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The Pecking Order of Slaves

The Pecking Order of Slaves

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Published by saphiIIXII

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: saphiIIXII on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Pecking Order of Slaves
This is a personal essay regarding my opinion on how the hierarchy between slaves ismanaged. There is often jealousy between slaves at who is the more privileged, be it the
receiving of a Master’s favor or the respect bestowed by lesser slaves. This
essay is my opinionbased on reading the books and contemplating normal human behavior in real life as I haveexperienced it. You, the reader, may disagree, point to examples in the books, and say it is notso. You are entitled to think I am wrong, my opinion on Gorean philosophy is ever changing,and the more Gorean books I read, the more my perspective is shaped.As of now I have read
Priest Kings
Slave Girl 
, and
of Gor 
. My viewpoint on how the pecking order is established amongstslaves is based on my knowledge derived from those books. The reason I feel it is important tospeak about these matters, is because I personally believe that in applied pro-slavery society, agirl who finds herself more knowledgeable, more experienced, and potentially therefore morepleasing, is bound to acquire some of these privileges of status amongst slaves. Though thisdistinction of status amongst slaves can be either the source of great reward to a hardworkingslave or great misery, I do not look to establishing a slave hierarchy to either reward or punish aslave. I support it because I feel that these pecking orders would naturally occur in a slavesociety, and I strongly feel as though whatever may naturally be inclined to occur - should beallowed to occur.
I didn’t write this to be argued with or instigate controversy. It’s more my hope that this
may serve as a guidance to understanding slave mentality a little bit better, and how a slavehierarchy might contribute to that understanding.saphi{X}
Is there a single set of rules for a hierarchy to be established amongst slaves?
No. The books do not indicate any “brushstroke” generalized philosophy held amongst men on
how slaves manage their affairs between themselves. Oft
en time there is the use of a “first girl”.
The first girl may be an official title given, and it may be naturally assumed between the slavesamongst themselves. In fact, it seems that Norman makes a repetitive point that the philosophyof the training of a slave varies greatly between men, sometimes as an extension of whicheverculture they are belonging too. Additionally, Norman repeatedly points out that Free Men donot mingle with the affairs of slaves. On several occasions girls would beat each other oversome disagreement of jealousy, even strip a slave of the clothing given to her by her Master,
and still the Free did not usually interfere. There are exceptions, such as if the Free is somehowdisrupted by the bickering of the girls.
Among the girls, too, I saw Bera, she one of the Blue Tooth's girls, one of several, whohad been placed under the orders of Wulfstan to assist in the loading. She was naked.The other girls, resenting the tunic she had been given, had stripped her. Svein BlueTooth had laughed.Masters do not interfere in the squabbles of slaves
Marauders of Gor 
“We had gone scarcely ten paces and Talena could hardly have been fastened in the
wagon before we heard a female scream of pain and a bevy of howls and shrieks. Fromthe wagon came the sound of rolling bodies, slamming and cracking against the sides,and the rattle of chains on wood, pierced by squeals of pain and anger. The attendantleaped into the back of the wagon with his strap, and there was added to the din thesound of his curses and the crack of the strap as he smartly laid about him.As Kazrak and I watched, the attendant, puffing and furious, emerged from the wagon,dragging Talena by the hair. As Talena struggled and kicked and the girls in the wagonshouted their approval and encouragement to the attendant, he angrily hurled Talenainto my arms. Her hair was in wild disarray; there were nail marks on her shoulder andfour strap welts on her back. Her arm was bruised. Her dress had been half torn fromher.
“Keep her in your tent,” snarled the attendant
“Let the Priest
Kings blast me if she didn't do it,” said Kazrak with admiration, “A true
 Talena lifted a bloody
nose to me and smiled brightly.”
Tarnsman of Gor 
A generalized view on one Master’s opinion
on the handling of first girls can be seen here.
When more than one slave girl stands in a relationship of slave girls, as when theyserve in the same shop or house, or adorn the same rich man's pleasure gardens, it iscommon for the master, or masters, to appoint a "first girl." Her authority is then to theother girls as if that of the Master. This tends to reduce squabbling. The first girl isusually, though not always, the favorite of the Master. There is much competition to befirst girl. First girls can be cruel and petty but commonly, they attempt to govern withintelligence and justice. They know that another girl, at the master's whim, may becomefirst girl, and that they themselves may then be under her almost absol
ute power.”
Explorers of Gor 
Then how do slaves come to establish pecking orders?
The process happens as much through election as it does through an exchange of limited meansof power either indirect or direct. For example, a slave might be elected first girl by her Master,or she may have beaten the other girls till they fear her, or even perhaps a slave may becompletely inexperienced but by some favor of her Master, exert a certain amount of controlover her fellow slaves. I have made a compilation of quotes and examples from the variousbooks that to me indicate the natural order in which slaves assemble themselves on a hierarchy.There is no more a right or wrong way to this as there would be a right or wrong way for a manto choose his path on Gor. And yet let there be no doubt that slaves do indeed establishpecking orders amongst themselves, the same as Men may elect between themselves a leader,or else one might force his way into leadership through war or treachery.
A side note about compiling quotes.
I do try to use quotes and examples from the book as supporting basis for my opinion. Thedifficulty is that there is no one convenient quote regarding the hierarchy of slave girls. Thereare rather only specific examples of how girls react in different situations. To gain an accurateunderstand on how slaves interact naturally amongst themselves, I recommend that you readseveral of the books, especially
Slave Girl of Gor 
, in order
to “get a feel” in a sense for how
these matters are handled. That is because the responsiveness of a slave to any given situationshows a natural tendency towards a certain behavior, and I believe that it is often timespossible to predict how
a slave may respond. This is part of understanding a “slave mentality”.
In what manners are first girls recognized?
In some cases, first girls are assumed when a new girl enters the collar of a Master who has pre-existing slaves. In the case of Dina from
Slave Girl 
, Eta is given the privilege of first girl by herMaster, handed the switch, because she was there first an
d has her Master’s favor.
“A switch was put in the hands of Eta. She stood over me. I put down my head. She did
not strike me. I looked up at her. I realized then that she was first girl in the camp, andthat I must obey her, that she had been empowered to set me tasks and duties.Suddenly I feared her. . . . Now I realized I must, without question, take slaveinstructions from her and discharge swiftly and well whatever menial duties she mightplace upon me. . . . I had little doubt she would use the switch, and richly, upon me, did Inot work well. . . . She could command me. She held the switch. I would obey. She was
first girl.”
Slave Girl of Gor 

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