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gandhi_collected works vol 51

gandhi_collected works vol 51

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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jan 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOL. 51 : 6 JANUARY, 1931 - 28 APRIL, 1931
8 p.m., January 1/6, 1931

This week, too, I have not received your packet so far. It must have been posted as unregistered parcel and, if so, I shall probably get it tomorrow. But I started writing the Ashram letters today, or rather yes-terday.

I had a letter last time from Danibehn from Bombay. My reply to her is enclosed. She is from Marwar, it seems. If you know, inform me whether that is so. I have given her address in the letter itself, thinking that you may not have it with you. Last week there were a few remarks in pencil by way of criticism ofA n a s a k a t i y o g a by a Maratha friend; the remarks were unsigned. If you remember the name, let me know it.

We were both weighed today. My weight came to 100 and Pyare-lal\u2019s to 122. I have lost a pound; it is not worth taking note of. The wei-ght may increase or decrease by a pound or two even if the time of weigh-ing changes or according as one is weighed before or after passing stool. If a person gets himself weighed immediately after drinking water, his weight will be found to have increased. If he gets himself weighed after passing urine, there will be corresponding decrease in his weight. So long as I myself feel quite fit, pass stool without difficulty, have an appetite and eat well, there is no reason at all for concern. If I can carry on like this for six months, the experiment will have succeeded. I have made an inportant change, which I describe here for those of you who may be interested to know about it.

Almonds are soaked in hot water and the peel is removed. They are then crushed into a paste. This is mixed with four ounces of water and the mixture is boiled till the water evaporates and a butter-like jelly is left behind. I eat it with vegetables. It not only tastes good but seems to be more easily digested than almond paste not boiled in water. It is possible that, even if the almonds are crushed into very fine paste but the latter is not boiled in water, the stuff remains undigested and passes out with stool. But I have no doubt that the jelly which I eat is digested. Even a person with very delicate stomach may be able to digest almonds cooked in this manner. The jelly may again be mixed with water and turned into milk. It will, of course, have no


taste. One can add a little jaggery or sugar, or even lime juice and salt, to the liquid. I don\u2019t advise anyone just now to make this experiment. But the information which I have given may perhaps be useful to anyone who is interested in making such experiments or cannot digest milk. Apart from this change, my diet remains what it was. The quantity, too, remains unchanged.

I hope to reach very high speed on the Gandiv spinning-wheel. I had never been able to reach 200, let alone 255, per hour before now. On thetakli I have not been able to go beyond 75-80 rounds. I cannot spin even 75 comfortable. I spin about 60 comfortably. But I can say that my hand has now set well on a bambootakli. It still seems a hard task for me to spin 100 rounds.

2 o\u2019clock, Saturday

I got your packet yesterday. Since it was a parcel and they do not carry packets during holidays, two days were wasted. But I see that it cost you only three annas to send the packet as a parcel, whereas, if it had been sent as a letter, the postage would possibly come to as much as a rupee. You may, therefore, follow whichever method you think right. I have mentally reconciled myself to getting the packet on Fridays and adjusted my programme accordingly. Here they are very careful in handing over the packet immediately to me after examining its contents. They are equally careful in dispatching the packets from here.

Who is Palibehn? Her question is the same as Premabehn\u2019s. I need not, therefore, write separately to her. Send her a copy of my letter to Premabehn, or show it to her if she is in the Ashram.

As regards printing extracts from my letter, what I have written abouty a j n a can certainly be given below Chapter II. Any other portions which seem useful can also be printed. But where and in what manner is for you to decide. You can include such material in theG i t a b o d h in footnotes at relevant places or as independent extracts.

Keep the Doctor informed about Ratilal and deal with the latter tactfully so that he may keep to the right path. Look upon him as an animal, uncultured and enslaved by passion. When he is overcome by passion, he goes mad. There are many kinds of passion; Ratilal is enslaved by three: for sex, for eating and for spending money extra- vagantly. He becomes when these passions are not satisfied. Running away from the Ashram has a beneficial effect on him in some measure. He calms down after a few days. God alone knows how he will end up. Sometimes such persons even attainj n a n a. He is certainly not wholly wicked.

VOL. 51 : 6 JANUARY, 1931 - 28 APRIL, 1931

The quantity of spinning which you are able to do seems much indeed to me. One can do with the left hand any work which the right hand does. Bhau can spin on thetakli equally well with either hand.

It will not be bad if Kanu goes to Wardha and learns Bhau\u2019s skill, and also gets some experience of the place. If there is any other boy, besides Kanu, who can and wishes to go, I see no harm in sending him.

Your body seems to have changed altogether. Personally, I am
confident that ultimately it will become purer in its functioning.
Will not Parnekar leave the Ashram for a while and go
somewhere else to improve his health?
The fact that the bull was brought back and the manner of its
being found were a miracle indeed.
Do you follow our method or some other method in preparing
mava from milk? Do you experience any difficulty in selling it? If

that is so, you may write to Ghanshyamdas, Mahavirprasad, Jivanlal and others and they will probably buy it up. If you can supply it regularly, even an advertisement in a newspaper will help.

Do not give up walking. It is a practice worth clinging to at any cost. If you follow fixed rules in your work, you can include many things in the day\u2019s programme.

Devdas had written a letter to me; what has been done in regard to it? I have requested that he should recall the contents of the letter and write again to me. I have received no reply to this.

6.45 p.m., Monday, January 5, 1931

I have acknowledged having received the leather for sandals. The address of the lady to whom letter No. 82 is addressed is known to Ramnarayan1

(of Ajmer). If you send the letter to Martand of
somebody else, he will post it.
Read my letter to Kashinath. I need not add to what I have
written in it.

Jivandas is in Sabarmati Jail. Does anyone visit him? If not, some-body should go and visit him. Tell him that I often remember him.

Blessings from
January 6, 1931
1Ramnarayan Chaudhary

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