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in the name of

in the name of

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Published by GinaPrays

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Published by: GinaPrays on Oct 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Name"(noun)-When used as a noun it is a word or combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known.As a noun (name) is the verbal representation of a thing, event, property, relation, or concept.When it is used as a verb:(it is used with an object)To give a name to a baby.To name a price. (to suggest or specify)To identify, or mention by name: (they were named in the report)to designate for some office or duty (I have named you for that position)As an Adjective "name"it would mean they are widely known...ie, a big name author.Idioms:the "name" can be used "on behalf of" ..ie, to purchase something in the name ofanother..."name" can be used with appeal of; ..."in the name of mercy, stop that screaming!"by the authority of: "open, in the name of the law!"under the possession of: "money deposited in the name of a son"used as an excuse: "murder in the name of justice"to name names is to specify people by their personal names, as to threaten to name names.in one's name, in one's possession: "I haven't got a penny to my name"Name, TITLE both refer to the label by which a person is known.NAME is the simpler and more general word for appellation: "The Name is Gina"TITLE is an official or honorary term bestowed on a person: "Gina has the titleof R.T. on her degree."TITLE is the honorary term bestowed upon a book: "Retarded by Religion" is the first book Gina wrote.or TITLE can be a specific designation of a an article: "'I hear the mountains rumble' is another article that Gina has written".To re-name is a verb and used with named and naming. (Gina re-named her aritcleto save space.)Well-named is an adjective ..(The dog was well-named. His name is Curly, for histail curled over his back and he has very curly hair)"Namer" is a noun... I have known many Namers ...that is those that are ready ata moments notice to point fingers at others and lay ugly names on them withouthaving ever looked into the mirror themselves.To do anything "in the name of " means:a. for the sake ofb. by the sanction or authority of the one that is named.

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