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theHumm November 2012 - web.pdf

theHumm November 2012 - web.pdf

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Published by rob9639
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.

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Published by: rob9639 on Oct 31, 2012
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November’s Events
p.30 & 31p.19p.34p.11
   N   O   V   E   M   B   E   R   2   0   1   2
CFUW House TourMiss WriteWildrose Country
The Art ofRosy Somerville p.3
The Art ofRosy Somerville p.3
www.thehumm.com November 2012
Dear Miss Singleton,
I red with interest your online dting exerience (see theOctober 2012 issue o 
Hu). I hve just shut the dooron three yers o rketing ysel vi severl online sites. Iet bout 15 en nd robbly tlked to nother 30, ettwo with roise. Te rst one osted tht he ws n “oc-csionl soker”. Ater severl onths I lerned this entone every 20 inutes. Te second one turned out to be stillin love with n ex. Te lst n I et hd his role osteds  joke by his kids. An odd wy to use.I wnted to understnd why I ws hving such  diculttie nd strted reding dting site orus. Generl consen-sus is tht bout one third o eole online re rried or in reltion-shis. Sort o ut  whole new sin on it or e.Seed dting? I understnd tht woen re exected to be t lestten yers younger thn the en in the grou. oo scry-dventurousor  ldy in her 50s.My the strs collide or you in n old shioned wy.
— Ms Solitaire
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Phone: (613) 256–5081
Kris Riendeueditor@thehu.co
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Rob Riendeurob@thehu.co
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Kris Riendeu: (613) 256–5081kris@thehu.co
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Ron Frser
Calendar Submissions:
is  onthly rts, en-tertinent nd ides newserdelivered ree to businesses nd visitor ttrctions in Alonte,Perth, Crleton Plce, Westort,Pkenh, Cr, Arnrior, L-nrk, Siths Flls, Burnstown,White Lke, Blderson, nd Ot-tw. Our ndte is to connectnd roote eole nd eventsin the sll towns nd rurl co-unities o the Ottw Vlley —where the rts ourish nd enter-tining chrcters run ok!
By eil or on disk.
Deadline for ads &content: the 22
of themonth prior to publication
cost $35 (includes HS) or one yer (12 issues). Send chequewith your ne nd ddress to:
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Oinions nd inortion ub-lished in
in letters,ress releses, or individul col-uns do not necessrily reectthe oinion o this newser.All writing, rtwork, nd hoto-grhs ublished in
 re coyright to the uthor, or to
in the cse where nouthor is secied. Rerintingny content without erission violtes coyright nd is rohib-ited (nd desicble!).
Thanks this month to:
Karen Rennie
o Perth our-is or ll o her ssistnce inco-ordinting the “Perth ges”(19–22) this onth. It ws gretworking with you!
   R  e  a   d  e  r  s   W  r   i   t  e   H  u  m  m   b   l  e   T   h  o  u  g   h   t   W   h  o   ’  s   R  e  a   d   i  n  g   t   h  e   H  u  m  m
“I realized in Dachauthat the arts in generalhave the powerto keep you not just alive,but to make your life meaningfuleven under the mostdreadful circumstances.”— Herbert Zipper
Back in early 2011,
Gina Ellis
wrote: I noticed in yourNovember issue that you had a photo of some peopleposing with a copy of theHumm in Portugal. That inspiredme to take a copy of the paper with me on a recent trip toEurope. I posed with it at Damanhur, a modern undergroundart installation in northern Italy, and also in front of oneof the caves in southern France where prehistoric artistsleft their work. I thought the fact that they were both artinstallations, both underground, and thousands of yearsapart was interesting.
Coming this Holiday Season
to a Humm distribution spot near you
find the perfect gift locally for everyone on your list!Gifts forMusic LoversGifts forReadersGifts for Do-it-yourselfersGifts for TeenagersGifts for HusbandsGifts forChocoholicsGifts forWivesGifts forUnder $
To be included in this year’s
Gift Giving Guide,
please contact theHumm by 
November 15.
 Read more about the role o music during wartime on page 9.
www.thehumm.comNovember 2012
It is not y wont to quote rtists’ stteentsin y rticles or
Hu, but I ke nexcetion this tie. Rosy Soerville is nrtist nd rt instructor whose rst love iswtercolour. Ater n bsorbing nd edu-ctive converstion with her, I revisited thertist’s stteent she rovides on her hoege t <rosysoerville.co> nd relizedtht I cnnot irove on her sution o why she is  wtercolour rtist:“Pinting is or e  edittion. I love the chl-lenge, the unique oveents o the ediu, thecontrsts o control nd unredictbility, the to-tl ocus it dends. I enjoy the tension betweenworking within rules, nd llowing intuition tosek. I work ostly in the studio, but like to intin nture en lein ir. Trough the ly o light nddrk, o colours, shes, textures, lines, the denednd the undened, the stted nd the ilied, I t-tet to cture soe essence o y subject, be itin nture, eole or objects.”Te chllenges resented by her reerred edi-u re recisely wht kes wtercolour the er-ect choice or her rtistic sel-exression. Anyonewho hs tried it knows tht, unlike inting withoils or crylics or chlk or coloured encil, int-ing with wtercolours involves  willingness to tkechnces with  ckle nd cricious rtner. AsWikiedi uts it, “Te diculty in wtercolourinting is lost entirely in lerning how to n-ticite nd leverge the behviour o wter, rtherthn tteting to control or dointe it.”Te wide vriety o intings dorning herhoe gllery nd clssroo re  testent to herstery o her ediu. Tey rnge ro vividbstrcted lndsces, to uted ortrits o eo-le nd birds, to still lie renditions o shoes ndorl bouquets. Ech is rerkble or its tngiblesuccess in ortrying the essence o its subject; Iunderstnd exctly wht Soerville ens whenshe writes bout “the dened nd the undened,the stted nd the ilied.” Nowhere is this oreevident thn in her ortrits o eole. One glncet “Bridget” nd you truly wish you were  riend o this wise, cring won.
The Teaching Gene
Rosy’s innte tendency to educte is obvious sshe oints out the dierent techniques she uses toleverge the behviour o wter on vrious ers
   A  r   t …   a  n   d   S  o  u   l
106 Wilson St. W.Perth, ON613.267.5409
Mon-Thurs 8am-8pmFriday 8am-9pmSat 8am-6pmSun 9am-6pm
Rosy Somerville —Capturing Essencewith Watercolours
nd other “cnvses.” In generl, she reers theluinosity she cn chieve with the trnsrency o wtercolours, but is thoroughly knowledgeblebout other otions. She ints with crylics ndoils, but returns ost requently to her roots inEnglnd where wtercolour inting hs ourishedsince the 18
century.Born in Beconsield, Buckinghshire, notr ro London, Rosy is the dughter o twoeductors. Her other in rticulr encourgedcretive thinking, nd Rosy’s drwing kit wsher constnt conion s  youngster. She re-ebers sending hours creting eticulously reresenttionl studies o lor nd un. A-ter coleting the oundtion yer o  Diloin Art nd Design, Rosy studied Euroen Liter-ture t Wrwick University. Although she now recognizes tht she inherited the ilil tech-ing gene (her grndrents were lso techers),she decided to live in Indi or  while instedo ebrking on  teching creer. When shereturned to Englnd in her lte 20s to ut downroots, she chose  creer in grhic design; herclients included ny lrge hrceuticlconies.Ronce in the or o  Cndin service-n brought Soerville to Cnd in 1996, ndthe coule re now hily situted in  lovely hoe t the edge o Cr where her husbnd Incn hotogrh birds (nd  blck ber!) ro thebck tio.Rosy’s wtercolour eihny occurred in 1999 when she took wtercolour course. “Soething bout the wy the int oves onthe er, the trnslucency, the innite ossibilities o so ny tech-niques nd cheicl interctions, the whole rocess o exloring y subject — when I’ inting, I orget the outside world entirely. Ittkes e to y eceul lce where I’ coletely hy.”By 2005 she begn showing her work t venues like the OttwArt Festivl nd the uli Festivl. A riend sw her work nd intro-duced her to the Arts Director t the Visul Arts Centre in Orlens,where she lived t the tie. Tey told her she should be teching,nd she continued to tech wtercolour rt t the OSA (Ot-tw School o Art) Shenkn Centre in Orlens until lst yer. Now she teches t the Neen Cretive Arts Centre ndoers both beginner nd interedite courses ro her hoestudio in Cr.When I sked her wht she thought ws the ost iortntthing she could tech her rt students, Soerville resonded,“to connect with nd exress their inner joy through this ver-stile ediu.” Tis sounds like  course worth tking. Ac-cording to  recent rticle t <slte.co>, leontologists ndreserchers in neuroesthetics tend to link the develoento odern hun cognition to the origin o our bility to ex-ress ourselves s rtists nd historins through cve inting,scultures nd other rehistoric rt. Reresenting the world insybols y hve herlded the beginnings o lnguge. Rosy hs n innte bility nd dee urge to exress hersel throughher rt, nd to shre her git or doing so with others.
Red Trillium Studio Tour 
Since 2005 Rosy Soerville hs hd ny solo shows, wonwrds, nd rticited in juried shows like CentreointeTetre City Gllery,
with Arts Ottw Est, theOSA nnul Instructors’ Exhibitions, the West Crleton Arts Society Fll Show & Sle, nd the Glebe Fine Art Show.On Noveber 24 nd 25, Rosy’s studio t 175 Chrlie’s Lne inCr is Sto 3 o the Red rilliu Fll Studio our, where she willlso host hotogrher Mrio Cerroni nd jeweller Pel Sherrer.Te website t <redtrilliust.co> rovides detils. Fro Dece-ber 4 to 30 Rosy’s works will be on disly t the Cube Gllery’s show titled
Great Big Smalls VIII 
, t 1285 Wellington West in Ottw. De-tils will be vilble t <cubegllery.c>, or by honing 728–2111.o enquire bout wtercolour rt instruction, contct Rosy vi<rosysoerville.co> or by hone t 839–1918. Te otentil ordiscovering your own rtistic essence exists.
by Sally Hansen

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