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Home Edition 12

Home Edition 12

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Published by humboldtnews

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Published by: humboldtnews on Oct 30, 2012
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f you have plans to builda new home, remodel yourexisting home, or redecorate... look to the advertisersinside – from start to finish,they can help you realizeyour dreams.
Thursday, September 20, 2012Sections C & D
We proudly present our 2012 Home Edition featuring several Humboldt area building and remodeling projects to give you inspiration! 
hursda,Setember 20,2012
Pat and Barb Colwell 
Pa t and Barb Co l we l l 
new addition
ne w addi tion
Mitch and Chantel Fridolfson 
M i tc h a nd  C ha n t e l  F r id o l f s o n 
new duplex
 n e w d u p l e x
Ken and Connie Hutchinson 
en and Connie Huchinson 
Bruce and Sandy Kirchho 
ew addition
Gary and Sonja Peyton new home
Gary and  Son ja Pey ton ne w home
Todd and Nicole Lee
 T o d d a n d  N ic o l e  L e e
new deck
 n e w  d ec k
Kevin and Paula Skow
Kevin and Paula Skow
new home
new home
Michelle Boyington 
The Humboldt Independent 
Thursday, September 20, 2012
By Jeanne Raine
In the summer of 2011,Mitch and Chantel Fridolfsonbegan building a new homeon 15th Street North in Hum-boldt. They purchased thevacant lot, knowing that itsproximity to the river wouldbe a plus. However, instead of building one home, they de-cided to build a duplex as an
The Fridolfson duplex located on 15th Street North.Mitch and Chantel Fridolfson in the kitchen of their new home.
investment for their future.The homes are slab con-struction. They feature twobedrooms on the main floor,with one bedroom and an of-fice/den on the upper floor. Nosteps can be found at the frontor back door. The Fridolfsonhome also features a goodamount of storage.
Fridolfsonsbuild new home
See Fridolfsons, 3C
Dining room
Dining room
of the Fridolfson
of the Fridolfson
Choose your battles
When merging belongingsyou may not agree with eachother every step of the way, butit’s not worth picking a fight.Choose what is most importantto you so your protests carrymore weight.For example, it’s okay toput your foot down when itcomes to painting an entireroom a color you detest, butit may be better to let it go if you’re talking about the color of the bathroom rug.Likewise, let your spousehave his or her way whenyou recognize what is mean-ingful to them. You may hatethe rocking chair in your liv-ing room, but if it belongedto your spouse’s great-great-grandmother, you better learnto love it.
Decorating tip for newlyweds
Mike Clay, Owner • P.O. Box 695 | Humboldt, IA 50548 • Cell: 515.890.161
Mike Clay, Owner • P.O. Box 695 | Humboldt, IA 50548 • Cell: 515.890.161
17x14sunroomadditionfor Bruceand SandyKirchoff House andgarageaddition for Paul and LoriSchmidtStampedconcretewalkwayfor Mason-LindhartFuneral Home20x16bathroom andmud roomaddition for Paul and LoriSchmidtStampedconcrete atTrain WreckWinery inAlgonaSunroominterior for Bruceand SandyKirchoff 
Free EstimatesBonded Insure
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for all your 
Call us todayabout that  special  project!
Thursday, September 20, 2012
The Humboldt Independent 
“I had an idea of what Iwanted,” said Mitch. “I foundsomething close to my idea
The den or office of the Fridolfson home.
and then modified it.” In order to keep the costs of construc-tion to a minimum, Mitch alsodid the electrical, plumbingand heating himself.One of the most unusual el-ements of the Fridolfson sideof the duplex is the stamped,stained, and heated concretefloor. The in-floor heat uti-lizes heat packs, installed byMitch. “We really enjoy thefloor,” said Mitch. “It’s nicewaking up on cold winter mornings and being able to putyour feet on the warm floor.”The U-shaped kitchen con-tains custom built, multi-leveloak cabinets. “I like the waywe designed it to accommo-date our needs,” said Chantel.“We wanted an open floor plan, and that’s what we have.”The kitchen is staffedwith stainless steel appli-ances. There is an abundanceof counter space, with a largesink built into the island/bar area. The counters are coveredwith a high definition lami-nate countertop. Tile coversareas below the cupboards andabove the counters. All doorsand drawers of the cupboardsare slow close.The adjoining home is sim-ilar to the one in which the Fri-dolfsons now live. However,the patio is larger, and there is
from 2C
Open floor plan is a true benefit of the Fridolfson home.The living room of the Fridolfson home looks to thepatio.The floor of Fridolfson home is stained, stamped and heated.
See Fridolfson, 4C
It’s time for raking leaves,pruning shrubbery, and other seasonal fall lawn care tasks.Never has the old adage“work smarter, not harder”been more apt than when tack-ling yard work and preparinglawns for next season.Here are some smart waysto handle fall lawn care:Good posture can preventbackaches when raking leaves.Keep your head up and backstraight. Relieve back pressureby raking using the “scissors”stance: whereby you placeone foot forward and the other back, reversing position after several minutes. When mow-ing, move the mower withyour body weight as much aspossible, rather than relying onyour arms and back. And useergonomically designed rakes,shears and pruners that requireless hand strength than tradi-tional ones. Put away the loud,smelly leaf blower. Nothing isworse than raking leaves on awindy day, only to have themblown around. Rake leavesonto a tarp and drag it away.You can easily clip handlesto it to make it easier to haulwhen full of leaves. Remem-ber, dragging leaves away iseasier on your back and envi-ronmentally friendly. Weedingcan be made less painful if youadhere to the old gardener’strick of weeding after it rains.When earth is dry, it’s harder topull out the whole weed with-out breaking off the top. After rainfall, the ground is damp,making it easier to pluck outentire weeds. This way, weedscan easily be added to leavesand other debris that need tobe hauled away. Remember,fall is your last chance to putyour lawn in order before nextseason’s warm weather.
Easier falllawn care
Owning a home is a365-day-a-year commitment,a mortgage to pay, a yard tomaintain and bills to juggle.But experts say that evaluatingkey exterior elements of your home at least once annuallycan prevent some bills fromskyrocketing.If your roof is damaged bysevere weather or is old andleaking, investing in a newroof made of durable polymer slate or shake tiles will pay off for decades to come.For exterior trim pieces,swap out wood trim that is sus-ceptible to rotting and insectinfestation with urethane andPVC trim products.For functional areas of the home, like windows anddoors, use solidly-constructed,man-made products.A recent report on return-on-investment and homerepair, the “Remodeling2011–12 Cost vs. Value Re-port” (www.costvsvalue.com),shows that replacing older, in-efficient windows with upscalevinyl windows is one of the 10most popular projects withpayback for homeowners, andhas a higher projected return-on-investment than severalother popular home upgradeprojects, including bathroomremodels or additions, major kitchen remodels or the addi-tion of a master suite.
Investing in your home’s exterior 
We can custom design unique homedecor from a bouquet to a walldisplay with our silk grasses and
owers, vases, lighted branches,plants and more!Create a fresh look in your hometoday!
Downtown Humboldt
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