Election 2012: Stark contrast inpresidential race.
Page 4
Election 2012: National LGBTraces to watch.
Page 6
Election 2012: Local races withgay candidates, allies.
Page 8
Recent local ‘hate crimes’ showdanger of incomplete information.
Page 11
Lost-N-Found Youth marks one year ofhelping LGBT homeless.
Page 13
Organizers deem Atlanta Pride‘largest ever.
Page 13
Atlanta Pride in pictures.
Pages 16-17
Melissa Etheridge gets backto her roots.
Page 19
Books: Christian author playsgay for a year.
Page 21
Theater: ‘The Divine Sister’ bows atProcess Theatre.
Page 23
Food Porn: Husband-hunting in Atlanta’srestaurant scene.
Page 24Pages 26-28
That’s What She Said: Melissa Carter’scostume correctness.
Page 30
Domestically Disturbed: Topher Paynegives a cluck about Chick-fil-A.
Page 31
The Georgia Voice
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Editor: Laura Douglas-Brown
Deputy Editor: Dyana Bagby
Web Manager: Ryan Watkins
Art Director: Bo Shell
Melissa Carter, Brent Corcoran,Jim Farmer, Shannon Hames, Topher Payne,Matt Schafer, Steve Warren, Ryan Lee
Publisher: Christina Cash
Associate Publisher: Tim Boyd
Sales Executive: Marshall Graham
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Rivendell Media, 908-232-2021sales@rivendellmedia.com
Richard Eldredge, Sandy Malcolm,Lynn Pasqualetti, Robert Pullen
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Send address changes to the Georgia Voice,1904 Monroe Drive, Suite 130, Atlanta, GA 30324. The Georgia Voiceis published every other Friday by The Georgia Voice, LLC. Indi-vidual subscriptions are $60 per year for 26 issues. Postage paidat Atlanta, GA, and additional mailing offices.The editorial positions of the Georgia Voice are expressedin editorials and in editor’s notes. Other opinions are those ofthe writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of theGeorgia Voice and its staff.
To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewerthan 400 words and commentary, for web or print, should be fewerthan 750 words. Submissions may beedited for content and length, and mustinclude a name, address and phone num-ber for verification. Email submissionsto editor@thegavoice.com or mail to theaddress above.
“Being gay in the South, peopledon’t like it. Why? You have homo-phobes who want to beat you andbully you and name-call you … I amwearing purple today to let everyyoungster and teen know that is OKto be who you are. Don’t let nobodychange that.”
Lee Thompson
, “Uncle Poodle,” in a video for SpiritDay recounting how he had been bullied “day in and dayout” in school for being gay, but remains grateful for thesupport of his family. (GLAAD.org, Oct. 19)
    P   u    b    l    i   c    i    t   y   p    h   o    t   o   v    i   a    D   a   n    C   a    t    h   y .   c   o   m
— TLC reality star
Alana “Honey Boo Boo”Thompson
in a statement publicized by the Gay& Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation on Oct.19, Spirit Day, when people were encouraged towear purple to oppose anti-LGBT bullying. Alana’sgay Uncle Poodle, aka Lee Thompson, gave anin-depth interview to GA Voice in our Oct. 12 issue.(GLAAD.org, Oct. 19)
“You can’t change the wayyou are or who you fell inlove with … We support UnclePoodle and all the otherpoodles in the world too.”
    S   c   r   e   e   n   s    h   o    t   v    i   a    G    l   a   a    d .   o   r   g    P    h   o    t   o    b   y    M   a   r    i   o    C   a   s    i   a   n   o    /    C    C    3 .    0    P   u    b    l    i   c    i    t   y   p    h   o    t   o

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