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Review Starts Now

Review Starts Now

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Published by Cy Aaron Untalan

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Published by: Cy Aaron Untalan on Oct 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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START YOUR REVIEW NOW90, 000 graduates usually take the NLE per season.For the past 5 years, out of the 90,000 only 30, 000 passedand become registered nurses60, 000 failedWhy do they fail?Because they choose to fail. Yes passing the exam is a choice,as well as failing it.*
(success is not about strength, it’s not about knowledge, but it’s all about will)
(not about starting out strong…..)
(cowards will never start…)
 5 basic reasons why a graduate nurse fail the NLE
It’s never too early to study
 (watch act)(most important part of your exam is preparation,
give me8 hours to chop down a tree I would spend 7 hourssharpening my axe
” Abraham Lincoln)
 (don't delay your review with procrastination)(you have a long way to go and a very long way to go and ashort time to get there)2
ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZESetting the mood(first date with a girl)(hook up jokes)
Have a separate REVIEW notebook Buy 1 now(example)Folders for your hand-outs and exam(Hoarding student, osmosis joke)(you will thank me later)Gather your materialsYour materials can make or break youBe careful with NCLEX materials*
(the boards are different from your school… give examples)
 (a lot of NCLEX concepts is not applicable in the Philippinesetting)(give examples of materials, NB 101, CENE)(teach them where to get materials)Take down notesProper note taking techniques(show high-lighted picture)
(don’t highlight everything, just go with the key points)
 (3 minute test)3
ALWAYS PATTERN YOUR REVIEW TO THE EXAMAnatomy of the examDon't waste time on topics that are not usually asked(ariel example)
Focus on Nurse’s responsibility, not the doctor’s view
 You are taking the NLE
You can only read books up to the month before the exam,then after focus on your notes.Always carry a dictionary (English and Nursing)(my secret before and up to now)4
REMEMBER YOUR WEAKNESSESFocus on your weakness
(reputation is not who we are, it’s what other people think of 
us)(this is the best time to assess yourself)(exchange paper sample)(those who think that they know everything has a lot tolearn)Lay down the cards/ subjects/topics(get a syllabus online, try to assess yourself, BE HONEST)(wala pa akong alam)(huwag mamili ng lecturer)( students prayer before the exam joke)(serenity prayer)
(if you think you can, You can, if you think you can’t you’re
This is your review, and not any body else’s
(kapag pumasa ka, lisensya mo yan, kapag bumagsak kaikaw ang iiyak.)Your review alone, your own struggle against the NLE(sarili mong laban)(treat it like a war)

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