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Important Interview Quitions

Important Interview Quitions

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Published by: Sudheer Reddy Pothurai on Oct 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Important Interview Questions:-Core java1
What is Hand Shaking mechanism?A) Two computers establishing a connection, communicating with each other & finallydisconnecting from each other is called hand shaking mechanism.2
What is IP Address?A) IP Address is a unique ID number given to every computer in the network.ID address will have 4 numbers separated by dot (.) symbol.EX:-3
What is the advantage of Network?A) Resource sharing is main advantage of network.This means
Sharing memory 
Sharing processor 
Sharing data 
Sharing software 
Sharing hardwareDummy terminals means without C.P.U4
What is Internet?A) Internet is a networking of computers existing in the world.It is global network of networks on the Earth.5
What is the difference between .exe & .class file?A) .exe file contains machine language instructions which are executed by the microprocessor. .exe files are system depended..class files byte code instructions executed by the JVM. .class files are systemindependent.6
Who developed the first virus in the world?A) A) America B) Afghanistan C) India D) Pakistan7
Why pointers are not available on java?A) 1. Pointers lead to confusion for a programmer2. Pointers easily crash a program.3. Using pointers virus & hacking programs can be written.8
What is Hot Spot?A) The block of code let to JIT compiler for the execution is called hot spot.www.hotspot.comis developed by JVM.
What is API document?A) API document is a HTML file that contains description of all the features of software, a product or a technology. It works has a heap file.API document like user documentation. To create API doc we need java doc compiler.Function code is available in header file.10
What is the difference between #include and import?A) #include makes a C or C++ compiler to go to standard library and copy the entireheader file code in to a C/C++ programs. So the program size increases unnecessarilywasting memory & processor time.Import statement makes the JVM to go to the java library, execute the code &substitute the result in to the java program. That’s JVM doesn’t copy any code. Soimport is more efficient than #include11
What is JRE?A) JRE means java run time environment.JRE=JVM + java libraryJRE is available in JDK1.5. It represents entire software.12
What are command line arguments?A) The values passed to main method at the time of running a program or calledcommand line arguments. Its stores in array.13
What is the distance between a float and double?A). Float represent up to 7 digits accurately after decimal point.Double represent up to 15 digits accurately after decimal point.14
What is uni code?A) Uni code is a standard to include the alphabet from all human languages in java.Uni code system uses 2 bytes to represent a character.15
What is the value of the following expression? Given a=7? ++a * a++?A) A) 49B) 64C) 72D) none of these16
What is the difference between >> & >>>?A) >> shift the bits 2 words right & properties the sign bit (0 represent +ve 1 represent –ve sign)>>> also shift the bits 2 words right bit. It does not protect sign bit. It always fills thesign bit with 0.That reason it is called zero-fill right shift.17
Why goto statement are not available in java?A) 1) goto statements lead to confusion for a programmer.2) goto statement from infinite loops which are draw backs in a program.
3) the documentation of the program will become difficult with more goto’s areused. Documentation means preserving a copy of the program. Algorithm means astep of logic.4) goto statements are not part of structured programming. Because of abovereasons the goto statements are eliminates of java.18
What is the difference between System.exit(0) and System.exit(1)?A) System.exit(0) represents normal termination.
System.exit(1) represents termination due to an error.19
What is difference between System.out & Sytem.err?A) System.out is useful to display general messages.System.err is used to display error messages. Stream is one of the io device.20
What are command line arguments?A) Command line arguments are values passed to main method from system prompt.JVM allots memory in run time.args.length
Size of arguments.21
What is hash code?A) It is a unique identification number that is allotted by JVM to the objects. Thisnumber is also called reference number.So the out put is not same. == is only compare reference numbers22
What is the difference between == to and equals method while comparing thestrings?A) == operator compares only the reference of string objects.Equals method compares the contents of the string objects. Hence the equals’ methodgives reliable results.23
What is string constant pool?

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