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Published by Abhiyant Saxena

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Published by: Abhiyant Saxena on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The interactive bulletin for Amway Platinums & above. Leadership # 131/11 30
December, 2011
Nutrition & Wellness
SKU No. BrandsRevised MRPRevised DAPRevised BV Revised PV
100260IDIDaily 60 tabs1,2291,02490213.67  102745IDIDaily 120 tabs2,0791,7331,52623.12  A8086IDIGlucosamine 2,7592,2992,02630.70  100997IDIIron Folic7796495728.67  109960IDICal Mag D6395334697.11  242461IDINutrilite Kids Chewables1,17998386613.12  101153IDIBio C1,17998386613.12  101419IDINatural B7996665878.89  A5985IDIGinseng 2,7592,2992,02630.70  100309IDIEchinacea 1,5001,2501,10116.68  101154IDIParselenium E1,17998386613.12  100076IDIGarlic Heart Care6795664997.56  102992IDIConcentrated Fruits & Vegetables1,6291,3581,19618.12  A8669IDIKids Chew Iron6595494847.33  A4302IDIKids Chew Calcium8096745949.00  A8617IDIKids Chew C1,5191,2661,11516.89  100346IDIKids Chew CFV1,5191,2661,11516.89  TBD*Salmon Omega1,2991,08395414.45  TBD*CH Balance2,7192,2661,99630.24  100142IDIProtein Powder 200gm 8797336469.79  100141IDIProtein Powder 500gm1,8521,5431,35920.59  107766IDIProtein Powder 1000gm3,1192,5992,29034.70  242462IDIKids Chocolate flav96980871110.77  103902IDIKids Strwaberry96980871110.77  105074IDIFiber Powder LM8897416539.89  242464IDIKids Mango drink96980871110.77  102578IDIPP with Green Tea- 500gms2,0521,7101,50722.83  242259IDIKids Mix Fruit96980871110.77  212132IDIPositrim Chocolate1,8991,5831,39421.12  217040IDIPositrim Vanilla1,8991,5831,39421.12  AA0089IDMBone Health LM2,3191,9331,70325.80 
New Pricing of Amway products with corresponding PV/BV
SKU No. BrandsRevised MRPRevised DAPRevised BV Revised PV
TBD*Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus2,4392,0331,79127.14  TBD*Artistry Creamy Massage1,6391,3661,20418.24  TBD*Artistry Moisture Intense Masque1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Polishing Scrub1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Pure White Essence2,1691,8081,59324.14  TBD*Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream7996665878.89  TBD*Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion2,4392,0331,79127.14  TBD*Artistry Time Defiance Night Recovery Crème2,4792,0661,82027.58  TBD*Artistry Time Defiance Night Recovery Lotion2,4792,0661,82027.58  TBD*Artistry Time Defiance Day Protect Crème SPF 152,4792,0661,82027.58  TBD*Artistry Time Defiance Day Protect Lotion SPF 152,4792,0661,82027.58  TBD*Artistry Foundation Cameo 10-6136 2,0591,7161,51222.91  TBD*Artistry Foundation Soleil 10-6147 2,0591,7161,51222.91  TBD*Artistry Foundation Golden 10-6150 2,0591,7161,51222.91  TBD*Artistry Essentials Hydrating Cleanser1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Essentials Hydrating Toner1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Essentials Hydrating Lotion SPF 151,4391,1991,05616.00  TBD*Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Essentials Balancing Toner1,2191,01689513.56  TBD*Artistry Essentials Balancing Lotion SPF 151,4391,1991,05616.00  234249IDIAttitude Face Masque2992492193.32  234246IDIAttitude Face Wash2492081832.77  234293IDIAttitude Foot Cream2992492193.32  234250IDIAttitude Hand & Body Cream2992492193.32  234248IDIAttitude Sunscreen3893242854.32  234214IDIAttitude Normal to Dry Cleanser3552962613.95  234215IDIAttitude Normal to Dry Toner3552962613.95  234245IDIAttitude Normal to Dry Moisturiser5554634086.18  234193IDIAttitude Normal to Oily Cleanser3552962613.95  234209IDIAttitude Normal to Oily Toner3552962613.95  234210IDIAttitude Normal to Oily Moisturiser5554634086.18 
Personal Care
SKU No. BrandsRevised MRPRevised DAPRevised BV Revised PV
E5030IDISat Adv 2in1 Shampoo - 250 ml3953292904.39  E2183IDIG&H Lotion - 250 ml3953292904.39  E6826IDIG&H Body Shampoo - 250 ml3953292904.39  E5060IDISat Adv Dandruff Control Shampoo - 250 ml3953292904.39  E5050IDISat Adv Moisturizing Detangler - 250 ml3953292904.39  E2184IDINature Shower Crème Hand Soap - 250 ml3953292904.39  100661IDIG&H Lotion - 60 ml125104921.39  100660IDIG&H Body Shampoo - 60 ml125104921.39  200760IDIGlister Toothpaste - 100 gm1351131001.52  212739IDIDynamite After Shave Moisturizer - 100 ml1701421251.89  215358IDIPersona Talc - 350 gms1901581392.11  216916IDIPersona Talc - 200 gms128107941.42  246220IDIAdvanced Toothbrush (Pack of 4)132110971.47  241041IDIJunior Toothbrush (Pack of 4)9680701.06  230295IDIClassic Toothbrush (Pack of 4)8472640.96  100950IDIGlister Sweet Shot2091741532.32  230415IDIAmla Oil - 200 ml7064280.42  230414IDIDynamite Deo Spray - 150 ml2291911682.55  230396IDIAttitude Deo Spray - 150 ml2291911682.55  212737IDIShaving Cream (Pack of 2)9082360.56  212738IDIDynamite Shave Foam2892412123.21  212740IDIDynamite Shave Splash3492912563.88  231227IDIHair Cream8577340.52  TBD*Satinique Hair Masque4453713274.95  246173IDPersona Bar Soap - (Pack of 3)129108961.44  231244IDHDynamite Razor (Pack of 10)162147971.47  246174IDACoconut Oil - 500 ml120109480.73  215434IDSat Adv 2in1 Shampoo - 4 ml6540.06  215435IDSat Adv Dandruff Control Shampoo - 4 ml6540.06  215436IDSat Adv Moisturizing Detangler - 4 ml6540.06 

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