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Plant Nutrition and Growth

Plant Nutrition and Growth

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Published by: Savannah Simone Petrachenko on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Plant Nutrition and Growth
Plants Acquire Nutrients
Autotrophic (make their own organic compounds)Photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water tooxygen and glucose.Mineral nutrients obtained from soil moisture through roots.Light and CO2 obtained through leaves.Variable environment in concentrations of water, sunlight, andnutrients.Macronutrients:
1 g/kg of dry matterMicronutrients:
100 mg/kg of dry matter
Plants supply almost all of the nutrients needed by horses
Roles of Soil
Soils contain water, air, and inorganic and organic substances.It has three horizontal zones called horizons.Topsoil forms the uppermost (A) horizon. Topsoil tends to losemineral nutrients through leaching.Formed by rock weathering and humus production.
Sources of Nutrients
Positively charged K, Mg, NH4, and Ca ions are bound tonegatively charged clay.CO2 in roots moves to soil water and reacts to form H2CO3, whichionizes to H= and HCO3-.The H+ ions displace other cations from the clay particles.Cations are mostly in the A horizon.
Soil deficiencies can be rectified by…
Adding chemical fertilizer.Adding [decomposed] manure and plowing down crops.Liming acidic soil.5-10-10 fertilizer = % nitrogen - % phosphate (P2O5) - % potash(K2O)
How do organic and mineral fertilizers differ?
Speed of nutrient release.Organic is slowerConcentration of nutrients.Organic is lower.Contribution to soil structure.Organic matter helps keep pores open, which helps soilstructure (air and water can move through it).Ease of formulation to meet crop requirement.
Optimal soil pH for most crops is 6.5.

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