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The truce

The truce

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Published by Sean Northage

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Published by: Sean Northage on Oct 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The truceSean NorthageIce and snow crunch under foot as they run past branches and leaves a blur of motion a hearts poundingbreath fogging, They know they are closing in on their pray it weaves left and right as the pack close in.To the right is a newer sound a crunch of a boot the wisp of an arrow removed from a quiver the packfreeze their pray escapes.
“Run run I smell a human near we must get out of here.”
“No we are alpha we will not be scared off by interlopers on our land we have been here fo
r longer than
they have.”
 A whisper later and a wolf falls an arrow in its side a fatal wound death comes quick and sharp theremaining pack run into the night leaving their fallen comrade to whatever the humans have in mind.Back at the wolves den the alp
ha calls the council to order to discuss the hunting party’s actions
“You were sent to get food yet here you stand empty and a pack member down. What do you have tosay for yourself?”
“Sire we encountered humans in the chase, we were powerless before we kn
ew what was happening
Fortis had parted this life.”
That’s a lie came a shout from the pack sat behind the head of the hunt leader. The head hunter turned
to the crowd and snarled a warning to the objector.
“Bite your tongue shade before I remove it.” The
anger in the hunt leaders eyes was stifling but shade
didn’t back down.
 The hunt in that area has become so perilous for many a day and night the humans are closer and betterprepared than last winter and Fortis has been slow for some time now, we have questioned the discionto have him in the hunting party for a long time now but you ignored us all even Fortis had said he was
slowing down.”
“Is this true hawker have you been ignoring the wishes of your party?”
“Sire they are young and foolish they don’t understand the honor of being hunters for the pack”
“Hawker you seem to have forgotten that shade and the other younglings are the future of this packwithout them we will be no more.”
“what you need to do is allow the pack to enter the human territories and
take back what is ours take
back the forest the younglings aren’t the future while the humans have the forest have you forgotten
the power and control of the forest that your father had it is you that seem to have forgotten what the
pack mean.”
 Bowing his head and closing his eyes in contemplation the king inhaled deeply then looked directly athawker with a fire burning in his eyes a fire of pure anger
“You dare to stand before this council of true alphas and accuse me of neglecting the pack I am the pack
 leader by blood and you are only a lowly hunter you may be called alpha but you will never be king My
father may have past but our goal is the same we need to either coexist or find a balance.”
“So his death for nothing.”
“Fortis’s passing is a blow to th
e pack but challenging the humans would be akin to death I will not putthe pack in jeopardy in that way is that clear Hawker as for the future of the pack the council will discuss
this matter deeper.”
“I understand sire.”
“Then this council will finish th
ere and we shall reconvene when the sun rises. However before we finish
shade I wish to speak to you alone.”
 An audible sigh of shock and fear rose from the crowd as the filtered out into the midnight cold.
“Shade you must learn to hold your tongue you are
young and ambitious but you are not an alpha andhawker was right it is an honor to be on the hunting party but it is one that can easily be removed, Thehumans and wolves can and will find a balance so do not fret.As the sun rose through the trees the council reconvened and it was agreed that a scout would go outand see what the humans were up to.
“Shadow you must report back before sundown as to the extent of the danger we face from the humansis that understood.
“Yes my lord I understand.”
 As she ran through the forest shadow felt free almost gliding on an invisible cushion of air the feltimmortal as if she was the wind itself. Reaching a clearing shadow froze as in front of her lay a humanmale who smelled of blood and fear. The human looked at her and his eyes said
“I don’t want it to end like this”
 Unsure what to do shadow turned and ran back to report to the king of her findings
“Sire sire there is a human in the forest he is deathly wounded and may not live long.”
“Where is this human Shadow I must go to him?”
“Sire there may be more it may be a trap” a member of the council said
“No moonlight that is not there style humans aren’t that wise this may be our chance to find the balancewe require.”
“Very well sire but I must beg of you to take someone with you”
“Very well moonlight I shall take shade with me it will be a fine opportunity to demonstrate what I wassaying to him.”
 The wolf king and shade ran through the forest as fast as their paws would carry them hoping to get tothe human before the cold hand of death did.
“Shade I want you to stay in the tree cover and just observe how I handle this.”
“Very well my lord.”
 Sniffing the air and tasting the coppery tang of blood the wolf kind stepped into the light andapproached the wounded human. Speaking to the human through its mind a skill long forgotten by thehuman and its shock showed on its palling face.
“I see you understand me.”
ess.” Replied the human with a mixture of fear and cold
“Good I can help you return to your den
on the condition that we can find a balance where we can both
exist in this forest without anymore death and sadness. Do you agree?”
I agree we can find a balance.”
“ you may hunt freely in the forest as can we but if you use animals for their skin
then the meat must beleft for us in the pack but the moment your kin attack us our truce will be void and our hunting pack will
be unleashed.”
“Very well we will have a truce.” Whispered the human
“Shade I require your assistance we must get this human to
where his pack can find him or he will
 With all their strength shade and the wolf kind dragged the human to the edge of their camp and stayedwatching in the shadows until a pack member came and got him.From that day on the pack and the humans lived together in harmony when humans had their food andfur and the wolves thrived eventually Hawker grew too old for the hunt and that mantle was past toShade who had a greater understanding and respect for what it meant not only to be wolf but to be part
of the pack….

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Sean Northage added this note
Thanks eevee really need to work on my spellings lol
Eevee Lily Vachos added this note
wow Sean, you kept that talent hidden, I felt I was actually there, quite an adrenalin rush my only bad comment is that PRAY should be spelt prey but that is only a small mistake well done I look forward to reading more

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