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South Dallas-Fair Park Planned Development District Redo

South Dallas-Fair Park Planned Development District Redo

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May19, 2011
Generally bounded by the Union Pacific (DART) Railroad, theSouthern Pacific Railroad, C.F. Hawn Freeway, the D.P.&L.Company easement, Central Expressway (S.M. Wright Freeway), theSouthern Pacific Railroad, the Santa Fe Railroad, R.L. ThorntonFreeway, 2
 Avenue, Parry Avenue, Robert B. Cullum Boulevard,Fitzhugh Avenue, Gaisford Street, and the common line betweenCity Blocks 1820 and D/1821.
45V, Z;46J, K,N, P, Q, R, S, T,U,V, W,X,Y,Z;47N, S, W; 56 A, B, C, D, F, G,H, M,L; &57 A, E
27.01, 27.02, 29,34, 35, 37, 38, 39.01, 39.02, 40 & 115
 ACity Plan Commission authorized hearing to consider amendments to Planned Development District 595, amending thestandards for certain uses, considering appropriate zoning oncertain parcels currently zoned for multifamily and non-residentialuses, adding a new single family district classification and a newmixed use form district classificationon property zonedPlannedDevelopment District No. 595 and an NS(A) NeighborhoodService District.
The proposed amendments toPD No.595 are intended to: (1)identify certain uses that may potentially have a negative impacton surrounding properties and develop appropriate standards for those uses; (2) establish new mixed use form district(s)onproperty generally bounded by Grand Avenue to the north,Interstate 45 to the east, Pennsylvania Avenue to the southandLamar Boulevard to the westand on property at the north corner of South Central Expressway/S. M. Wright and Hatcher Street;(3) create a new minimum 3,800 square footlot size single familydistrictto provide an additional alternativeforaffordable housingsingle family housing; and4)amend PDNo.595 to include anexistingNeighborhood Service NS tract generally locatedsouth of the intersection of Spring Avenue and Foreman Street.
Planned Development District (PD)No.595 (South Dallas/Fair Park SpecialPurpose District) was established by Ordinance No. 24726 on September 26,2001.
OnMay 19, 2011, theCity Plan Commission authorized a hearing to amend theordinance to determine proper zoning with consideration given tocreate newsingle family and Form Base Overlay districtclassifications.
Theauthorized hearingwouldalsoconsideramendingPD No.595to includeaNeighborhood Service NSDistrict (approximately.34 acres)inadvertentlyomitted during initial creation ofPDNo.595.
On November 3, 2011, a community meeting was held at the Martin Luther King,Jr. Center todiscuss proposed zoning amendments to PDNo.595to presentand discuss the proposal.Notices were sent to all property owners in PD-595 toadvise them of the meeting.
Based on discussions with area stakeholders it wasconcludedthat land use andzoning optionsberecommended toestablish form districts at appropriatelocations to encourage development that enhances redevelopment opportunitiesand provides for a more pedestrian friendly environment; impose additionalrestrictions on certain uses that may have negative impacts on existingneighboring uses and redevelopment opportunities; andprovide for uses thathave been incorporated into the development code since the adoption of PD No.595.
There is a need for a smaller lot single family district to facilitate additionalaffordable housing options. Rezoning proposals in the area to PDs and FormDistricts have not always captured general use restrictions in PD No. 595.
The proposed formbased zoning would provide fordevelopment ofaWMU-3WalkableMixed Urban Use Districtinan area generally bounded by Lamar St.(W), Pennsylvania Ave. (S), Julius ScheppsFrwy. (E), and Grand Ave. (N), andcontainsapproximately139acres.A shop front overlay is being proposed alongMartin Luther King Blvdand Lamar Blvd for the area currently zoned CCsubdistrict.A second location for the form district would be at the north corner of South Central Expressway (S.M. Wright) and Hatcher Street on approximately 7acres of land.
Zoning History:
The principal zoning cases over the pastthree-yearperiod are summarized below:
1Z089-1031/28/2009DeniedSUPfor a motel or hotel use.2Z089-1124/22/2009 ApprovedPD forR-5(A)SFDistrict uses and an open enrollmentcharter school and terminatedSUP No.1245 for a privateschool onproperty zoned R-5(A) Single Family Subdistrict.3Z089-1756/24/2009 Approvedfrom R-5(A)SFSubdistrict, NC Neighborhood CommercialSubdistrict, and CC(E) Community Commercial (Enhanced)SubdistricttoPD No. 730.4Z089-17610/28/2009 Approved five (5)zoning changes: D(A) DuplexSubdistrictto R-5(A)SFSubdistrict; portion of D(A) DuplexSubdistrictto NCNeighborhood CommercialSubdistrict; portion of NC NeighborhoodCommercialSubdistrictto R-5(A) SFSubdistrict; portion of the R-5(A) SFSubdistrictto NC Neighborhood CommercialSubdistrict; andMF-1(A) MFSubdistrictto NC Neighborhood CommercialSubdistrict.5Z089-1848/12/2009 Approved P(A) ParkingSubdistricton property zoned R-5(A) SFSubdistrictand approved voluntary deed restrictions on propertyzoned CC Community Commercial.6Z089-1958/26/2009 Approved PD amendment from MF-2(A) Multifamily Subdistrict, CCCommunity Commercial Subdistrict, and NC NeighborhoodCommercial Subdistrict to PD No. 597.7Z089-2178/12/2009 ApprovedchangefromR-5(A) Single FamilySubdistricttoNCNeighborhood CommercialSubdistrict.8Z089-2239/23/2009Approvedchange fromR-5(A) SFSubdistrictto PD No. 813.9Z090-2158/10/2011 Approved mixed uses for Phase I and Phase II of the residentialdevelopment andterminatedSUP No. 1198 for a Community ServiceCenter on property zoned MF-1(A) MultifamilySubdistrict.10Z090-2186/8/2011 ApprovedchangefromCC Community Commercial Subdistrict toWMU-5 Walkable Urban Mixed UseDistrict(Tracts 1&2);from MF-1(A) Multifamily Subdistrict to WR-5WMU District (Tracts 3 and 4);andcreatedthe HM-1 Height Map Overlay District and SH-1Shopfront Overlay District.11Z101-1656/22/2011 Approvedchange fromRS-MURegional Service Mixed UseSubdistrictto PDNo. 331.12Z101-1945/25/2011 Approvedchange fromCC Community CommercialSubdistrict, MF-1(A) MultifamilySubdistrict, and R-5(A) SF residentialSubdistricttoPD No. 849.13Z101-2979/28/2011ApprovedaR-5(A) SFSubdistrictandterminateddeed restrictions.14Z112-2146/27/2012 ApprovedPDfor a public school other than an open-enrollmentcharter school and MF-2(A) MultifamilySubdistrictuses on propertyzoned MF-2(A) MultifamilySubdistrict,NC NeighborhoodCommercialSubdistrictand CCCommunity CommercialSubdistrict.

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