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NSRF November 2012 Newsletter

NSRF November 2012 Newsletter

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Published by: North Suburban Republican Forum on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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North Suburban Republican Forum
November, 2012
Our next meeting is from 9:00-10:30 am on Saturday, November 10 th with the doors open at8:30am.
You’ll be able to
a recap of the elections results followed by “Rediscovering Free Enterprise: Freedom’s Imperative” 
 from Bill Marshall .We meet at theLegacy RidgeClubhouse (10515 Stuart Street) in Westminster. Admission is only $3 per person and a continental breakfast is included.
NSRF upcoming calendar in 2012:December 8
Bob Beauprez hosts Colorado Senate and House members talking about the bills they willintroduce in 2013. Election of NSRF Board members. Christmas breakfast burritosJanuary 12, 2013
Jon Caldara, radio talk show host and president of the Independence Institute,pontificates about 2012, talks politics, and answers your questionsFebruary 9, 2013
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler talks about voter fraud, election results,and whatever is on his mind before he answers your questionsMarch 9 -- ???
 If you have a smart phone, use a bar code app for the QR code on the left,it will take you to our web site,www.NorthSuburbanRepublicanForum.com
Designed for your general audience, this presentation provides unique insight into the relationshipbetween political and economic freedom, and why President Obama's economic policies aredestroying our freedom. The presentation introduces a Defect in our 
of free enterprise whichhas created the opening for those who believe in socialism to spread their word, while in themeantime a group of cognoscenti use this Defect to destroy our freedom, increase wealth disparity in America and waste our environment to the extent of 20% of GDP ($2.6 trillion per year). Thepresentation introduces solutions for the problem and a new third form of economic policy called EM& M (pronounced M & M)-Enterprise Measurement and Motivation that helps to restore Americancompetitiveness and freedom. When the audience leaves the presentation, each person will have abetter understanding of the source of their freedom and the type of economic system that gives themfreedom. They will also understand (1) how to judge the economic policies and regulations of policrats and (2) how to eliminate the Defect.
 Background: Bill Marshall is the retired Treasurer of Nalco Chemical Company-a Fortune 250 industrialcompany. His books,
Money Ain't Free 
Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner,
were selected as "among theYear's top investment books" by
Stock trader's Almanac.
Bill was a Navy Lieutenant, Naval Flight Officer andMission Commander. He is a Distinguished Eagle Scout.
Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner! Common Sense for Investors and Managers!
Book Description
Publication Date:
April 16, 2002
In the tranquil setting of a Colorado dude ranch, New York investment banker Wendy Stevens and herfellow guests learn from each other and the tantalizingly Socratic Sam McAllen what creates value forShareowners...Over early morning coffee, on a cattle drive, and around high country campfires, they learnthe three factors that cause stock prices to change, they learn who controls each of these factors, andthey learn how both Managers and Shareowners "cause value to happen"... The week taught Wendy moreabout how value was created than her 16 years as an investment banker. In fact, she felt that if the ideaswere used by a simple majority of companies, there would be a national surge in productivity rivaling thePC, Internet, and Quality Process combined.At the end of the week, Wendy drove away from the ranch refreshed and energized with new ideas to helpher become a Richer Shareowner. But, she also left with new friends and a new perspective on theimportant things in life!
Money Ain't Free: The True Cause of the Crisis in Corporate Responsibility
Book Description
Publication Date:
December 7, 2003
As their financial security, dreams and peace of mind became victims of the crisis in corporateresponsibility, friends of investment banker, Wendy Stevens, sought her help in understanding what washappening and who to trust. Try as she might, she was at a loss to find a believable cause or solution tothe crisis. In frustration she telephoned her friend, retired financial officer, Sam McAllen. Over dinner inChicago's suburbs, Sam shared insights into the real cause of the continuing corporate crisis. He helpedWendy identify the vested interests that were abusing Shareowners' money, and he helped her torecognize why the populist ideas of "greedy people doing bad things" weren't the real cause of the crisis.Sam then suggested the grand deception at the heart of the corporate crisis Wendy was astonished It wasso obvious. Over breakfast the next morning, they explored a national solution to the corporate crisis aswell as a "quick fix" that Wendy's friends could personally use until the national solution was implemented.When they parted, Wendy knew she had answers that would help her friends regain their confidence instocks and perhaps some of their lost financial security.
Table of Contents:
November calendar
List of Republican North Metro Candidates
Election watchdogs keep wary eye on paperless e-voting systems
If you haven’t checked out our web site, these are the latest articles
that have been posted
Colorado vote totals by county as of 10/30/2012
Colorado GOP election night party details
How to help and donate for Hurricane Sandy
How can I help politically this year?
2012 Election Calendar
Adams County Vote Center Locations
Service Centers and Drop-Off Locations
Elected officials
NSRF Board of Directors
NSRF $20 yearly membership application
Here’s the list of 
Republican North Metro Candidates
Adams County Commissioner District 1:Gary Mikes,Adams County Commissioner District 2:Donnia Howell

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