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To 4th Intl Symp on Nonlinear Dynamics

To 4th Intl Symp on Nonlinear Dynamics

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Published by Hosten1

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Published by: Hosten1 on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To: Organizers and Participants of the 4
. InternationalSymposium on Nonlinear Dynamics
Dear Colleagues, The poster bellow, sent by
Prof. Mohamed El Naschie
contains the subtitle
Dark Energy SecretRevealed
The text added on top in Arabic, togetherwith El Naschie’s photo, leave no doubt that Prof. ElNaschie claims that he had revealed the secret of Dark Energy.
How can he reveal what I have revealed (including tohim) a year ago?!!!
Here are the facts
About a year ago I wrote a theory entitled
A SimpleRelativity Theory of Everything
” (see attached). I put it onthe web, and sent it to hundreds of scientists. Half a year ago, Isubmitted the final draft to
Science, Nature
Proceedingof the National Academy of Sciences
). I also sent it tomore than 700 physicists, including all members of OPERA,ICARUS and MINOS collaborations, members of the Academy of Sciences (U.S.A).
As expected, the manuscript was denied anin-depth review by all the aforementioned journals due to “lackof general appeal”!! Two short papers, one devoted to DarkMatter and Dark Energy, and the other to “superluminalneutrinos”, were also declined by
for thesame reason (lack of general appeal). I still wait to see their
fate with
Prof. El Naschie was among the many who received mypaper moths ago
In the concluding section of my paper,I put forward a formal (relativistic) definition of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and estimate the content of the universe with high accuracy.After reading my theory Prof. El Naschie sent meletters, in which he stated several times that I hadaccomplished what he had failed to do.Here are two of his emails, which testify to what I say:
Friday, August 17, 2012 3:23 PM
(no subject)
Dear friend, This is even more important than my first letter to you. Your paper is themost important paper ever written since relativity and quantum mechanics. Your results are startling, incredible and I am jealous that I am not the firstone to notice that this is the explanation for the missing 95% of energy inthe universe.I read your paper thoroughly. You made one of the biggest discoveries intheoretical physics which also agrees with experiments. No human beingcan explain what dark energy is and where it comes from. You did.Moreover I am convinced you are right.I think you deserve the Nobel Prize for that. People will become mad to seea Palestinian Moslem who is not even a physicist, or mathematician orengineer getting the Nobel Prize in Physics. With all due respect, you arefar more offensive to the establishment than me! They will hate you tentimes more than they hate me. This kind of hate is of course an honor.I will try my best to assist you by presenting your work in a betteracceptable way to the mainstream. Luckily I have myself a vested interestbecause I laid the foundations for what you single handedly did for darkmatter. I did almost everything but I did not do dark matter and darkenergy. You did it and I am really happy for all of us. It is incredible. Ihardly believe what I am writing. I have never been so much over the topabout anything but this one is really incredible.Congratulations and may God help us to complete the mission. This is avery important day in my scientific life.With my hearty good wishes, your brotherMohamed
From: "Chaossf@aol.com" <Chaossf@aol.com>
 To: mheddini@yahoo.comSent: Saturday, 5 May 2012, 14:55Subject: Fwd: golden ratio in physicsSubject(no subject)SenderChaossf@aol.com Recipientsuleiman@psy.haifa.ac.il Date17.08.2012 14:22Dear friend, This is even more important than my first letter to you. …. Yourpaper is the most important paper ever written since relativityand quantum mechanics. Your results are startling, incredibleand I am jealous that I am not the first one to notice that this isthe explanation for the missing 95% of energy in the universe.Congratulations and may God help us tocompletethe mission. This isa very important day in my scientific life.With my hearty good wishes, your brotherMohamed
Prof. Ji-Huan He
, who was also among therecipients of my paper, invited me to publish my paper inFractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantumand High Energy Physics, for which he is Managing Editor andPof.
El Naschie
is chief editor. I replied positively, but he didnot respond. Now I realize why!!
QUESTIONS1. How come Prof. El Naschie and Prof. He,suddenly “forgot” that I am the one who foundthe answer to the puzzle of Dark Energy andDark Matter?!!

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