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Mizzou RTDNA Constitution (Signed)

Mizzou RTDNA Constitution (Signed)

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Published by KOMU News

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Published by: KOMU News on Oct 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The purpose of this non-profit, unincorporated organization is to foster closer cooperation and improvedcommunications between students of electronic journalism, journalism educators, and professionalpractitioners of radio and television news; to afford members special learning opportunities both in andout of the classroom; and to instill a commitment to the highest ideals and principles of the practice of electronic journalism, as exemplified by the Radio Television Digital News Association.
NameThe name of this organization shall be the ______________________________Student Chapter of theRadio Television Digital News Association.
MembershipVoting membership shall be limited to students in good standing of this institution who have beenadmitted or provisionally accepted for admission to the School of Journalism (Broadcast Journalismsequence) or have demonstrated their intention to pursue a career in electronic journalism.
Affiliatemembers must be student members of RTDNA, the international professional society.
shall not be denied for reasons of age, race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. The organization’s
faculty adviser shall be a member of the School of Journalism faculty and a member of RTDNA.
OfficersThe elected officers shall be President, Vice president and Treasurer. The Faculty adviser shall serve asCorresponding Secretary. Officers shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of ARTICLE VII.
University of MissouriUniversity of Missouri
 A. The President shall preside at all general meetings including meetings of the Board of Directors. The President shall perform all duties incident to that office and shall execute theprograms and projects formulated by the Board of Directors.B. The Vice President shall be responsible for the administration of committee activities asoutlined and approved by the Board of Directors. The Vice President shall preside at allgeneral meetings in the absence of the President. Should the President resign or no longer be qualified to serve, the Vice President shall automatically succeed to the Presidency.C. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds of the organization, shall provide for thesafekeeping of all monies, and shall report regularly to the officers and members as to thefinancial condition of the organization. The Treasurer shall not disburse any monies withoutthe specific approval of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall preside at all generalmeetings in the absence of both the President and the Vice President. Should the VicePresident resign the office or no longer be qualified to serve, the Treasurer shallautomatically succeed to the Vice Presidency.D. The Faculty Adviser shall act as Corresponding Secretary and shall attend all meetings andshall maintain close consultation with the officers and members on all matters of programs,subjects and policies. The Faculty Adviser shall specifically be consulted on:1. All requests for space needs on University property.2. All requests for permission to solicit funds on any University property.3. All requests for University support for off-campus travel.4. All extramural correspondence.The Faculty Adviser shall cause to be maintained and shall provide for the permanent safekeeping of membership lists, records of all proceedings of all meetings, correspondence, written committee reports,committee, program, and project reports and of whatever other materials should be retained so as topreserve a full, complete, and accurate record of the organization in its archives.Should the Treasurer resign the office or no longer be qualified to serve, the Faculty Adviser shall assumethe duties of that office until the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, has appointed areplacement who will serve until the next election of officers.
Board of DirectorsThe voting members of the Board of Directors shall be the President, (who shall serves as Chairperson),the Vice President, the Treasurer, and two elected members from the membership. The Faculty Adviser shall serve as an ex-officio member. A. The Board of Directors shall have the power and duty to direct and manage the affairs of theorganization subject only to such limitations as are imposed by this Constitution or by vote of the membership. The powers and duties of the Board of Directors shall include but not belimited to:1. Setting the annual dues.
2. Passing on the President’s selection of a qualified member to fill any vacancy on the
Board of Directors arising by reason other than the completion of an elective term of office.B. Each director shall be individually responsible to the President and the Board of Directors for his or her personal representation of the organization and for other board-related duties.
Directors shall be individually responsible for increasing membership, promoting career information, proposing programs and projects, and otherwise fostering the goals andpurposes of the organization.
CommitteesCommittees should be a principle means of accomplishing the goals and purposes of the organization. A. Three permanent standing committees shall be formed, consisting of:1. Memberships2. Ethics and Standards3. Education and TrainingThe chairperson of each committee shall be named by and shall serve at the pleasure of the President.B. The President may appoint such special committees as shall determined by the Board of Directors or the membership.C. Duties of a committee shall be explicitly indicated by the President in the charge to thecommittee upon appointment.D. All committees shall submit written reports of their activities to the Board of Directors at thefinal general meeting of each academic year. Interim committee reports shall be submitted atthe direction of the President. Standing committee reports shall be presented, either inwriting or orally, at all regular general meetings.E. Any committee which fails to perform assigned duties may be declared discharged by thePresident and another committee chairperson may be appointed by the President.F. All committees shall be discharged at the end of the academic year.G. Committee members shall be appointed by the chairperson. The Faculty Adviser shall be anex-officio member of all committees.
MeetingsGeneral and special meetings shall afford the membe
rship an opportunity to evaluate the organization’s
performance and to provide direction for the future. A. The organization shall hold at least one general meeting each month during the regular academic year.B. With advance notification of the membership, special meetings may be called by the Presidentwith the consent of the Board of Directors.C. Introduction of business for consideration or action by the membership shall be open to allmembers.

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