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WASP Newsletter ~ 07/01/47

WASP Newsletter ~ 07/01/47

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Published by CAP History Library
Women Airforce Service Pilots
Women Airforce Service Pilots

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: CAP History Library on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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Order' of FifinellaPublisherBetty J. Williams ItDodie I. AspellPresident Vice-PresidentIrene I. Crum Hally StiresSecretary-Treasurer Executive-Sec.These officers compose the ExecutiveCommittee, and are also members ofthe Advisory Board.Anne BerryEditor
CONTEN'l'SEditorial-Cover Girl 3R.A.F. to Get Women Pilots 3Department of Misinforma tioD 3Jacqueline CochranWins Harmon Trophy 4WASP in World Air Show 5-61947 Convention 7Phyllis Ryder in Broadway Hit 7New Helicopters 8-9National Air Tour Week 10Wasps in the News 10Thought You'd Like to Know 11Dateable Salesman 11The Right Atitude 12Versatile WASPs-Congratulations12New York and Texas Chapters 13Los Angeles
Washington" 14Cupids Logbook 15Mr. Stork's Logbook 15Advisory BoardFaith F. BuchnerMickie CarmichaelBetty HaasMary E. McFaddenElizabeth Watson)Dorothy Avery )IllinoisTexasNew YorkWashington,Los Angeles
The WASP NEWSLETTER is pub-lished bi-monthly by the Order ofFifinella. This organization wasformed prior to the inactivationof the Women's Airforce ServicePilot Program, December 20, 1944.It is legally incorporated underthe corporate seal of California.This publication is devoted pri-marily to the activities of theWASPs and other pertinent informa-tion regarding Itwomen in aviation
National Headquarters3633 Lavell DriveLos Angeles 41, Calif.Editorial Office417 E. 9th StreetApt. 14New York 3, N. Y.
EDITORIALEditorship of the WASP NEWSLETTER is a pleasant res-ponsibility and one thnt I em grateful for the opportunityof aaswning. Other than our training-and-service-bornesprit d'corps, and the cammon nostalgia that creeps overus a little at the sound of en airplane engine, the News-letter is one of the major bonoa that holds us together,and that bo~d ahould be strengthened and made more firmcontinually. To do just that is the aLn of the Editorialstaff.A good baginning along thia lina wea made by our re-tiring Editor, Betty Jane Williams, now our National Pres-ident. Betty end her staff did a truly commendable job ofkeeping a newsy, informative, stimulating publication com-ing to you every two months. I'm fortunate that Betty andthe other girls so largely responsible for the Newslstters,Ruth Petry, Clara Jo ~rsh Stember, to name two -- there areothers, all within shouting distance of me, and more thanonce I've had to give a loud, lusty call for hel~. In fact.were it not for them, this issue probably would not go topress on time (she said, as confidsntly as if she were sureit WAS going to press on time.) I hope that the next edit-ion can be better organized, becsuse this tL~e we'vs had toshuttle bits of news from Betty's and Ruth's end Hellie'sand Clera's mailbox to mine, from LA to New York, and thenhope that evarthing was going to get put together in tine.From
on, you all know the right address--send allyour Newsletter materisl toAnne Berry417 E. 9th StreetNew York 3, N. Y.The sooner you get it in the better, but the deadlineis the 20th of the month before we go to press. The News-lett~r schedule for the remsinder of 1947 is August, Oct-ober, and December. That means eny news should be in byJuly 20, and so on.send in:1) Chapter re~orts. You can send in one reportcovering two meetings if you like.2) Report all Chapter functioAs, including aims andambitions of the Chapter, new appointments, atc. Let ushave all possible information about Chapter members, suchas new members, and the marriages, births, new jobs, andoutstanding things being acc~nplished. Most of this in-formation will be used separately from the regular Chapt-er meeting write-up, and as much of it as possible shouldbe mailad as soon as possible, maybe a batch of news eachmenth.
the marriages and births in one section, underseparate headings, and personal items in another.3) No particular style or form is required, justwhatever is easier for the reporter. However, the betterwritten the reports, the less work for the Editor. If youcan type the article, ewell. Double apacing ia preferred.Be sure to include all facts, such as names ••both marriedand maiden ••clesses, dates, tines, and pIeces. If vou'recopying a newspeper notice or sending a clipping, n~te theneme and issue date of the paper.Keep the material coming, for more than the ~ditor,you contributors are the ones to whom ectual credit shouldgo for whatever ends the Kewsletter will eccomplish towardcementing our organization and keeping it strong. The Ed-itor is just
person behind e blue pencil who puts on thefinishing touches to the articles you send in. With us allworking together, we can show that the WASPS were and area great bunch of gals and more than butterfly-brained "soc-ial pilots", the Remspeck Can;"ittee end Columnist Drew Pll8T-son notwithstanding.COVER GIRLThe comely Miss on our cover this month, a tnilitary)Powers model, is Republic Aviation's P-84, WThunderjet."She takss over where the WThunderbolt" tneny a WASP-fer-ried during service) left off.If you flew the "Thunderjet", little nASPie, you'dbe wearing a crash hebast -- and your parachute and youwould be on top of a cannon-catapult type ejector seat.The P-84's greater than 600~ph speed comes from the newpowerplante, known as a through-flow turbojet with axialcompreesor. Starting procedure sounds most interesting-- a switch is turD8d which lights the spark which lightsthe jet which puts a helluva lot of power hehind you(estimated to be the'quiTalent of 6,400 hp at 600 mph).Some nice qu1st warm s\llllmsrday out at Muroc Lake th is1947, a military pilot will attempt to get s new worldspesd record mark over a measured course in a P-8~. Atpresent this record is held by a British jet plene.Authentic Reprint fran the New York Times (The World'sMost Authentic Newspaper):---WH.A.F. to Get Wanen PilotsLONDON, March 18, (UP)--Wanen will perform non-combatantflying with the Royal Air Force for the first time, AirMinister Philip Noal-Baker di~cloaed in the House of Com-mons today. During the war the Wanen's Auxiliary AirForce was organized for clsricel end other ground work.Mr. Noel-Baker aaid wanen would be trained at the startfor communications work and othtJr flying duties. The Gov-ernment also planned a reserve flying branch for qualifiedwomen pilots, he said."Mr. Noel-Baker seems to be quite a champion of the1IOIIIenin England today. My thought is that many a hometown newspaper probably hes just such a champion on itsstaff who might editorialize the above by adding: Ths WASPsin this country who flew planes during the wer are not al-lowed in the Air Farces Reserve of the U.S. nor did theyenjoy their Government's protective insurance li~theirMtish flying sistera did thnlUghout theirlOlspectiYe fly-ing service.If it's right for the British women pilots to havethis privilege, it occurs to this WASP that the shoe fitsthe othsr foot on this side of th~ Atlantic too.
DEPAR'lUENT OF MISINFORMATIONNancy Baker and Dottie Swaim did sClllesleuthing theother dey in s large departlllent store in New York Cit,'where Hancy happened to know of a Section Head who toldwild stories about her days as a "Captain in the WASPsI"
you know Nancy at ell, you know
would be Justthe mouse to enjoy going up to a character like thi ndasking all sorts of questiona, never once letting t:eacatout of the bag about who really was the WASP in the con-versation piece. Dottie and Kanoy .ere
taklln aback bythe dame's unmitiga.ted lieing, they're still thinking oversane fonnal plan of attack to expose her.

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