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Marketing's Role Within the Firm or Non-Profit Organization

Marketing's Role Within the Firm or Non-Profit Organization

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Published by: Savannah Simone Petrachenko on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marketing's Role Within the Firm or Non-Profit Organ...
In the previous chapter I wrote extensively about the role of the marketingmanager; therefore I will concentrate this section in explaining marketingmanagement as a process within the organization. According to thetextbook, it is "the process of (1) planning marketing activities; (2) directingthe implementation of the plans; and (3) controlling these plans. I agree withthis definition; but have you wonder what happens before? How do you knowwhat marketing activities will you plan?This week we will briefly overview the strategic marketing process; startingfrom the corporate strategy to the implementation and control of your marketing plan. In this area there is a key word that we as marketers musthave always "top of mind": ALIGNMENT.This process starts in the highest levels of the organizations. CEO andBoard of Directors will decide on the corporate strategy of the company.What the company wants to be in the long term is the fundamental questionthat this stage of the process must answer. Once this is known, allorganizational areas will develop strategies that not only will support thecorporate strategy but also will ensure optimal levels on integration amongthem.In our case as marketers we will be in charge of developing the company'smarketing objectives and strategy. Keeping in mind that the objectivesanswer the "what we want to achieve?" and the strategies answer the "howare we going to do that?" we still have an extremely important question toanswer: the "what's going on?".This answer will be provided by a sound "situation analysis". Later in thiecourse we will review the "positioning map"; which is a great exercise tounderstand what our competitive position is, what our point of difference is,and what should be the focus of our marketing efforts. Also we will talkabout the "SWOT Analysis". The paralysis/analysis syndrome is somethingthat we should avoid; however a sound analysis will improve our decision-making skills and enhance our opportunities of succeeding in the market.The "SWOT Analysis", which stands for 
pportunities and
hreats, is a summary of your situation analysis findings. An in-depth review of the INTERNAL situation of your company will allowyou to understand the status of your organizational skills and capabilities. All those positive facts that your company has and can be used to takeadvantage of the market opportunities are your strengths; on the oppositeside, all those issues that could affect negatively the performance of your company must be included in the area of weaknesses. On the other hand,the review of the EXTERNAL situation must reveal the opportunities that arepresent in the market (that you could potentially take advantage of), as wellas the challenges (threats) that your company must overcome in order to besuccessful. Why bother? You might think; well, capitalizing on our strengthsand investing to minimize our weaknesses will enhance our company'slikelihood of effectively taking advantage of the market opportunities,

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