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KIT Volume XXIII No 2 September 2011 -highres 1-99mb

KIT Volume XXIII No 2 September 2011 -highres 1-99mb

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
b) High resolution. Dear Tim, Dave and all: I want to thank you for your diligence and commitment to keeping us all in touch. As soon as I get the Newsletter I read it straight thru. Even though painful reading at times (deaths of so many people that I truly loved - including my parents Norma and Lowell LeBlanc), I have to accept that it is all part of our "history". I grew up in Forest River, Woodcrest, Macedonia, Evergreen and Oak Lake,
b) High resolution. Dear Tim, Dave and all: I want to thank you for your diligence and commitment to keeping us all in touch. As soon as I get the Newsletter I read it straight thru. Even though painful reading at times (deaths of so many people that I truly loved - including my parents Norma and Lowell LeBlanc), I have to accept that it is all part of our "history". I grew up in Forest River, Woodcrest, Macedonia, Evergreen and Oak Lake,

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Oct 30, 2012
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Keep In Touch Newsletter
Volume XXIII No 2 September 2011
The KIT Newsletter editorial staff welcomes all suggested contributions for publication in the Newsletter from subscribers and read-ers, but whether a given submission meets the criteria for publication is at the sole discretion of the editors. While priority will begiven to original contributions by people with past Bruderhof connections, any letters, articles, or reports which the editors deem to beof historical or personal interest or to offer new perspectives on issues of particular relevance to the ex-Bruderhof Newsletter reader-ship may be included as well. The editors may suggest to the authors changes to improve their presentation.
Have you made your KIT Newsletter subscription/donation payment this year? Please find details on last page.
Letters to the Editor 1Thanks for Keeping us in All in Touch 1Stan and Hela Vowles Lived an Interesting Life 1Some News from Australia 1Cotswold Community Farm for Sale 2Several Enthusiastic Reports about the KIT Gathering at FC 3The Youth Hostel was Opened 64 Years Ago and SoonWelcomed Bruderhof Guests 3This Was my First Official Attendance TogetherWith Bettina 4Reconnecting With my Extended KIT Family 5Informal Meetings About a Representation at CSA, andAbout the KIT Newsletter 7Communal Webs, Communal Threads, Communal Ripples 8Peer Pressure on the Bruderhof 9Eileen Robertshaw Remembers her Childhood 10Changes: KIT Address List Sept 2010 13KIT Friends Remember Josua Dreher 10-14KIT Gathering in Blossoming Bulstrode Park 14Autumn - Poem 15Armadillos Harbor Mycobacterium Leprae 15KIT-Staff - Contact Details 16___________________________________________________
Letters to the Editor
Thanks for Keeping us All in Touch
May 11, 2011: Dear Tim, Dave and all: I want to thank you foryour diligence and commitment to keeping us all in touch. Assoon as I get the Newsletter I read it straight thru. Even thoughpainful reading at times (deaths of so many people that I trulyloved - including my parents Norma and Lowell LeBlanc), Ihave to accept that it is all part of our "history".I grew up in Forest River, Woodcrest, Macedonia, Evergreenand Oak Lake, (from the age of three until twelve years) and thenreturned with hubby Art and children (1975-1981).I remember Eileen Robertshaw as a very sweet, lively, funnyperson. She had such a sparkle about her.
We will be so thankful to God forever for “rescuing” us
fromthe old destructive life and for the new life in and with Him (over25 years!). All our eight children are now grown adults. Each
one is following their own unique “calling”. In our Lord's love
and provision our family includes: a college math professor, anurse anesthetist, two computer science professionals, a lawyer,two social workers, and a mechanical engineer; also six grand-children who are our joy and delight!Life is never easy but we are assured that we are always car-ried in the Palm of His Hand. I greet you with tender thoughts.
Deb Herman, Blairsville, Pennsylvania
Stan and Helen Vowles Lived an Interesting Life
Thank you, Erdmuthe, Linda, Charlie and Dave, for a very goodKIT letter. Special thanks to you Raphael and your siblings foryour contributions. We read with great interest about your fatherand mother Stanley and Helen Vowles. They surely led a very in-teresting life. They did so well with so many obstacles in theirway. I think here it would be very good to say:
Veni, Vidi, Vici!
 I came, I saw, I conquered! I certainly take my hat off to them.Thanks again!
Nadine and August Pleil, Washington, Pennsylvania
Some news from Australia
Dear Linda and the KIT production team, thank you once againfor a great issue of the KIT Newsletter April 2011
it really doeskeep us in touch with old friends all over the world.I was particularly interested in the article about Stan and He-len Vowles because I knew them in Primavera and their daughterBrenda, now Vickery came with her husband to Australia as mi-grants from England some years ago.Brenda lives fairly isolated in Bundaberg on the north coastof Queensland. About six years ago she was diagnosed with acancer behind one of her eyes. She came to Brisbane from timeto time to see a specialist and was able to use accommodation wehave at our Quaker Meeting House. A couple of years ago Bren-da had surgery to remove the tumor behind her right eye. TheDanthonia Bruderhof near Inverell in New South Wales (NSW)took Brenda in for a few weeks before the operation and sentsomeone to look after her while recovering from the operation.Francis and I met Bruderhofers when we went to visit Brenda inhospital and they invited us to come and visit Danthonia for Eas-ter 2007. Brenda was there when we visited and looked like shewas making a good recovery. The community was very good toher and helped her by having her stay in Danthonia for as long asshe wanted to.
< Francis and RhodaDorrell with theirgreat granddaughterOlivia just a day old inMarch 2011.
When we visited theDanthonia Bruderhof in 2007 Randy andLinda Gauger werethe Servant andHousemother there.They have been theresince its beginningsabout twelve yearsnow. Most of thefamilies have beenbrought in as immi-grants from the USA communities, mostly young people whocome in on student visas or have special skills Australia is look-ing for. Manuel and Meg Loewenthal looked after us that week-end. Some of you may remember the Loewenthals from Prima-vera; Meg is one of Dr. Milton Zi
mmerman‟s daughters; she is a
nurse, and nurses are in high demand here as immigrants. Theyleft three or four sons behind in USA.
Keep In Touch Newsletter 2 Vol. XXIII No 2 September 2011
< Meg and Manuel Loe-wenthal came for a visit
Meg and Manuel werevery nice and we havehad them over here for avisit with us recently.They came to show usand the Chattertons avideo of a group of young people from theBruderhof going to Pa-raguay to restore thePrimavera burial ground.Apparently the Menno-nites ploughed over theground and destroyed thefences. The Bruderhof claimed it back and has built stronger fences and scientificallyrelocated and renamed every grave. The youth group held a spe-cial ceremony in the graveyard to rededicate the graves by light-ing candles and reading out the names of the people buried there.It was quite a moving video. The Chattertons lost a little girlcalled Maria around eight years old, who is buried there. Appar-ently they have a new Bruderhof house in Asunción called Pri-mavera House. It is actually funny, just before Manuel and Megvisited us I was trying to get hold of Andrew Chatterton to see if we could arrange to get together with the Loewenthals; when Isaw him working on a house near our Quaker Meeting House inBrisbane. I had not seen Andrew for a few years and there wasthis man with a shock of red hair and beard doing carpentry
work. When I said hallo, he looked up. I said, “I know you don'tI?”, and he said, “Andrew Chatterton, aren‟t you Rhoda?”
The Danthonia community also looked after Doris Chattertonin the nursing home not far from here, having a young girl by herside for many weeks in the last stages of her life. She died in Oc-tober 2007. The Bruderhofers are really trying to right some of the wrongs they committed in the Heini era. When we were therethat Easter 2007, we told them that we did not hold any grudges.Reg Chatterton had passed away suddenly thirty years earlier(in June 1978); I think of an aneurism in the brain. It was a greatshock to Doris and the family. They had bought a large propertynear Maleny-Kennelworth north of here and were running it as aCaravan Park. Most of the boys were involved with that at thetime, but only David lives there now. Part of the property wasdivided to give all of the children a block of land for a house, andthe rest was sold. That is when Doris was able to make a tripback to England to visit friends and family. Over the years Doris
David and Kay Chatterton came to Francis
birthday party.
was very well looked after by her family as well; most of herchildren live close to or in Brisbane and we keep in touch.My husband Francis celebrated his 70
birthday on Septem-ber 7
, 2011. Andrew and David Chatterton came to his birthdayparty. Below, in the first column is a picture of David and his
wife Kay. Andrew‟s wife Wendy i
s sitting behind David.
I will try to write my family‟s “Cocksedge” history from
Primavera to present time. In peace and love,
Rhoda Dorrell Cocksedge, Redland Bay, Queensland
Cotswold Community Farm for Sale
By Erdmuthe Arnold
On August 27
2011 an auction took place at the former Cots-wold Bruderhof, to sell off the furniture of the school therewhich has moved already to a new location in Oxfordshire. Since1973 the property was owned by the Wiltshire County Councilwhich made sure the Cotswold Community Farm remained aschool and home for difficult boys, but with therapeutic ratherthan corrective institutional aims and methods.
Cotswold Community Farm
photo submitted by John Holland.
Until recently the settlement had been a village on its own, withits own playing field, swimming pool, school, meeting hall,postbox and farm buildings centered on the attractive old far-myard. Gardening was encouraged, and vegetables, nurturedwith loving care, sometimes attained spectacular dimensions, asone can read in an interesting and informative article by JohnWhitwell online [http://www.johnwhitwell.co.uk/index.php/the-cotswold-community-farm/]. Sadly fund-raising for this schoolhad become more and more difficult since its draw had becomenationwide with thirty nine of the forty children not local, butcoming from every corner of the United Kingdom.Recently the Wiltshire County Council decided to sell 87 of the 350 acres for gravel extraction.John Holland, who lives nearby and was asked by the AshtonKeynes Community to remove a tennis enclosure, found outabout the auction, which he attended on August 27
and boughta bed, a side cabinet, lamp and other items for a family memberpaying only 20 Euros. He heard that the Darvell Bruderhof hadbeen supporting the upkeep of the buildings of the CotswoldCommunity Farm practically and financially. Some of the build-ings are listed
this means that the future purchaser will have tomaintain and incorporate them more or less as is in future devel-opments.It will be interesting to hear more about what will become of the Cotswold Community Farm.
Keep In Touch Newsletter 3 Vol. XXIII No 2 September 2011
Several Enthusiastic Reports about the KIT Gathering at Friendly Crossways
The Youth Hostel was Opened 64 Years Ago and Soon Welcomed Bruderhof Guests
By George Maendel, Maine
The Hostel was opened 1947. (Photo: Virginia Cuanca)
August 13
2011:We are at the Blackberry Inn, a Bed andBreakfast open for overnight guests since 1763. Ben Cavannaand I got here yesterday about 8:30pm, coming from Littleton,Massachusetts where we attended the KIT Gathering at the old-est continuously operating Youth Hostel in the USA, FriendlyCrossways, open since 1947 when a large dairy barn was con-verted to a guest house and Youth Hostel. The barn and the at-tached house are still the only buildings on the property. Thebarn has private and semi private rooms as well as two dormito-ries, located in the former hayloft. Ben and I shared a room onthe second floor. When the Bruderhof sent representatives fromParaguay to the USA to find a property to buy in the early 1950sthey stayed at Friendly Crossways, so it has long Bruderhof con-nections. KIT Gatherings have been held at Friendly Crosswayssince 1990, twenty one years ago! The gatherings are like a fami-ly reunion. Many of the people who attend have family in theBruderhof, family they don't get to meet with or see except whenit suits Broodie leaders.We had a late dinner last night at another gathering, theSheble family reunion held at a camp near Norfolk, on DoolittleLa
ke, where Annie‟s sister and her husband own a lakefront
ca-bin. Well, I guess it can be called a cabin or a camp, as we say inMaine, but it is very spacious and elegant too.
Discussing an interesting Hutterite Photo Book which Georgebrought with him: Erdmuthe Arnold, Hanna Homann (Patrick),Ben Cavanna, George Maendel, Virginia Cuenca (Loewenthal).
daughters were there and six of her nephews, so there was quite agang of young people, most of whom are in college or workingtheir first jobs since graduating from college.August 14, 2011: Traveling around the Norfolk, Connecticutarea with Ben Cavanna in his rental car, a rear wheel driveDodge Charger. We drove up Dennis Hill to a stone and wood,eight-sided pavilion. Dennis Hill was once a volcano, back inapproximately that era when the Appalachian Mountains wereextruded upwards by the collision of continents, about 300 mil-lion years ago. Brazil and Africa were connected back then andyou could walk from the part we call New England to Ireland. Ibegan to wonder why anyone would build such a complex struc-ture in a small state park (300 acres) when Ben told me it wasoriginally built by a famous New York City doctor, last name of Dennis, who was doctor and surgeon to several US presidents,1900 to 1910. Another of his famous patients was the scientistand inventor Michael Pupin, an immigrant from Serbia and a fel-low resident of New York City whom he introduced to the Nor-folk area. Mr. Pupin bought land just outside the village of Nor-folk and built a huge stone mansion and a stone carriage house
People arrive. From left: Adolf Wegner, Vera DeBell (Stevenson),Margot Purcell (Wegner), Gerrit-Jan Stevenson, Ruth Lambach(Baer), Blair Purcell. (Two photos: Heidi Strickland [Kleiner])
both of which still exist in excellent condition and which served
for many years as the central buildings for the Bruderhof‟s Eve
r-green and then Deerspring Community. They are now owned bya Buddhist organization. The place is well guarded with a gatewhich always seems to be closed. They do not encourage visi-tors. From the road it seems that the extensive workshop and fa-brication buildings left by the Bruderhof are not being used. Butit is a sure bet that these Buddhists do not patronize any of thoseubiquitous storage facilities that seem to sprout all over the coun-tryside, in Maine anyway.Driving through the village we stopped at the Library, an ele-gant red stone building dedicated in 1889 and twice enlarged,both times using stone from the same quarry in Longmeadow,Massachusetts, where the original stone came from. It is the mostelegant library building you can ever hope to see and it was openSunday afternoon when Ben and I stopped to look at the tele-phone directory to see if there were any Maendels listed. Wefound one Jake Maendel and a few minutes later we were on his

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