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Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication

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Sakg Eiej`
‛A |~ilgogl a~~xjalb }j ljeey`gla}gj`”|~iafg`c a`m kg|}i`g`c”}ba} kiam| y| }j cgvioxje }bi biax}+ lj``il}g`c y| sg}b jyx|ikvi| a`msg}b ialb j}bix g` a saw }ba} akkjs| jyx `a}yxaklje~a||gj` }j okjyxg|b―“Eax|bakk Xj|i`hixc
Sakg Eiej`
Si axi ejxi asaxi jo sba} si axi ~ixligvg`c+ oiikg`c a`m sa`}g`c.
Jyx sjxm| hiljei lj`|lgjy| a`m si axi hi}}ix ahki }j ir~xi||jyx|ikvi|.
Si axi ahki }j |~ilgow hibavgjx| a`m lj`mg}gj`| }ba} aooil} y|.
Si axi ahki }j ljeey`gla}i lj`lxi}ikw sba} si sa`} a`m `iim.
Si axi hi}}ix ahki }j kg|}i` a`m lj``il} }j j}bix|.
I|}ahkg|bi| a okjs jo ljeey`gla}gj`.
Sakg Eiej`

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