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Published by Casey Michel
NESEN 10/29/12
NESEN 10/29/12

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Published by: Casey Michel on Oct 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Results from Nebraska Likely Voter Survey
NorthStar Campaign Systems in coordination with Gravis Marketing conducted an automated survey of 1168 likely voters in Nebraska on October 28, 2012. The margin of error for the survey is +/-2.9%.Results shown by gender and party represent those respondents within the subgroups. All numbersshown in the tables represent percentages rounded to the nearest whole percentage.The questions were asked in the order of the question numbers which appear in this report. Resultsonly include respondents who answered that they were registered voters, somewhat likely, likely, orvery likely to vote. The statistical methodology comprised weighing various groups for anticipated votingproportions, by using census data and voter turnout models based upon previous elections.This survey did not allow for an undecided answer this close to the election. The purpose was to take asnapshot of the likely voting electorate as if the election were held today.NorthStar Campaign Systems is a Campaign Technology, Data and Consulting firm located in Omaha,Nebraska. Contact Andrew Northwall at (402) 214-9571 northwall@northstarcampaigns.com  Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan marketing and research firm located in Winter Springs, Florida.Contact Doug Kaplan (407) 242-1870 doug@gravismarketing.com 
Key Findings
Governor Mitt Romney currently leads President Barack Obama by 22 percentage points inNebraska, 61 to 39 percent.
Republican Deb Fischer leads Democrat Bob Kerrey by 12 percentage points statewide, 56 to 44percent. More than 3 in 5 voters (61 percent) have a favorable view of Fischer, while Kerrey hasa net negative favorability rating as 54 percent of voters are unfavorable toward him.
More than 5 in 6 Nebraskans (86 percent) believe the economy is fair or poor and more thanhalf (57 percent) think the economy is getting worse.
About 3 in 4 Nebraskans think voters should prove their identity before voting. (76 percent)
About 3 in 4 Nebraskans think that the Keystone XL pipeline should be approved and built. (74percent)
BallotsQuestion 8: In thinking aboutthe 2012 presidential election,suppose you had a choicebetween Republican MittRomney and Democrat BarackObama. If the election wereheld today, would you vote for :NebraskaVotersGender PartyMen Women Democrat Republican Independent
Republican Mitt Romney 61 62 61 18 91 56Democrat Barack Obama 39 38 39 82 9 44
Question 9: In thinking aboutthe 2012 Nebraska U.S. Senateelection, suppose you had achoice between Republican DebFischer and Democrat BobKerrey. If the election wereheld today, would you vote for:NebraskaVotersGender PartyMen Women Democrat Republican Independent
Republican Deb Fischer 56 56 56 14 88 45Democrat Bob Kerrey 44 44 44 86 12 55
FavorabilityQuestions 11-14: Do you have avery favorable, somewhatfavorable, somewhatunfavorable, or very unfavorableimpression of [INSERT NAME]?VeryFavorableSomewhatFavorableSomewhatUnfavorableVeryUnfavorable
Republican Deb Fischer 33 28 14 25Democrat Bob Kerrey 27 19 17 37
Questions 11-14: Do you have avery favorable, somewhatfavorable, somewhat unfavorable,or very unfavorable impression of [INSERT NAME]?NebraskaVotersGender PartyMen Women Democrat Republican Independent
Republican Deb Fischer 61/39 59/41 63/37 20/80 88/12 55/45Democrat Bob Kerrey 46/54 43/57 48/52 85/15 20/80 49/51

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