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12 the Vessel

12 the Vessel

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Published by Davidandrewjohnson

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Published by: Davidandrewjohnson on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hayward SanitariumEpisode 12The VesselScene 1Dreamland (it just wouldn't beHayward without it)1SFX Creepy discordant music underneath; a televisionshow is playing in the background with a classic horror movie(domain rights withstanding, perhaps we get to make our own)2Announcer: ...and we'll be right back to our feature righthere on Late Night Horror Theater on WLMP after these messages.3 SFX begin twisted, warped version of a commercialunderneath; as door opens off mike and Atwater comes in. Jennyis alseep on the couch.4 Atwater: Jenny... Jenny... wake up, sweetheart.5 Jenny: groan6 Atwater: (chuckles and picks her up) I told you not to stayup late watching these movies anymore. You need your sleep,little girl. I'll put you to bed.7 Jenny: (sleepy) Hi Daddy.8 Atwater: Hi yourself. Was the movie scary?9 Jenny: No, it was dumb.10 Atwater: Good, I don't want you having nightmares. Its badenough that you stay up so late.11 Jenny: You stay up late.12 Atwater: (putting to bed) Yes I do, but I'm a grown-up.(yawn) And even I get tired if I stay up too late.13 Jenny: (voice with a hint of evil) Then you should go tosleep, Daddy.14 Atwater: (oblivious) I will as soon as I put you're all tucked in.15 Jenny: (still more evil) I'm thirsty, Daddy.16 Atwater: Shall I get you a glass of water?
17 Jenny: (affected voice) I'm so thristy... kiss me goodnight, Daddy.18 Atwater: (let's hear the transformation) Jenny!19 Jenny: -Hiss- so thirsty... come here, daddy...20 Atwater: (fumbling to get away) No... God, no! Not you... avampire.21 Jenny: -Hiss-22 Maria Cacador: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. A little girl needs afemale role model, Richard. Don't you think?23 Atwater: M-m-maria... you inhuman beast.24 Jenny: -hiss- I want him, mother.25 Cacador: and you shall have him, my precious, we bothshall. Come, Richard darling, its time for family bonding...26 Atwater: Arrgh!! (Atwater's scream reamins constant (1track) as the dreamscape ambiance wooshes and swirls into thefade up on Justin waking him up in Bed)27 Cardamon: Richard! wake up buddy, you're screaming soloud the neighbors'll call the cops. With all the yellin' you andDermott do at night, its a wonder I get any sleep.28 Atwater: (sobbing) they're gonna make her one of them.My little girl... my poor little girl.29 Cardamon: It's all right buddy, there, there. I wish Icould tell you it's just a bad dream...INTRO MUSIC and CREDITSScene 2The Cloverleaf Retirement Home.30 SFX Waiting room ambiance. perhaps some muzakover some canned speakers31 Ajeman: Hello, Miss.32 Receptionist: Good morning, sir, welcome toCloverleaf, how may I help you?33 Ajeman: I'm here to visit a "resident."34 Receptionist: (perky and bright)How nice. And you would bethe grandson of whom...?35 Ajeman: I'd like to talk with a Mr. John Atkins, I'mnot a relative.
36 Receptionist: (less perky)Oh. Well, let me see... (leafsthrough papers and such). John Atkins, was it?37 Ajeman: Yes.38 Receptionist: And your name is...39 Ajeman: John Ajeman.40 Receptionist: Well, Mr. Ajeman, I'm afraid that Mr. Atkinsisn't available for a visit this morning.41 Ajeman: Beg pardon? Is he in poor health?42 Receptionist: (hesitant) Well... no.43 Ajeman: Then why can't I see him? He is here, isn'the?44 Receptionist: (small and stammering)Yes, but...well, someof our... residents... don't get many visitors and... 45 Ajeman: Is there someone else back there that I cantalk to, please.46 Receptionist: One moment, sir...47 SFX: she gets someone else, a nurse. they have abrief mumbled conversation along the lines of "there's a guy hereto see that old crackpot, he doesn't get it." Ajeman taps foot ormutters "I don't believe this"48 Nurse: Good morning sir, I'm the day nurse. Iunderstand you'd like to visit with Mr. Atkins this morning. May Iask in regards to what?49 Ajeman: I have a few questions I'd like to ask him.50 Nurse: Is this a legal matter of some sort?51 Ajeman: No. Look, I don't understand why it’s sodifficult to see Mr. Atkins. What's the problem here?52 Nurse: Mr. Atkins doesn't get many visitors, sir.We aren't simply a retirement home here at Cloverleaf... we arealso a medical care facility and... well, some of our residentsrequire certain special care and....(increasingly awkward)are,well, less "stable" than others.53 Ajeman: I think I'm getting the picture. Here, letme give you my card...54 Nurse: John Ajeman, research associate... HaywardFoundation... I see. Would you mind waiting here, Mr. Ajeman,I'm going to get Mr. Atkin's primary care physician.Scene 3

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