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High Plains Gazette Vol 13

High Plains Gazette Vol 13

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Published by ipmshpm

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Published by: ipmshpm on Oct 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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request are to be reportedat the next meeting. We had a decent turn-outfor the show & tell, withentries from Scott, Gary,Chris, Randy, Dave andThomasz, with Gary win-ning the night with hisM1070 of a gazillionparts.
 By Michael Adams
  We looked at variouschoices for cuisine for theChristmas party and itcame down to BBQ/Italian/Mexican. Jeff Brown is investigatingoptions and prices and we'll make a decision nextmeeting.The concept was raised toallow the ladies to have aseparate Kitchen Item white elephant draw sothey'd have something todo while we're brawlingover kits. Members weresupposed to check withtheir Significant Others toget buy in. Results of the
September Meeting Notes
High Plains Con XXIII Final Report
“I was explaining to my
wife last night that whenyou die you get reincar-nated but must comeback as a different crea-ture. She said she would like to come back as acow. I said, You obvi-
ously haven’t been listen-ing.” 
 By Tony Wallace, Jeff  Brown, Michael Ad-ams and George Slack
Four authors? Well, yes,each of us has somethingto contribute. Georgeprovided the contest pho-tos, Tony provided theentry count and winnerslist, and Michael providedother general info on thecontest. It was my job toput it all together and wrap it up with a big red bow. We had a great turn outthis year, and had a ton of entries.
Total Entrants 6157 adult4 JuniorTotal Models 284273 Senior11 juniorJudging went a lot moresmoothly than last year, which was partially my fault for promising spon-sors they can have a spe-cial award for sponsoring.The list of winners ap-pears on pages 8-12 and
the photos of the Best Of’s
is on page 13.Hopefully we have asgood a turn out next year.If we stick to traditionand hold the contest inOctober, it will be twomonths after the IPMSNational contest which isliterally across the park-ing lot from where ourcontest is held. We have not allowed pre- vious IPMS winners inour local contest to keepit fair, but I was thinkingabout a special category  where we can have a tableand award for those who win at the National con-test. That way we still getto show our best work,and the public will be inawe of our skills. Ha ha! Anyway, thank you all formaking this a great con-test!
 High Plains Modelers
October 2012
 Volume 2, Issue 2
High Plains Gazette
 What’s New This
Kit Collecting Support Group
October Model Gallery 
Contest Report
IPMS National Update
Photos, Photos and More Pho-tos
List of Winners from HighPlains Con XXIII
Inside this issue:
September Meeting Notes
Contest Recap
The Carpet Monster
IPMS National Update
Book Review by Pablo
November Calendar
IPMS Membership App
“Is that toilet paper stuck to his foot?”
 Region X Newsletter of the Year 2011
 By Jeff Brown(Editor)
I was speaking with Terry 
Tuytschaevers at our re-cent contest about collect-ing versus building. Ithink it is a general con-clusion that about 90 per-cent of model buildershave more kits than weknow what to do with. Why do we buy so many kits? Do we all sufferfrom ADD? Are we allschizophrenic? At whatpoint did we become
“collector’s” as opposed to“builder’s”?
 My friend Pat is con- vinced that we have splitmodeling personalitiesthat show up on occasionto build something we
normally don’t build but
have 10 of lying around.Heck, one of the best carmodelers I know has a bunch of airplane kitsthat are sitting in his
stash. Dr. T I’m looking in
 your direction. Why do we risk our wivesanger to buy another kit?
 Well, I for one “plan” to
 build all the kits I have.Of course I now wouldhave to live to be 106 andkeep my wits until then toaccomplish my feat. Hon-estly, I do have a reasonfor each kit I own, well,maybe not each kit, some were just too good of adeal to pass up. I mean doI need a M48A3 Patton ?I have no interest in mod-ern armor, yet I bought iton eBay for 10 bucks. Iam not sure I will ever getto building that one. When I started buildingmodels as a kid most of my kits were airplanes.
My pops wouldn’t buy 
another kit until I fin-ished the one I was work-ing on. Now I have hun-dreds of kits from all gen-res.I also blame contests formy stash backing up. When I started buildingmodels again in the latterpart of last century Islapped them togetherand put them on a shelf. Ihad a book from ModelMaster so I did some weathering, and some dry -brushing, and they looked good enough tomy friends who came overand looked at them. Of course none of thesefriends were in a modelclub.. Now it is rare tofinish a kit with flaws.Sure there are some Imess up, and put in my 
“finish you later” pile; of 
course I have had somemodels in the pile for 8 years, and have yet tofinish them.The sad thing is as many kits as I have there areothers out there withmore. In fact at our recentcontest I had the pleasureto buy a book from one of them.
 Well, I for one became acollector by working for aHobby store and beingoffered a discount on kits.Back then I was singleand had extra money.Now, I only buy kits that Ican get on eBay supercheap, or a rare new kit tokeep certain collectionsgoing. For example I have1 of each Tamiya 1/48scale armor and vehicleseries. I have duplicatesof many of those that I want to build. I alsotrade kits with other col-lectors. For example Ihave two 1/32 TrumpeterF4F-3 Wildcats, and Ionly need one. Doessomeone want to trade soit can collect dust in yourhouse instead?
The Carpet Monster: Editor’s Opinion
“If collecting
kits is acrime thenlet me be
Page 2
 Volume 2, Issue 2
The reason wives secretly hate model building.Too much stuff.
Let’s see, if I build one a
month for the next... Well, in my defense I am ahuge Formula One fan!
High Plains Gazette
Page 3
“The book has
a series of ap- pendixes that include the paint color range, brushesand modelingequipment  from the Foun-
dry Line.” 
The IPMS National contest isgoing to be held in our back  yard!Painting and ModellingGuide Master Class
applied to a wide range of subjects, from Napoleonicfigures, to Ancient Romans,Sci-Fi, Fantasy figures (orcsof all kinds and colors), WW2 paratroopers, Old West characters and ani-mals. Step-by-Step picturesclearly explain and show how to achieve realistic fin-ishes by methodically apply-ing the techniques describedin the book.The author has invited writ-ers in different sections of the book that highlight par-ticular techniques and fin-ishing details. I really likethe style of including other writers in the book. It allowsfor a more complete andcomprehensive approach tofigure painting by havingdifferent people to explainhow to apply different tech-niques and achieve different
 By Pablo Bauleo
Kevin Dallimore’s book 
might be the one-stop shopfor the figure painter. It briefly covers the basics of figure preparation andpainting (showing step by step pictures of the 3-colormethod) on the first 30pages and then dives intodifferent painting styles andprojects. Some of the tech-niques described in the book includes: 5-color method,dry-brushing; diluted washes; non-metalic paintfor metallic looking finishes;textured leather; ancientshield painting; skeletonsand more.The above techniques areeffects.The book also includes somespecial sections on making bases, vehicles, diorama andfigure conversion by show-ing how to re-positioningarms and legs if needed. Onehighlight of the special sec-tions is the scratch-buildconstruction of a 30-inchlong African river steamer with space for 75 28-mmfigures!Foundry color paint namesare used thoroughly in this book, but it does not limitthe value of the book, as thecolor names are descriptiveand the shade/highlightmethod can be made from your own paints by mixingthem as needed.The book has a series of appendixes that include thepaint color range, brushesand modeling equipmentfrom the Foundry Line.This book is recommendedto the intermediate and ad- vanced figure painter. I would like to thank Foundry Publications and CasematePublishing for the review copy.
Review: Kevin Dallimore's Painting andModelling Guide Master Class
“The above
techniques areapplied to a widerange of 
The contest website also
 By Jeff Brown
The website for the 2013IPMS National Conventionand Contest is up and run-ning.The hotel has started takingreservations, and there areother area hotels as overflow  when the Embassy Suitesfills up. (Of course us local
 builders don’t have to worry 
about a hotel room!)includes info about some of the tours and points out thatthe vendor room is already 75 percent sold! That isgreat news for us collectors.In the months to come we will have more updates andsome more info on what isgoing on.By the way, yours truly hasoffered to put together theconvention magazine. Hope-fully they like my idea.
IPMS 2013 National Contest Update
IPMS Golden Anniversary 
Painting and ModellingHorses and Riders

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