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Larkin, Clarence - Book of Revelation

Larkin, Clarence - Book of Revelation

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Published by manoj kumar

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Published by: manoj kumar on Oct 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Book of Revelation Index
The BookofRevelation
by ClarenceLarkin
This is the Rev. Clarence Larkin's guide to the Book of Revelation. Larkin, who published several booksabout biblical studies in the 1910s and 20s, was a 'Dispensationalist,' one of the threads of modernEvangelical Christianity. The predecessor of Larkin is J.N. Darby, the founder of Dispensationalism, andamong his many successors areHal Lindsay, and theLeft Behindbooks. Unlike more recent authors, however, Larkin does not make any claims to know when or exactly how theprophecies will unfold. Rather he takes us on a grand tour of the Apocalypse of St. John, and guides usthrough its images, symbols and poetry. Larkin sorts out what could be a reference to an actual event orperson, (without attempting any particular association) and what is pure symbolism. Larkin uses boldtype extensively for emphasis, as well as some superb 'visual aids' in the form of intricate charts andmaps.
http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/tbr/index.htm (1 of 6) [02/01/2006 02:35:38 p.m.]
The Book of Revelation Index
Contrasted with other prophetic books such asNostradamusand theSibylline Oracles, Revelation has a consistent narrative with a beginning, middle and end. It is also one of the essential sacred texts andrequired reading for anyone interested in religion. This book will be a welcome reference for anyonestudying or trying to explain Revelation, whether or not they are Dispensationalists.Title PageDedicationContentsIllustrationsForewordPlatesThe TitleThe SalutationThe Announcement
I. The Things Which Thou Hast Seen
II. The Things Which Are
III. The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter
http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/tbr/index.htm (2 of 6) [02/01/2006 02:35:38 p.m.]

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