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Plot 2 Dr Aboid

Plot 2 Dr Aboid

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Published by chris_c___

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Published by: chris_c___ on Oct 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aboid Ja’mahl
 A doctor returned from starting a hospital in the barbaric plains, he carries more than his experienceswith him. Inside one of his suitcases is a
Haolstad Prism,
a theoretical transplanar meta-divinationdevice, which triggers in certain corded people.
Cording, or cords
(see corded).
People recognized by the Haolstad Prism, obviously. Always characterscontrolled by the players. Attempts to find patterns among the results have so far been futile. The firstperson to suggest a viable explanation is eligible for the 1 million gp reward.Area 0: Revelations on the Planes
The PCs are returning from a trip when one of their baggage appears to be misplaced. Inside is a
Haolstad Prism,
which does not act like normal magical devices. It exudes magic but resists
Spellcraft checks hint at the device being a tangible implementation of theoretical arcana, but it isotherwise too obscure.
A PC with an interest in weird artifacts remembers there is a reward if someone figures out thefunction of a
Haolstad Prism.
A PC knows a powerful magic-user (or one of his professors at the arcane academy).-
A PC wants to return the prism to its rightful owner. On the baggage is the identification tag of a
“Dr. Aboid Ja’mahl.”
The PCs
decide to find Dr. Ja’mahl and/or bring the device to someone knowledgeable.
 Area 1: To Now Where Placed What and Whom
The PCs investigate the function of the
Haolstad Prism,
asking magic-users, professionals, experts and so forth. They learn various things about it. It glows when a PC holds it and does not for an NPC. The reward is 1 million gold pieces (meko). It is fragile and can be broken with
magic missile.
It is made of glass forged from
prismatic spray
cast into a furnace enriched with one (or more) drops of azer blood, and then
during a
The standard rituals do not appear to apply, and more information canonly be gleaned by consulting a meta-
arcanist (suggested by one of the experts or Dr. Ja’mahl himself).
The PCs ge
t the lead for Dr. Ja’mahl while also learning of the
properties. (Hint asnecessary.)Area 2: Avocational Aberrants Mythologizing Jestfully
 At Dr. Ja’mahl’s apartment – 
discovered via his personal web page or through an academic reference, phonebook, etc
the landlord says he’s not in: he’s at the local comedy club preparing a routine titled,
“We are, none of us, any tracks concentric involved mediation.” Definitely an indie kind of thing. And alittle crazy. But if the PCs want any answers, they’ 
ll go and spend an evening at the Guffaw Palace.
The PCs decide to go to the comedy club to speak with Dr. Aboid Ja’mahl.
 Area 3: Central Situationers Fare Well Daily
Dr. Aboid Ja’mahl is onstage and doing his routine. During it, he drops hi 
nts about the
Haolstad Prism
toan oblivious audience. Most of his jokes the PCs already know to be facts. Others will be new information. At the end of the show, the PCs can try to go backstage
or wait for him at his apartment 
 to speak with him.
Some Jokes
“So I was a doctor to this tribe, and the first day they had me smoke what felt like a metric ton
of weed
because I had to catch up with everyone else!” [truth]
“You don’t want to mess with these people, ok –
they’re terrible, just dangerous. O
ne of themtook an axe, right, and threw it in the air
right over the guy’s head –
and it
the axe, not thehead
it goes flying to land in someone’s roof. But the guy, right –
he falls down like he just got
knocked in the balls. Crazy!” [truth]
“I was
digging around for a proper-
sized leaf when my foot slipped in the last guy’s poo, and
probably around this time I must have hit a tree or something
but I wake up, and this four-armed monkey gives me a present. Do you know what it was? Well. Given my line of research, it
was quite the happy ending.” [false]
“Let me tell you something about magical science –
I mean, arcane thaumatergics. It’s the mostbeautiful, worst thing that can happen to your life. It’s true! One day you sit down and
memorize the things you forgot the day before
except how to read them
and then, you find
out the entire plan of the universe is sketched in a day.” [unsure]
The PCs decide to speak with Dr. Ja’mahl either at the club or at his apartment.
Area 4: So’s
Round and Waiting for One
The PCs are within eyesight of Dr. Aboid when he is confronted by an atach, a three-armed giant. He
turns to flee. The PCs have a chance to save him. The atach will flee after Dr. Ja’mahl dies or if the PCs
start a fight: its goal 
was only to kill the doctor. If saved, Dr. Ja’mahl pretty much confirms what the PCs
know as well as the reward, though for his life he does them a favor: there is no million gp. It was a poor attempt to garner attention for the field of meta-divination, but every wizard disavows the ideas as utter crock. The doctor is convinced the
only functions as a fancy randomized glowing thing.

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