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gandhi_collected works vol 66

gandhi_collected works vol 66

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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jan 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOL.66 : 16 DECEMBER, 1934 - 24 APRIL, 1935
December 16, 1934

Your letters I shall send on to Narandas. Today also I got up at 1.45 a.m. and started writing letters. It has become a habit with me now to wake up at about 2. I go to bed before 9 p.m. During the day, I take a nap once or twice and get half an hour to one hour. That seems to be enough for me.

By writing \u201cnot revised\u201d I ensure\u2014and do\u2014justice to myself and to the person to whom the letter is addressed. If by chance I have written \u201caaj mar gaya\u201d instead of \u201cAjmerg a y a\u201d, the other party may correct the mistake or, in case of doubt, ask me. A letter which has not been revised should always be regarded as incomplete. But I would prefer, and so would you, that I write an incomplete letter to you rather than not write any.

Most probably I shall be going to Delhi on or about the 27th. Continue to write to me at the Wardha address till you hear from me or you read in the papers.

The atonement for any violation of a vow in a dream is generally greater vigilance and Ramanama on waking up from the dream. Such violations of vows or moral rules in dreams are signs of our imperfection. Unconsciously we harbour deep in our hearts the desires which we gratify in dreams. We should not despair because of such dreams, but should become more and more vigilant. Despair may be a sign of the person being attached to the senses; it is certainly a sign of his lack of faith. If a person tires of repeating Ramanama\u2014 despairs about its usefulness\u2014shouldn\u2019t we say that he has lost faith in it? When Columbus\u2019s companions lost faith, they wanted to kill him. But with his eyes of faith Columbus could clearly see the coast and he asked his companions to give him some more time, and he reached America! ! ! If a person dreams that he is eating forbidden food, such a dream also means what I have explained above. There may be external causes for such dreams and, whenever we discover any, we should remove them. \u201cI am the spotless Brahman that is witness of all the states.\u201d This is what we sing. We can sing thus only if we strive ceaselessly to be that. The dreams that we get are a signthat we have not succeeded in becoming spotless. They are a warning light for us.


Not a leaf can stir without God\u2019s grace, but we cannot dispense with human effort either, which is the means through which God\u2019s grace works. Realization means nothing but pure and selfless service of all living creatures.

It is very good indeed that Kisan1 has decided to stay with you.
Blessings from
From a photostat of the Gujarati: G.N. 10364. Also C.W. 6803 Courtesy:
Premabehn Kantak
December 16, 1934

I got your letter. Give your wife the freedom that you have reserved for yourself. In matters in which both do not agree, each must be free to go his or her own way. She should, therefore, get training for using her freedom well. I see the good of you both in that.

Take the fullest interest in village industries work. And do not
forget that khadi is the center of such work.
Blessings from
From a photostat of the Gujarati: S.N. 9513. Also C.W. 429. Courtesy:
Shivabhai G. Patel
December 16, 1934

Who are the five members in your family? Give me their ages, etc. I think you should be content with only so much education as the poor can hope to provide their children. Can you do ordinaryreading with your eyes? Do you maintain good health in other ways?

Blessings from
From Gujarati: C.W. 920. Courtesy: Venilal A. Gandhi
1Kisan Ghumatkar
VOL.66 : 16 DECEMBER, 1934 - 24 APRIL, 1935
December 16, 1934

If I had included your name in my letter to Amritlal, I would have been made a fool by your letter, wouldn\u2019t I? This is the plight of one who leaves the trodden path. Who can tell whether your letter conveys your genuine desire for knowledge or is mere idle prattle? But I want to look great in your eyes, hence I must measure up to your yardstick! If anything, I am at least four times older than you. Am I not?

How can I tell you where you can find steadiness, as though it were some commodity to be bought in a shop? If I were running a grocer\u2019s shop here, this being my ancestral business, I would have sent it over to you without your asking for it. You have even sent an advance of one anna. You have wasted your years. Amritlal is no more worthy of being your father because he has failed to show me something that you have within you. But hasn\u2019t the poet said, \u201cThe dear ones of the embodied soul are all selfish.\u201d After all isn\u2019t he only your embodied father? The one without a body that is your real Father dwells in your own heart. Know Him and you will not have to spend even an anna. Your learning is illusory if it does not lead you to Him. But if you are learning with this aim, you will be able to secure the release of Khan Saheb1, Sheikh, Jawahar and the others. But if you want to indulge in idle talk and play as with dolls then you must cast away the idea of greatness you associate with me or humbly confess that you never had genuine thirst for knowledge. Remember in this connection the story of Indra and Virochana. If you don\u2019t know it yourself, ask Amritlal and let him also enjoy it and add to your knowledge.

From a copy of the Gujarati: Pyarelal Papers. Courtesy: Pyarelal
5. LETTER TO AMRIT KAURDecember 17, 1934

I do hope that your meeting in Karachi2 will be a full success and that the sisters assembled there will rise above the petty quarrels of men by setting the example of refusing to divide themselves into

1Khan Saheb Abdul Ghaffar Khan
2The reference is to the All-India Women\u2019s Conference.

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