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WASP Newsletter ~ 03/01/43

WASP Newsletter ~ 03/01/43

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Published by CAP History Library
Women Airforce Service Pilots
Women Airforce Service Pilots

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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1 "'E "-T O
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGIt has been said that Goe and his Angelscould accomplish nothing in an open meetingbut Miss'Cochran and her brain children havemade putty of the adage as evidenced by theirmeeting of Monday last.The open forum, comprised of students, inst-ructors, Mr. Erdman and Mrs. Dyer, discussedthe pros and cons of life, love, and the pur-suit of flying. The meeting came as a climaxto the suggestion box which had been posted inthe Mess hall, and which contained Some raresuggestions as well as some very cons~ructiveones.The eager beaver who requested an obstaclecourse was very unpopular for the moment, andthe idea was overruled on the grounds that Lt.Fleishman was a reasonable facsimile.Many of tlle i.nstructorsfelt that if theArmy would discuss the results of the checkride with them thoroughly, thE.t they would beable to correct their own student's mistakes.Miss Cochran's contribution to the discus-sion--particularly as to clashing tempermentsbetween students and instructors--was a leaffrom her own experience book. Quoted "Youcan want to slit someone's throat and still goahead and work with him--or her.1IOne soulful voice pleads for just one kindword from her instructor, in reply to Mr.Brady's iron clad rule--lItreat 'em rough.1IMany developments, either the direct resultof the suggestion box ideas, or the normal re-sult of expansion and improvement, were annou-nced. Among them were: Ready room for bothinstructor~ and students at the North hangar,hard surfaced IIrunawaysllat Dodo, more class-rooms, uniformity of dress (probably ,pinks anddark shirts) and Sunday off with no groundschool on Saturday as long as the daily sched-ule of flying and classes may be maintained.Final concensus of opinion was: if your tee-th grew in too fast, if your feet don't,match,if you don't like Texas weather, and 1f youhaven't had a lett~r from Johnny lately, SEEMRS. DEATONJACQUELINE COCHRANThe trHJUte to me in the first issue of TheFifinella Gazette touched me deeply and pleas-ed me no end.With the start of the war, I became convin-ced that there was a sound, beneficial placef'orwomen in the air -- not to cOTntcetewith ordisplace the men pilots, but to supplementthem -- and I never let up trying to establishin practice the birth of my lJe-. I flevyabomber to England partly . )~\to bring out the point, ..
and partly to see .,hat (,;,(~(~the English women pilots "were accomplishing and :~.how they were organized. ,~On my return, I worked
with the General Staff of . ~the Ferry Command for 'se- ~veral weeks on a planwhich later develofed.The time just then did not seem opportune;with the blessings of our own authorities,took twenty-five women pilots to England,where they have been doing a fine job, flyingoperational equipment (behind the lines) incl-uding Hurricanes, Spitfires, and two-motoredbombers.Now, we are on the verge of seeing thiswhole dream bloss~n into reality in a trulybig way.' The Women's Flying Training programhas already approached the proportions of ourentire air program prior to the start of thewar.What will be the ultimate result - good orbad - will be up to the girls themselves. Youof the first classes will have the real res-ponsibility. By your actio~~ and results thefuture course will be set. You have my reput-ation in your hands. Also, you have my fai~~.I have no fear - I know you can de the job.After graduation, I \;illbe following you withanxious and proud eyes, and your success willbe my satisfaction.This work of mine - planning, sitting at adesk,
working well into the nig..~t as regu-lar routine - is no great pleasure for one wholoves to have her hand on the th.rottle; but,it has to be done if you are to succeed. My~ompensation Ciinonly come
mO.~'c1.1ea.ndaccomplishments. -- I'm
43 - ~ - ~
as a Cathedral's;day that rends pastsuggests peace andpresents furtherand Thanks-It carriesIt is that part of Christmasgiving that warms our hearts.the glory of heroes.Its atmosphere is piousIt is that part of themistakes forgotten andquiet until the morrowopportunity to pr9gress.It is the symbol of living, for "which westand.It holds the breath of freedom that squaresour shoulders, lifts our heads and makes usinhale deeply.It is SYmbolic of emotion and indicative ofhuman nature.There is no more solemn ceremony than FlagRetreat.The remark of a certain member of 43-W-2 isvery much to the point •••••••••"And to think I left Washington because itwas so crowded~"Washington, like the 3l9th, grows more jam-med every day with people who are really doingsomething about the war and getting on with itas speedily as possible. Old timers who havebeen on Fifinella Field for thirty days ormore are glad to see each new class rool in.We wish we could welcome each new flier indi-vidually, but it will have to be a collectivejob.A thousand and one things are about to en-ter the life of 43-W-4 which same they havenever experienced before. You'll be deglamor-ized speedily. You'll acquire sore muscles younever knew you had. It won't be long beforeyou lose that ci~-slicker pallor-and 'acquirea farmer's leathery neck. You'll sleep like ahorse, eat like a log and fly until it popsoutof your" ears. And in between you'll have timewhen you'll be just as mixed as that metaphor.You'll gripe and you'll love it. And firstthing you know, you won't be the new class atall -- but old timers like the rest of us wel-coming another new bunch. And by the time 43-W-5 arrives, kids, you'll know a lot of swellpeople who right now are saying welcome to youanother bunch of swell people.ERROR IN FIRST ISSUE?No ',artof this publication may be reproduced inlinyrform without specific written permission fromthe Office of the SecretarJ of War.MRS. DEATONWho is right about the priority
o f 
airways?Is it GARB (something we haven't much timefor these days) as printed in the Gazette -Or is it GRAB - as a certain Flight Commanderallows?I f3el at this time that it is only fittingthat I express; on behalf of myself and theentire student body, our heartfelt gratitudeand thanks to Mrs. Cliff Deaton, Chief Estab-lishment Officer for the 319th AAFFTD, for heruntiring efforts on behalf of the success ofthe school and the welfare of every member ofthe student body.We all know how hard she has worked and withwhat enthusiasm and energy she has undertakenthis job, at the personal sacrifice of familyand friends. Her spirits have never beendaunted by the many problems she has had toface and solve, having no precedent on whichto base her decisions.She has done a good job and is certainly tobe commended. You will all be glad to knowthat she will very shortly be supplied withseveral assistants to help her with her numer-ous and everincreasing duties. We all recog-nize the fact ,that to her goes a good deal ofthe credit for the success that our programhas received thus far, and from the bottom ofour hearts we say, "Thank you, Mrs. Deaton".Jacqueline Cochran, DirectorWomen's Flying TrainingPublished Bimonthly, b
the 319th A A F F T D::-*Houston. Texas U.S.A.
Edi tor-in-Ch i.ef:Byrd Howell Granger .......••.•.Business Manager: Catherine VaiL ...•.....•.••••News and Feature Editor: Jean Pearson •••.•..•.••Art Editor: Marion Hanrahan ..•............•.•...Photography Editor: Ellen Gery ......•.....••.•..Humor Editor: Vega. Johnson .........•..•.....••.•Layout and Copy Department: Betty Eames .•.•.••••(Ably assisted by 59 StudeI!ts withoutwhose helD The Fifinella Gazette couldnot be puLlislleJ.)
The fable of t.ha.tsmall, but ambitious birdChick N. Hawk, bears repitition for tilebene-fit of the 319th.Chick N. Hawk was an undersized sort of ahalf-pint who beli8ved his apetite rated chic-ken and not the worms all good little feathe~-ed friends should be raised on. Mother mightknow best and all that but C.N.H. wati sure hewas grown up and ready for the best there was.One night, after quite a battle with Momma Hawkin which Junior refused to eat the worm -- andwent to bed supperless -- J~Dior decided towhip into town and look up a chicken house.That he did, found himself a sleeping hen,started to cart her off on his very small backonly to meet an interceptor-pursuit job in avery large, very irate rooster. Rescue came inthe form of Momma Hawk, who swooped in, fullthrottle, snatching Junior from a reversing oftables'in which chicken eats hawk. Finale:Junior, sitting in a high chair, admittingMomma knows best; yes, worms are good for lit-tle Hawks, and so - okay, okay, I'll eat theblasted wormBUT I STILL WANT CHICK&~Thus and so it is with the 319th.Sure, we want chicken, and we want it now.But maybe the Army, our Momma at this point,thinks it knows whatls best for us. The wholepoint i~ that it GJes no good to beef - we justget sent to our spiritual ~cds Nithout anyspiritual su?per (starved though we may be).So, kids, if we have to eat worms befoTe we getchicken -- well, okay, okay,BUT WE STILL WANT CHICKEN.ORIGIN OF FIFINELLASThere is a fallacy goL.g the rounds thatthe Fifinellas have taken to riding the airwaves only recently. I
their mother well.In fact, I think it wss thei:- grandmother, forone generation could not ma£e such a cha.nge inany s.ecies. Where the intermediate generationhas been, is a mystery, but I'm sure they havebeen hiding out in some center of fashion andculture to bring the evident present-da:,'resu..:t::I first met up with that irascible Gnd danger-ous famale Gremlin over the Rocky Mountains in1932. She pulled my compass off by some forty-five deGrees and held it there until I was abou1to crash-land. She practic&lly trailed me fromthen on, until the Fall of 1936, when sne dis-appeared from sight. In the L0ndon-Austrai~iar"ce in 1934, she changed the signs on my fuelcontrols from lloffllto llonll,locked my cockpithood so I could not get it open, and froze theflaps so as to give me a hair-raising landing.Thenceforth, I called her llLadyBorziall, and Isuspected on that day that she had obtaineuhelp, although I never saw a Gremlin until sometime later, and then only sketchily.In fact, I suspect that the meeting betweenLa.dyBorzia and the Gremlin~ whic{! blos.~:(~mc(]into romance and gave the harv,:lstof Fifinel-las, occurred in 1936, right in my Northrupplane before my very eyes. I can't be sur~,bf:lcausethese mystic creatures have a Chameleo;l-like quality of changing theil' color to ma\ethe background a perfect. camouflage. LadyBorzia had sta.rted a fire in my ship the weekbefore, while I was 16,000 feet up, but defin-itely it was without malice, for she allowedme to get down safely. Then, on this partic-ular day, I noticed her hanging over a win~-tip, gat.hering colors from a passing rainbowand storing them in what looked to me to be acosmetics kit. Constantly, she glahced towardsthe cockpit with a coy, llcome-hitherlllook.which caused me to suspect additional comp~ny-and trouble. Suddenly, while approaching fora landing, the engine quit, and the flapsfroze, and.a few seconds later, when I pickedmyself up from the pieces of what was once aplane, I momen ta.rilynoticed Borzia and a'very hand:oome-looking Gremlin daDcing off ac-ross the field together. He was certainly aGremlin of the finer type, for the Fifinellashave many rare qualities that could not havebeen inherited on their mother's side.I look for the Fifinellas to be a good in-fluence on the whole. I somehow feel thatthey symbolize a cha.nge in convention, justas the Fifinellas are a change in the Gremlinspecies, and to help rather than hinder their3xcursions into the blue. They will have theirmoments, it is tFue, but it is evident that
they will not try to be just Gremlins or
to do ti:eordin8..rytbings.that Gr.emlins usuallv
-P:'r""S .

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