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Problem Math Science

Problem Math Science

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Published by Paul Richardson
How to solve our math and science teaching problem quickly
How to solve our math and science teaching problem quickly

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Published by: Paul Richardson on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ProblemNeeded Math and Science Teachers
Paul Richardson 2012
President Obama has pushed his idea to add 100,000 math and scienceteachers to improve American performance in the global competition. Theproblem is that he is assuming that you have the education schools churnout more teachers who are designated as math and science teachers. Anyone who has studied the education schools knows this would only be a
“for show” approach to strengthen teacher union membership
and furtherenrich the education schools. The education schools are concerned withprocess not subject rigor. Anyone who has a robust knowledge of math andscience knows that to teach them to others you must understand thesubject. Our education schools do not have the resources to teach subjects.Because of that Rita Kramer in her book 
 Ed School Follies
says that oureducators are not educated. That is, they have no subject knowledge only process knowledge that is so emphasized by the ed schools. The tragedy isthat the process they teach is akin to believing the students can teachthemselves through discovery. Our students are wandering in the wilderness while our competitors ALL use the direct instruction processtaught by teachers with very strong subject knowledge.
 Why wouldn’t we do the same? The biggest reason is that the adults in
education are terrified that the public will discover that all of their edschool training at bachelors and above levels is of no value for the missionthey are supposed to serve. Conversion to the system we used before theP
rogressive’s anti
-curriculum assault on rigor requires a huge upgrade inteacher subject knowledge and the discarding of the education process they  were taught in education schools. Thus, the education schools not only 
don’t provide value they actually cause great harm to our students and our
nation.This is an Easy-Tough challenge. The easy part is knowing what must bedone. The tough part is forcing our education system to do it. Make nomistake the education fiefdom has been so brainwashed in the currentfailed system that they are incapable of changing on their own. They aredelusional, defensive, insular, and inbred which is a terribly effective anti-change situation. But we must face it. Only an aroused populace can makeit happen because the education schools, school board associations,teachers unions, legislators who receive election money and other support
to “buy” their support for the status quo all make this a change that has to
 be forced. Unless we force change we will continue to compete poorly globally. That would continue our decline in the ability to compete for highpaying jobs. We are transitioning to a knowledge economy rapidly.The constant strategy of the educators has been to try to reform by doingthe wrong things better. That is, they refuse to acknowledge that theirsystem is designed to not work. You will need to conclude on your own why John Dewey and his Progressive buddies designed a system to dumb downour ed system. I believe they thought that a credulous populace would bemore likely to accept progressive elite top-down direction. You need to
decide for yourself. In looking at the decades of expensive “projects” thathaven’t helped at all, we must consider that something
is very wrong withthe foundational underpinnings of the current system.Now to math, what could be done quickly?If we were smart, what a concept, we would take an approach that could begin to improve the math and science experience for kids immediately. Imention science because math is a prerequisite for science study. We hearevery day that companies need more visas for foreign workers because we
don’t have enough
domestic engineers available to hire. That is true as faras it goes because while we have a large number of older engineers who areunemployed or underemployed, they lack 
the latest skills that weren’t
taught when they went to engineering school. This pool of engineers doeshave significant worth however because they all were trained rigorously inmath and science, very far advanced over anything teachers get ineducation schools. They also were taught with and understand the directinstruction method that is needed to compete with the global competition.So the solution is easy, just hire these engineers to teach our kids math andscience. It would require some worthless rules on teacher certification to be waved. This could happen almost immediately if the bureaucraticstranglehold preventing positive change could be removed. The bureaucratic rules are not there to protect the mission of educating kids,they are there to protect a sham operation that harms kids. Since there aremillions of engineers in the category mentioned it would be easy to find

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Paul Richardson added this note
I agree that, "The education schools are concerned with process not subject rigor." Fortunately some of us with an education degree are subject matter experts before we have added an education degree. Hopefully individuals with robust knowledge of math and science will go on to obtain teaching certificates. Our education schools need their expertise and knowledge to excel. Your loving wife, Deb.
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