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Universal Soldier 4 Day of Reckoning Review

Universal Soldier 4 Day of Reckoning Review

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Published by Mathew Lisett
an indepth review of what was supposed to be a fantastic installment of the franchise
an indepth review of what was supposed to be a fantastic installment of the franchise

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Film
Published by: Mathew Lisett on Oct 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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Let’s kick things off with a tiny bit about me and why like manywe love jcvd’s work. I have been interested and watching martialarts movies since the Karate Kid (1984), the Best Of The Best(1989). And then caught up with the whole franchise and manyother films from artists such as the late great Bruce Lee. I’ve alsobeen, all due to the karate kid been either involved or been a fan(practising) of a few martial arts, But just like Bruce, I hate badlydubbed or badly done martial arts movies.With this being said, ive also been a fan of how films/tv are donein general and understood the need for fake walls, wires, stuntdoubles, good plots, bad ones.As JCVD will and has stated, his career has been very rocky and itwas down to him due to his activities in the mid-late 90’s,because of this he was viewed as a joke, a parody if you must,similar to his arch nemeses Steven Seagal. Who he himself was amassive action star in the 90’s. The massive difference betweenthe two is that during the 00’s ,Jcvd was coming out with straightto dvd films, but what was noticeable was the fact he was tryingdifferent emotions and roles from Replicant (2001) awardnominated and came to a great achievement where his film J.C.V.D (2008) was nominated 4 times for awards. Now stevenseagal had been nominated and even won awards ’03 andprevious, but they were ALL razzes, ie you don’t want to them onyour c.v . , and ever since then he hasn’t been nominated for thebad or even good awards (likely because the guy doesn’t deserveany good wards).Now I’m going to bring up Wake of Death (2004) which shows hisrecent years ability to improve his acting skills with differentemotions, but the reason I’ve select this one is all down to the
fact you cannot spot for a single second that he had a stuntdouble in this film, which quite frankly is what you aim for.So what happened with seagal? Well he’s produced, written andeven directed most of his crap pile of straight to dvd films, and tobe honest he’s still an idol for me based on martial arts, but ascreating quality movies, certainly not. Let’s face it the guy hasliterally 1 expression and 1 role he plays in EVERY film he’s in ordoes and it gets very boring. And then unlike JCVDs greatexample of not being able to detect his stunt double, seagals fanscould easily spot each and every stand in and stunt doubles inmost of the films he’s done. And as a fan its depressing and israther off putting knowing a person who has very highqualifications in the arts he’s been taught in and teaches, that hedoesn’t do most of the fights his fans go to see.So we come to the much anticipated next part in the universalfranchise, Universal Soldier:Day of Reckoning . Yep that’s right,there’s been another one. And if you hadforgotten or even noticed there was a previous instalment calledUniversal Soldier: Regeneration , Regeneration itself didn’t breakthe $1million at the boxoffice and gained $7million during itsrentals (film cost around $14milion to make) this was directed by John Hyams, his dad Peter Hyams had worked with JCVD in someof his previously successful 90’s films like ‘94’s Timecop (budgetnear $30million, worldwide cinematic gross $101 million withrentals worldwide near $40million) and ‘95’s Sudden Death(budget near $35million,worldwide cinematic gross $65 million) .Now like myself,you may have gotten rather confused with the franchise, WHY?Well it was taken over, as the rights were bought due to thecompany that did the very first Universal Solider ran out of money.So JCVD wasn’t in the following 2 films called UniversalSoldier II: Brothers in Arms & Universal Soldier III UnfinishedBusiness which starred matt battaglia and both filmed andreleased in the same year of ‘98. Well surely these 2 “inbetween” films couldn’t have been that bad, erm? I’ll put it thisway, the actor is seemingly so ashamed of being the lead role letalone being part of the 2 films that on his personal websitethere’s not a single mention of the films, and as another example,these two films are just like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

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