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Starter Spanish

Starter Spanish

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Published by colomet

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Published by: colomet on Oct 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lessonno.English word SpanishEspañolExample sentence2C . (dot)
puntoeve.smith@webmail.com = eve dotsmith at webmail dot com
2C @ (at)
arrobawilliam.brown@bfl.com = william dotbrown at bfl dot coma
1C a
uno/unaa baga
6C a.m.
a.m.I'm sometimes hungry at 4 a.m.a
5A about
a eso de las (10:30)about (10.30)a
6C about
más o menosIt's about (five) minutes away.a
8C about
a eso (de las siete)About seven o'clock.a
2B actor
actorIs Tom Cruise an actor?a
2B actress
actrizIs Claire an actress?a
2C address
direcciónWhat's your address?a
5A after (10.30)
después deCan you meet me after 10.30?a
2C afternoon
tardeGood afternoona
otra vezListen again and practise.a
edadTell the class about them (age, jobs,family, etc.).a
8B ago
haceHe was in bed four hours ago.a
6A airport
aeropuertoThere's an airport in Bristol, only 15miles away.
Starter wordlist: English to Spanish
3C all
todosNo, that's all, thanks.a
7C along
a lo largoGo along this road and turn left / right.a
alfabetoListen and say the alphabet.a
4B also
tambiénWe also have a house in Los Angeles.a
5D always
siempreI'm always tired on Sundays.a
2B am
soyWhere am I?a
8A amazing
asombrosoThere were some amazing fireworks.a
2A American
americano-aI'm not American.a
9D amount
cantidad (de dinero)What's the total amount?a
1C an
uno/unaI have an apple.a
1A and
yAnd you?a
10C angry
enfadado-aI'm never angry with my friends.a
7A animals
animalesI love animals.a
8B anniversary
aniversarioRajeet and Gita's wedding anniversaryis on Saturday.a
otro-aCheck your menu with another pair.a
respuestaCompare answers.a
responderAsk and answer questions about thepeople in the photos.a
4C any
algún/algunaDo you have any (maps of London)?a
6B any
algún/algunaAre there any shops?a
6B any
ningún/ningunaThere aren't any good restaurants neahere.
3C anything
algoAnything else?a
1C apple
manzanasI like apples.a
5C apple pie
tarta de manzanaThe apple pie for me.a
8C April
abrilIt's my birthday on April 1st.a
9B around
(to travel around)
Last year I travelled around Colombia,in South America.a
9C arrive
llegarWhat time does it arrive in (Liverpool)?a
1B ask
preguntarAsk and answer questions about thepeople in the photos.a
3C assistant
asistenteJenny is my personal assistant.a
4D at
a lasIt's at half past eight.a
5B at
a las/a laI get up at six o'clock in the week.a
9C at
a lasAt (twelve twenty-nine).a
cajero automáticoI need to go to the ATM.a
8C August
agostoOn the last Wednesday in August, thirtythousand people travel to Buñol, inSpain, for 'La Tomatina'.a
1B Australia
 AustraliaI would like to visit Australia.a
2A Australian
australiano-aShe isn't Australian.a
6C away
lejosIt's about (five) minutes away.a
8A awful
horribleI had an awful time.b
1D baby
bebéa babyb
3A bad
malo-aa bad resultb
1C bag
bolsoa bag

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