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Illumination - The Secret Religion.pdf

Illumination - The Secret Religion.pdf

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Published by Aaron Urbanski
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Published by: Aaron Urbanski on Oct 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Coming Racehttp://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/[23/10/2012 14:04:37]
Heroes of the Revolution
Illuminatus Louis de Saint-Just: 25 August 1767 – 28 July 1794.Died age 26.
Illuminatus Maximilien de Robespierre: 6 May 1758 – 28 July 1794.Died age 36.
"For Revolutionists there is no rest but in the tomb." -- Saint-Just
"Louis was a king, and our republic is established; the critical question concerning you must be decided by thesewords alone. Louis was dethroned by his crimes; Louis denounced the French people as rebels; he appealed tochains, to the armies of tyrants who are his brothers; the victory of the people established that Louis alone was arebel; Louis cannot therefore be judged; he already is judged. He is condemned, or the republic cannot be absolved. To propose to have a trial of Louis XVI, in whatever manner one may, is to retrogress to royal despotism andconstitutionality; it is a counter-revolutionary idea because it places the revolution itself in litigation. In effect, if Louismay still be given a trial, he may be absolved, and innocent. What am I to say? He is presumed to be so until he is judged. But if Louis is absolved, if he may be presumed innocent, what becomes of the revolution? If Louis is innocent,all the defenders of liberty become slanderers. Our enemies have been friends of the people and of truth anddefenders of innocence oppressed; all the declarations of foreign courts are nothing more than the legitimate claimsagainst an illegal faction. Even the detention that Louis has endured is, then, an unjust vexation; the fédérés, thepeople of Paris, all the patriots of the French Empire are guilty; and this great trial in the court of nature judgingbetween crime and virtue, liberty and tyranny, is at last decided in favor of crime and tyranny. Citizens, take warning;you are being fooled by false notions; you confuse positive, civil rights with the principles of the rights of mankind; youconfuse the relationships of citizens amongst themselves with the connections between nations and an enemy thatconspires against it; you confuse the situation of a people in revolution with that of a people whose government isaffirmed; you confuse a nation that punishes a public functionary to conserve its form of government, and one thatdestroys the government itself. We are falling back upon ideas familiar to us, in an extraordinary case that dependsupon principles we have never yet applied." -- Robespierre
Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Coming Racehttp://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/[23/10/2012 14:04:37]
 Join the movement that supports TRUE democracy, true PEOPLE POWER.
The Secret Coup
How did the rich manage to stay in control of the world after the introduction of democracy? Simple. They created an all-powerful entity outside of the politicalprocess and gave it a neutral name so that no one would recognize it for what itwas. Their ingenious creation was THE MARKET.Have you ever voted for the market? Have you ever influenced it? Have you evergot rid of anyone from the market? Do you even know what the market is? Do youknow who runs it? Do you know what its agenda is? In truth, you are totallyignorant about the market and that's exactly how it's intended to be. No one mustask any questions of the market. It's designed to be a kind of free-floating,anonymous abstraction with Godlike powers that no one dares to challenge."You can't buck the market!" Yet there's no mystery at all about the market for anyone with eyes to see. It'scomprised of private corporations, private banks, private insurance companies,private entrepreneurs, private lawyers, private accountants, private economists,private lobbyists, private super rich, private elite dynastic families of supremeprivilege.Only extremely rich right wing people play a central role in the market. We mightas well call the market "Wall Street" ... and Goldman Sachs in particular. Why is aZionist right wing entity allowed to control the economy and the political process?Genuine left wing governments are an
in market-driven nations, andthat's the whole point. The market has no left wing players and rejects all left wing ideas. If you acceptMARKETOCRACY - rule by markets - you have guaranteed never-ending rule bythe rich. Anarcho-capitalist libertarians are those who want to destroygovernment and the State completely and have everything run by markets. TheirBible is Ayn Rand's
 Atlas Shrugged
, the sickening right wing hymn to greed andselfishness. All anarcho-capitalist libertarians are on the far right of the politicalspectrum. They are the friends and allies of the super rich elite. They are allENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE. No decent society should tolerate these peoplewho actively despise society."There is no such thing as society." - Margaret Thatcher, heroine of the far right. The market MUST be brought under complete political control, under thecomplete control of the PEOPLE. Unelected and unaccountable privateindividuals cannot be allowed to control public politics according to their own self-serving, right wing ideology: "Greed is good; selfishness is divine.""The market" is the most cunning and sinister political takeover in history. It is
Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Coming Racehttp://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/[23/10/2012 14:04:37]
how the rich bypassed democracy and ruled regardless of who was in the WhiteHouse. They think no one has realized what they are up to. But the Illuminatihave seen right through them. That's why they have gone to such extraordinarylengths to demonize the Illuminati, using extreme right wingers such as Alex Jones to launch their campaign of disinformation and misinformation against us,and using their puppet David Icke to invent insane stories about the Illuminatibeing alien lizards!!!Wall Street must be defeated. It's time for Main Street to be in charge. Or are thepeople too scared to assume responsibility for their own destiny?Meritocracy must replace privilege. Equal opportunities for all must replace riggedsystems run by omnipotent cartels of the rich. The disgusting and evil anarcho-capitalist libertarians must be defeated.What's it to be? Wall Street or Main Street?Can anyone seriously believe that the Founding Fathers intended thatunaccountable markets should run America? Of what worth is the Constitution if markets completely ignore it, or bend it exclusively to their own interests? Of whatvalue is the Republic if it's a sham and actually a Plutocracy? - the impregnablecitadel of the super rich.It's time for a new politics. It's time for true democracy. It's time for real PeoplePower. End the phoney war. Put the people in charge. The Meritocracy Party is the new face of Democracy. It's all about "meritocraticdemocracy", as contrasted with "plutocratic democracy" (the current systemwhere rich elites pull all the strings).We are the supreme DEFENDERS of true democracy because we aredetermined to give the people real power, rather than the Wizard of Oz's illusoryversion of power. The people are NOT in charge in current democracy. Corporations, banks,lobbyists, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, the privileged elites and markets runnations, not the people or their elected representatives.Democracy is PEOPLE POWER, and power is exactly what the people areforbidden from having by the markets and the rich!It's time for "government of the people by the people for the people" rather than"government of the people by the rich for the rich".Destroy the power of Wall Street. Destroy the privileged elites. Destroy themarkets that have stolen power from the people and then sold it back to them atan exorbitant interest rate as slavery to the Ownership Class of the super rich.Ever feel like you've been conned? Ever feel that you're one of the suckers? Youare if you let your political system be controlled by markets over which you haveZERO say.Stop being a dumbocrat and become a meritocratic democrat. Free-marketdemocracy is ANTI-DEMOCRACY. Wake up! See what's really going on. Join the Meritocracy Party.
The Globalization Conspiracy
 The rich owe their allegiance to no nation states, only to each other. The rich willgo wherever the "price is right". They will transfer factories and jobs from Americato China without hesitation if it will increase their profits. They have no loyalty. They couldn't care less about America or Americans. The whole world is the richman's stage. The rich are a global superclass who see themselves as rulers of the world andmasters of the universe. They intend to use "the market" to dictate to everygovernment on earth. Soon, they will have TOTAL POWER (if they don't already),and not one of these people is elected by the people or accountable to thepeople. No government has the power or guts to stand up to them. When theAmerican government bailed out the financial institutions and saddled thetaxpayers with enormous debts, were the people consulted? Or was it a case of agroup of rich people sitting around a table deciding what was best for the market?Whatever happened to
No taxation without representation
? You can be surethat in every matter that counts, the people are never consulted, but have to paythe taxes anyway.