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Garra / Claw / Mano

Garra / Claw / Mano

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Published by Jonathan Foedrowitz
Diagrama de garra esquelética.
Diagrama de garra esquelética.

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Published by: Jonathan Foedrowitz on Oct 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2. Fold and unfold inquarters.3. Fold and unfold ineigths.6. Only the top half is shown.Fold and unfold.4. Pleat along the creases.5. Like this.9. Valley fold the top flapupwards.7. Open up the sides completelywhile folding the top edge down.8. Valley fold the sides.1. Fold and unfold.
Eileen Taneileen@tristan.tn.cornell.edu11 October 2001
Hand Clawing out from Grave
10. This view shows theentire model. Valley foldalong the halfway crease.12. Fold and unfold throughall the layers, then unfoldcompletely.11. Valley fold the topflap down. The valleyfold occurs just belowthe white part.15. Reverse fold thesides in.13. Valley fold in half. Thecrease marks for the top half of the model are not shown.14. Valley fold.16. Fold 3 rabbit ears alongthe bottom flap while pleatingthe model.18. A view from the side.Valley fold, repeat behind.17. Here is my feeble attemptat trying to draw a three dimensionalintermediate stage.
19. Like this.21. Fold and unfoldalong the anglebisectors.the rest of the pleats.25. Repeat steps 20−24 on27. A view from thetop. Refold the tombstone(steps 7−9).26. Fold up the sides so thatit lies flat. Swing the arm overto one side.20. Fold and unfold.23. Reverse fold again.24. One last reverse fold.22. Reverse fold.

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