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Invaluable Becoming a Leading Authority

Invaluable Becoming a Leading Authority

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Published by Ber Salazar Jr

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Published by: Ber Salazar Jr on Oct 31, 2012
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10/26/12 10:09 PMInvaluable: Becoming a Leading Authority | Video Tutorial Transcript from lynda.comPage 1 of 19http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Invaluable-Becoming-Leading-Authority/88535-2/transcript
lynda.com»Online Training Library®» Invaluable: Becoming a Leading Authority
Invaluable: BecomingaLeading Authority
with Dave Crenshaw
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Welcome00:04Are you invaluable?00:06In terms of your value as a human being, clearly the answer is yes, but what00:10about your value to yourmarketplace? 00:14Do you offer something that your market can't live without or at least doesn't00:18want to live without?00:20The people who have the greatest value in the market, the ones who earn the most00:24and who have by the world standards very successful careers, have used six00:30factors to get there.00:32They may not even be aware that they have been using them, but the combination00:36of these six factors determines one's value in the marketplace.00:40The first factor is savvy.00:43A savvy person possesses know-how, an intuition to understand what's going on in00:49the market and with the business.00:51The second factor is ability, which simply measures how well you do what00:56you're supposed to do.00:57The third factor is irreplaceability, putting yourself in a position that makes01:04it very difficult to find someone else to do your job.01:07The fourth factor of focus goes hand in hand with irreplaceability. Focus refers01:14to your ability to eliminate distractions to your time.
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10/26/12 10:09 PMInvaluable: Becoming a Leading Authority | Video Tutorial Transcript from lynda.comPage 2 of 19http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Invaluable-Becoming-Leading-Authority/88535-2/transcript
01:18The fifth factor is connection or your ability to build relationships with01:22people around you, particularly in a professional or business sense.01:27And finally, the sixth factor, authority refers to how strongly the current01:32market considers you to be the top expert in your field.01:38We're going to take a look at each of these in more detail throughout this01:41series. This course explores the invaluable factor of authority. By building01:47your reputation as a thought leader, both inside and outside of your company,01:52you will become more sought after as someone who is invaluable.01:59Collapse this transcriptUnderstanding the importance of authority00:00Do your peers both inside and outside of your company consider you to be a00:05leading expert in your field?00:08The invaluable factor of authority is tied to your answer to this question.00:13Authority is the last factor because it builds upon the other courses.00:18In fact, in order to get the greatest benefit from this course I recommend that00:23you complete the previous four courses first.00:26Authority is particularly important because many people overlook it.00:31They believe that it doesn't apply to them unless they own their own business;00:35they are an author or have certain credentials.00:38They may also feel that some of the things I suggest they do to become an00:42authority are too challenging.00:45This creates an opportunity for you. If you are willing to put in the effort,00:50you put yourself into an elite group.00:53An employee who is recognized both inside and outside of their company as a00:58leading authority dramatically improves their value.01:02This factor evaluates how strongly the current market considers you to be a top01:07expert in your field.01:09The most valuable people have found the way to leverage authority to their benefit.01:15Think about this for a moment. Our world is saturated with information.01:20Many people have so many choices that informed decision making is nearlyimpossible.01:26An authority helps this situation by being a decision leader.01:31People can make decisions with confidence by listening to the recommendations of01:36a legitimate authority.01:38Most of the decision leaders and authorities in your life aren't celebrities,01:42they are mentors, teachers, community leaders, friends, or perhaps even your01:46boss. Every person has the potential to be an authority in a unique area.01:52The question isn't whether you have expertise to offer, but rather what is your01:58best expertise and who would be most interested to learn what you know.02:03As you develop authority, your opportunities to serve others will increase.02:08In this course, I'll help you identify your area of expertise and then help you02:13work on strategies you can use to develop authority, both within your company02:18and in the community.
10/26/12 10:09 PMInvaluable: Becoming a Leading Authority | Video Tutorial Transcript from lynda.comPage 3 of 19http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Invaluable-Becoming-Leading-Authority/88535-2/transcript
02:20As you do this, you'll make significant progress toward becoming invaluable.02:26Collapse this transcriptUsing the exercise files00:00Throughout this course, I'll be asking you to fill out worksheets to better00:03understand how well you're progressing on the path to becoming invaluable.00:08These worksheets have been provided in the exercise files tab on the course00:13details page for all lynda.com subscribers, or if you're watching this tutorial00:18on a DVD-ROM, the exercise files have been included there.00:22I suggest that you download these worksheets and print them out prior to00:27watching the course.00:28At various points throughout the course, I'll be asking you to pause the videos00:32and fill out a worksheet.00:34In order for you to get the most out of this training, I recommend you have00:38these worksheets on hand.00:40Now let's get started.00:42Collapse this transcript
1. Preparing to Build Authority
Determining your area of authority00:00Now that you understand the importance of the invaluable factor of authority,00:05your next question is likely what should I become an authority in?00:09This is an important question to answer because it's going to build the00:13foundation for all the work we do in this course.00:16To help you identify and choose one or two possible areas of authority, I've00:22provided a downloadable worksheet that builds upon our previous courses on00:26becoming invaluable.00:28To get the greatest benefit from this worksheet, you may want to review the00:32section on talents in my course on unlocking your abilities, and the section on00:38most valuable activities in making yourself irreplaceable.00:43In the authority identification worksheet, you'll see a simple chart.00:47The first section asks you to list three talents.00:52I define talents as activities where you are gifted, that you love to do, and00:56where you've developed skills.00:58When all three of those come together, you have a talent.01:02List your top three talents in this section of the worksheet.01:07Next you'll list your most valuable activities, or MVAs. These are your01:13activities that are worth the most per hour; that you would have to pay someone else01:18the most money to perform them as well as you can.01:21Choose your top two MVAs and list them here.01:25Next you'll see two columns, advice and like.01:30Check the advice column, if that's an area that people commonly come to you for01:35advice or mentorshi.

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