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Complete - McFLY - Fully Authentic (Graphic Poynter-Judd SA)

Complete - McFLY - Fully Authentic (Graphic Poynter-Judd SA)

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Published by MandySL
Summary: What could go wrong during a simple photo shoot? Dougie's soon to find out.
Summary: What could go wrong during a simple photo shoot? Dougie's soon to find out.

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Published by: MandySL on Jan 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fully Authentic
Me, Amanda
Humor, PWP
17+ (Like that'll stop you! Perverts )
“I want you to just 
… let’s see- how do I put this -a “recently shaggedair. Can you do that?
If I actually owned them, we'd have a billion sex tapes, damnit.
He watched him over the rim of his paper cup, full of some sweet, steaming tea.He was driving him mad with want by just
, and it simply wasn’t fair.He’d have to do something about this. Erections and tuxedos just didn’t
, andsomeone was bound to notice and it would turn into a whole big issue thing withpaparazzi and crying mothers that he just really couldn’t be bothered to deal with.Being a closet gay was so
sometimes… in more ways than one, he thought inamusement.Sidling up to where his man was standing, Dougie waiting impatiently for him tofinish his conversation with the small, cute PA, who was fiddling with her harsh redlocks in what looked like a nervous tick. Annoying. “God, this is taking so fucking long,” he hissed in his ear from behind, under thepretense of brushing an invisible piece of lint off the shoulder in front of him. “Theysaid this wouldnt even take an hour.”  “Well you know how it always is,” the man in front of him muttered back, turning toface him and plastered a fake smile on his face for the benefit of anyone who maybe watching them. “They say one thing and mean another. Don’t worry, thephotographer will be here soon. Apparently he just got caught in some unexpectedtraffic.” Dougie snorted, drawing a grin from the suited man. “Whatever. He was probably just shagging his secretary.” And damned if Dougie didn’t get harder just sayingThe Word whilst looking at him. Oh, for the love of Christ, he was going to burst if he kept this up much longer. “I need to be… alone,” Insert insinuating waggle of eyebrows. “With you… soon, orI’ll fucking explode.” The eyebrows above those beautiful blue eyes shot up at theimplication. “Well, don’t finish without me,” he muttered with a smirk. Dougie hit him playfullyand put some distance between their bodies quickly, before he got anymore
aroused. Suits really were his thing, he noted, eyeing the way the loosened tiehung loosely around his lover’s neck, dipping down like an arrow, ending near anarea that Dougie had been intimately acquainted with that very morning. The verythought sent a shiver through him.All the progress he’d made by staring at the fat, hairy man working the lights wasruined as images from that morning, the exquisite memory of the feel of a hardcock between his lips, filled his head and he had to cross his legs before someonenoticed the growing tent in his trousers. “Hello,
Charlie’s here!” A man in a tight pink shirt and a black felt beretsauntered through the door, arms full of equipment. “I’m
sorry for the delay,traffic was just
… I see you’ve all prepared yourselves nicely for me, so let’sget this started, shall we?” Exchanging amused grimaces with the others at the loud man with the fake,exaggerated French accent, Dougie obediently let himself be tied up next to Tom. “A little more slouch!Charlie was gushing a little later, limp wrists flailingpassionately in the air. “I want you to just
… let’s see- how do I put this -a “recently shagged” air. Can you do that? Think of how you feel right after a really,really, good shag… that’s right, Danny love, you’ve almost got it right there…” Dougie involuntarily glanced over at the man whose bed he’d been sharing the pastmonth.
He wants me to show how I feel every night, and every chance we get tobe alone? 
he thought to himself in amusement.
But I thought this magazine was for  public eyes.
 “That’s right, Harry, perfect! Let your head relax a bit, that’s good, that’s verygood,burbled Charlie as he flitted about, beret unmoving on his constantlybobbing head. “Oh, Tom, you can do a little better than that! Think of one of yourmost passionate lovers… mm, that’s right, you’ve just finished a hot, wild nightdoing the most
wicked things
… Bethan, I want those ropes a little more slack, quitlazing around and
something, I’m not paying you to sit on that arse all day…come on, Tommy boy, you’re making me think you’ve never been tied up andravaged until you couldnt think” 

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