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The Oppidan Press. Editon 9

The Oppidan Press. Editon 9

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Published by The Oppidan Press

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Published by: The Oppidan Press on Oct 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Oppidan Press
Edition 9, 23 October 2012
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What’s happening inyour city this vac?
F    R   E    E    !    
Take theopportunityto travel abroad
Sexes battle it out
Societies on probation
SRC debt paid of 
Gravity: a diverse afair
 T H E  T R A V E L  E D I T I O N
News Features
2 Te Oppidan Press 23 October 2012
By Jenna Lillie
hodes University’s Student RepresentativeCouncil (SRC) has decided on a year-long probation period, which all the Univer-sity’s societies will endure, in order to determinetheir efectiveness and activeness in 2013.
2012 SRC Liaison Ofcer, Eric Oei, stated, “Teobjective o such a drastic change is to identiy which societies deserve to remain active due totheir consistent hard work and participation, andwhich others will need to improve in order to meetSRC standards.”“Despite the ear o being unpopular, the newly elected SRC eels that regulations are importantin sustaining active societies which will use theirbudgets wisely,” Oei said.According to the 2012 SRC Societies Council-lor Mundo Makana, societies will be given a oneyear probation in which they must supply sufcientevidence that they meet the SRC’s expectations.Makana explains that the intention o the year-longprobation is to allow the Societies Council an op-portunity to monitor each society’s activities, whichrange rom their community engagement work tointernal management and conduct.Te Council and the SRC will make their deci-sions using inormation provided by reports andeedback given every semester, nancial statementsand the general ullment o the objectives eachsociety sets out to achieve.“I support the idea that societies should be heldully accountable or the proper use o their undsand should have to submit regular reports in thisregard,” explains Dean o Students Dr Vivian deKlerk. “Tere is little purpose in sustaining ineec-tive and ineectual societies,” she said.Te SRC hopes to keep society numbers constantin years to come. Makana said that the rules oraccepting societies will be the same, with the maxi-mum number o societies limited to 60.Despite the additional ltering system or nextyear’s body o societies, Makana still expressedsome concern. “Te lack o adequate supervisionwithin previous societies hinders student aith inthe management and quality o each society,” hesaid. He was also sceptical about some societies’ability to rise up to the SRC’s standards. “Due tothe number o societies, documentation presents aproblem, as well as costs or maintenance. Te SRCis in a decit,” Makana said. Te SRC has in actclosed this decit (see page 3).Oei, however, asserts that the multitude o socie-ties the University oers is reective o the diversity o the student body. He believes this is somethingo which Rhodes can be extremely proud. However,the question o quality versus quantity has nally orced the SRC to examine the current societies, o which over 80 are supposedly currently active.Oei adds that it is a privilege to be given the op-portunity to be part o a vast array o societies. “Wewant students to gain as much as they can rom thesocieties they join. Tat is their purpose,” he said.Oei praised the Law Society or providing an op-portunity or law students to gain work experienceon vacations using the network created by theirsociety. Te society plays a sufciently active role intheir lives.Te amended policy will be circulated andpresented next year to the new student orumby Amanda Green, the SRC’s incoming SocietiesCouncillor or 2013.
Rhodes societies tobe put on probation
Societies will be put on probation next year in order to monitor their efectiveness. Picture:MICHELLE CUNLIFFE
By Alex Maggs
Reports incidents o violent alterca-tions between Rhodes Universitstudents and security guards at theFish River Canoe Marathon, whichtook place in Cradock rom 5 to 6October, have been recieved by 
TeOppidan Press
Dean o Students Dr Vivian de Klerk has received complaints concerningthe behaviour o Rhodes students,identiable by their overalls, at theevent. De Klerk apologised on behal o the University. “Teir concern wasthe impact o this sort o behaviouron all the amilies and young childrenwho were there,” said De Klerk. “Tey indicated that they were thinking o banning the Rhodes students romparticipation in uture which would bea great pity. Essentially, our spectators’behaviour would prevent our studentsrom playing sport,” she said.However, a number o students whoattended the event hold a dierentopinion to that expressed in the com-plaints, claiming to have been aggres-sively manhandled by security guards.Student Luke Carlyle-Mitchell claimedto have witnessed a violent brawlinvolving ten security guards and ourRhodes students. Te students hadbeen attempting to jump over the enceinto the main arena when they wereturned away by the security guards.As they made their way back tothe entrance to pay, one o the guardsallegedly swung a st at the student,which ultimately set o the clash. “An-other Rhodes student went to see whatwas happening and was immediately assaulted with a punch to the noseand had a knie pulled on him,” saidCarlyle-Mitchell.“One o the boys involved in therst incident has just got out o acialsurgery as a result o the assault by theguards,” he said. He was unsure aboutwhether legal action would be taken.Te security company in questiondeclined to comment.Captain Steanie Smith o the SouthArican Police Service (SAPS) in Cra-dock, who was on duty the weekend o the race, explained the reason behindthe arrests made at the event: “Cradock has quite a high crime rate in termso muggings and assaults, so whenwe arrest drunk students it is oenor their own saety and in most casesnot because they are doing somethingagainst the law. We would rather keepthem sae than have something happento them,” Smith said.De Klerk had not yet heard any reports o students being assaulted by security. In response to the complaints,De Klerk said that the University would be happy to work with studentsin the uture to prevent this behaviourrom occurring and promised to ollow up on any disciplinary issues.“Tere is going to be a meeting withthe management team o the canoemarathon organisers next week wherethey will discuss the problem andrevert to me with a written report.Our university management will thenconsider the problem and respond,” DeKlerk said.
For the record
In the September 25 edition o 
The Oppidan Press
, an article enti-tled ‘Shits, tips and hours’ was published, in which a guideline tonding student jobs in Grahamstown was provided. To supplement this article, a graph was compiled comparingvarious businesses that requently employ university students.In response to the article, a number o concerns were raisedabout the accuracy o this inormation and the resultant repre-sentation o the establishments included. The problems broughtto the attention o 
The Oppidan Press
are summarised as ollows:- Adequate efort to contact each establishment or inormationwas not made.- The inormation or the graphic reected was converted towage-rates per hour, which is not the pay structure used by allthe establishments.- The number o people sampled was not big enough to supportthe average tipping rates reected in the graph.- Wage-rates or bartenders and waiters were both included inthe graph, but were not clearly labelled as such.- Other relevant actors relating to job satisaction were notincluded, such as incentive bonuses and perks. The combination o these actors resulted in some misrep-resentation.
The Oppidan Press
regrets any adverse efects thismight have had.
The Oppidan Press
is a news organisation that prioritisesresponsible and reliable reporting. Regrettably, there are cases inwhich such errors slip through editorial control. It is our duty torecognise these aults and take appropriate action, and to com-mit ourselves to preventing similar errors. In the uture.
The Oppidan Press
is at its base a training ground or student journalists, and as such we welcome criticism rom our reader-ship and the general public as a means to improve upon ourteam’s editorial understandings and journalistic practice.Benjamin Katz, incumbent EditorStudents were arrested at Fish River by local authorities. Picture: IVAN BLAZIC
Behaviour at Fish River may lead to ban
There is littlepurpose in sustaininginefective andinefectual societies
-DoS, Dr Vivian de Klerk
News Features
23 October 2012 Te Oppidan Press 3
A movingperormancerom RU DramaFloods rageacross theEastern Cape
oppidanpress.comCheck it out at:
By Alex Maggs
espite administrative di-culties and Rhodes Univer-sity’s Student RepresentativeCouncil (SRC) claims to have paidthe massive decit le behind by previous SRC bodies of all their debtduring 2012.
“Te SRC 2012 has underspent by approximately R250 000 this year.However this could not be seen dueto the large decit o approximately R350 000 that we adopted whencoming into ofce,” said 2012 SRCreasurer Simone Starkey.Te SRC’s improved nancialposition can be attributed to a variety o actors. “We started the year o with major decits in very importantaccounts. SRC councillors were putunder tight budgets and had to write abudget request or their portolios orall the unding that they required,” saidStarkey. Tis allowed or stricter con-trol over SRC spending and ensuredtheir constant awareness o the cashow. “Te SRC 2012 council should beproud o this achievement,” she said.“It has to do with rationalisation ina big way. We don’t have a completeunderstanding that all the debt hasbeen paid o yet but I think that theoutcome has a lot to do with the actthat there were good individuals incharge who made good decisions,said Deputy Dean o Students RogerAdams. Speaking about their traveland entertainment expenses he noted,“Tey did good work managingexpenses in these areas and they spentsignicantly less on O-week than inprevious years and still produced anoutstanding event.”“In 2009 there was a decit and in2010 the council ended with a surplus.In 2011, however, the SRC le a hugedecit,” said the SRC Liaison OfcerEric Oei.Te SRC’s debt was due to the poormanagement o unds by previouscouncils which, on occasion, as in2011, happened unwittingly, and iscarried over to the succeeding body.Instability in the administration andmanagement o nances in the sta ofce o the SRC were the overridingactors. “Te nance ofcer was sick or most o the year and then unortu-nately passed away towards the end o that year, which le the ofces, whichwere already understaed, to dealwith the SRC and its 80-odd societies,with a lot o backlog. Tis impactedparticularly on the 2010 SRC who hada Centenary year to run with a num-ber o extraordinary events. Tis they had to do without much controls andup-to-date reporting in place. Tey eectively worked blind,” explainedAdams.Consequently, it took the SRC o-ce quite a while, with help rom thenance ofce, to gain control o thesituation.According to Adams, the SRC’sgreatest expenses throughout the yearwere events. Tese included Orien-tation Week and the Inter-Varsity concert. Moreover, “Te SRC shuttleservice sucks up quite a lot o money and o course there are the grants tosocieties. Tat’s a big one,” he said.Despite the nances’ appearing tobe under control, the Dean o Students(DoS) ofce is still anticipating analised report that will give them allo the acts and gures, as well as aplan to manage the SRC’s nances inthe uture.Oei acknowledged the positiveeect o the SRC’s cautious spendingthroughout this year. “Tey monitoredhow much they were spending andthere was no unnecessary and extrava-gant expenditure,” he said.Te DoS ofce hopes to make theSRC’s nancial situation more trans-parent in uture. “I can understandthat it wouldn’t have made sense toopen any inormation up to the publicthese past ew months as it would nothave been accurate,” said Adams.“We’re getting to a point now wherethere would be more accuracy so I’msure the nances will be open orpublic consumption by the end o thisyear,” he said.He urther indicated that the SRC’sadministrative and nancial strucu-tres bode well or the uture, as theuniversity has recently approved theestablishment o a new post or anAdmin and Finance assistant aer theSRC was bench marked with a numbero other universities.It is hoped that the 2013 SRC willenter into ofce with a thoroughunderstanding o how the SRC undsare managed.“It’s about understanding the com-plex nance system that they operateon,” explained Adams. “Accounts are very dierentiated and are located indierent areas, which makes it difcultto get an idea o the bigger picture at aglance,” he said.Starkey cautioned the 2013 SRCabout unnecessary spending andencouraged them to provide only whatthe students need, instead o what thestudents want.“Every councillor will have animpact on the nancial position o the SRC, so every member needs toensure that they are nancially con-scious,” said Starkey. “It is up to you tocontinue the cautious spending o theSRC. Keep the boat aoat by spendingwith a purpose, and ensure that youalways remain transparent.
SRC debt wiped clean despite 2011 defcit
 Tight budgets, careul management and cautious spending put SRC back in the green
 The SRC has underspent this year to get rid o the debt let by previous SRCs. Picture: JOSH OATES
Every councillorwill have an impacton the nancialposition o theSRC, so everymember needs toensure that theyare nanciallyconscious
- 2012 SRC reasurer,Simone Starkey 

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