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Sample Voter Report Card-2

Sample Voter Report Card-2



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Published by Andy Kroll
MoveOn.org says it will send 12 million voter report cards to potential voters before Election Day.
MoveOn.org says it will send 12 million voter report cards to potential voters before Election Day.

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Published by: Andy Kroll on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Congratulations on your frst Voter Report Card!
ho you vote for
is your secret. But
you vote is public record.Te Voter Report Card on the back showsyour voting attendance record. It’s designedto help you keep track of how you’re doing.All citizens should have a voice in theirgovernment. Our democracy works bestwhen
is a voter—including you.
hat’s why
we’ve selected you for thisimportant research project. In the future,we hope to send you an updated Voter Re-port Card before each election.If you’re not sure where to vote, visitVote411.org, an independent website. Andask about early voting options in your area.
s a voter
this year, you’ll be joined by millions of fellow citizens. Many con-tests, though, will be so close that just a
tiny number 
of votes will determine the outcome.One of those crucial votes could be yours—but only if you’re a voter.
Be a voter on Tuesday, Nov. 6
— or ask about early voting.

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LarryPeebles reviewed this
Rated 1/5
Just like the rest of these reviews, I find your latest political stunt to be entirely uncalled for. Whether I voted or not is nobody's business or concern than mine and mine alone. Also, I could not care less if my adult neighbors make the conscious decision not to vote, as it is not my concern. I recall what my old college professor once said, "Liars figure and figures lie." The records show my wife has voted one time, for 100%, records show that I have voted three times for a 70%, so tell me, what's you point?? I think, due to this ad, perhaps the GOP has received it's last vote from me and take me off of any future mailings. Regards,
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1 thousand reads
Glory Stringham added this note
I don't want to be included in this and want you to take me off all your list. this idea is very offensive to me. It's nobody's business whether i vote or not. It is an invasion of my privacy and you need to remove me IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
pissedofdude1 added this note
Part of me wants to tell you what orifice you can stick your 'report card/name-and-shame b.s. and the other half wants to explain politely why i haven't voted too much recently. Fortunately the more reasonable side prevailed. Put, simply, i haven't had a legit choice to vote for. I'm a Green/Socialist/Anarchist and the duoplist Demopublican party IS NOT a true option for Real change.
missgiles added this note
please remove my info immediataly!!! this is as one e-mailer stated, an invasion of privacy. no need for report cards on voting.

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